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    No news is good news

    Just make something up, Jacob. It seems to work fine for most of the national media (and politicians).
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    Season Tickets

    Just like when we used to buy season tickets to KU, KSU and some times ISU in football so we could go to see the Huskers. But they forget that. The KU faithful are the ones that say "We ahve a football team?" crap line, like some around here with the "We have a basketball team?" Was at the Kansas game where we stopped them on the two point try to win 21-20 (I think) and people where coming to the game in the second quarter because it was a game and everybody was sittinr in everybody elses seat and there where even a punch or two thrown. So, I take that talk with a grain of salt, because I have seen the other side.
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    Season Tickets

    Nose bleed: like bumping your head on the ceiling in the upper tier. I have two spare tickets up there: if anyone has a problem with vertigo or cremnophobia (fear of the precipice), such seats are not a good place to be. And reading that string of KU posts is irritating.
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    Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    To say that Tulane's O-Line was a sieve is doing a disservice to the sieve.