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    2017-18 Husker opponents

    I wonder if he's taking advice from Andrew White III's father...
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    Basketball Parking

    Same thing happened to me...got in right away with a red spot and it wouldn't let me pay. I knew it wasn't something I did because I bought football parking at 8:45am. Eventually the number of red spots disappeared even though I had one in the cart. To be safe, I grabbed a green spot when there was only 5 of those left. But then went back in about an hour later and got a red spot. So, if anyone needs a green parking spot I have one for sale!
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    Norm Peterson

    Countdown to College Basketball

    We were so much better than our final record last year. The team that went into Indiana and Maryland and won those games on the road was not the same team that lost at home to Michigan by 36. They just got demoralized and stopped functioning as a cohesive unit. If they can just avoid some of those demoralizing kinds of losses -- the letdown game against Gardner-Webb and that horrific home loss to Ohio State -- I think this team will seem like a totally different ball club at the end of next season than the one that finished this past season.