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    Brady Heiman is 'N'

    You can't coach 6' 10 1/2". He's from Nebraska. There is very little to lose from trying to develop him. He won't be worse than Jake Hammond. I'm very happy Heiman accepted our offer.
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    The Isaac Copeland watch

    His last name is not Gibbs
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    Dean Smith

    Brady Heiman is 'N'

    I could try to explain what doubts I have and why but the time for that is over. He has signed for Nebraska and regardless of first impressions, he is a Husker now. That means I am rooting for him to be successful for himself and to further the program. End of my contribution to this thread. Good luck to Brady and of course, Go Big Red.
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    Goody; new Emojis! (just when I was getting weened off the old ones)
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    Red Don

    NCAA official attendance #'s

    I didn't know you lived in Arizona! https://www.yelp.com/biz/mickey-ds-cafe-apache-junction Chicken Fried Steak 'n Eggs - Yum (quit'ur drooling Silver, its too far to drive for lunch)
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    I tried to access the last thread I started on this topic, but I'm technologically challenged. Doesn't matter. This deserves it's own thread. I knew this one was coming for the last few years, but today Glen Campbell passed away. The guy was kick ass. Every year, more sixties greats just seem to fade away..... RIP, Glen.
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    Actually, Jimmy, it's far more sinister. It has to do with the Bilderbergs and the tri-lateral commission, and their attempts at world domination, which all funnels through HHC. Seth Rich, who was from Omaha and attended Creighton University on a rowing scholarship, had leaked top secret recruiting information from this site to a bunch of pizza restaurants on the east coast in an effort to undermine the ascendance of Nebraska basketball under Tim Miles. I'd tell you what PIZZA stands for but I don't wanna get killed. Anyway, the Bilderbergs' kids fell in love with the inflatable Lil' Red mascot back in the 1990s and so ... Wait a sec, there's someone knocking at my door ...
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    Next Years Starting 5

    I will not contest Jack's stroke or hard work ethic. However, the consensus of people I trust say Jack lacks athleticism. I wonder if there is truth to this belief. Jack's inside game is not strong. He length compensates for smaller, quicker players. He seems to lack strength at times. I am not trying to dog on Jack, but he does seem more limited than other players. I have no problems with Jack finding his spots along the 3pt line and attempting shots. I am just not sure how he fits other roles. For that reason I feel he is better off the bench. I understand some will be quick to counter that Jack will probably be playing international ball after college. So did Shang Ping.
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    Ron Mexico

    Next Years Starting 5

    Don't forget about Jordy's new found 3 point range :-)
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    This should be done