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    Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Im not nearly as worried as some are. 12 of Arkansas States points werent the defense's fault: -Safety -Punt Return -FG where ASU player purposely takes his helmet off to get the clock stopped which allows them to set up a FG Also think Diaco called a pretty vanilla game.
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    2017-18 Husker opponents

    This may be true, but Kansas is still no slouch
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    No news is good news

    Everyday I search the Omaha World Herald and the husker internet sites for any information on the husker basketball players. I want to read stories about the players. I am disappointed almost daily. But as I look at it in perspective, I know that 'no news is good news.' No news means that no one transferred. No news means that everyone has their grades in order and are eligible this season. No news means no new injuries. No news means that no one was arrested. No news during the summer is good news. No news means everyone is on campus participating in the workouts and getting ready for the upcoming season. And I know that the summer is over and basketball season is right around the corner. And when the news is about the Huskers, I know it will only be good news.
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    2017-18 Husker opponents

    IDK, I think Michigan State is gonna be pretty good.