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    Actually, Jimmy, it's far more sinister. It has to do with the Bilderbergs and the tri-lateral commission, and their attempts at world domination, which all funnels through HHC. Seth Rich, who was from Omaha and attended Creighton University on a rowing scholarship, had leaked top secret recruiting information from this site to a bunch of pizza restaurants on the east coast in an effort to undermine the ascendance of Nebraska basketball under Tim Miles. I'd tell you what PIZZA stands for but I don't wanna get killed. Anyway, the Bilderbergs' kids fell in love with the inflatable Lil' Red mascot back in the 1990s and so ... Wait a sec, there's someone knocking at my door ...
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    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    I would rather call him Champ when the Huskers shock the Nation.
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    Norm Peterson

    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Here's the money quote from Washut: "Thorbjarnarson should also be an immediate factor for the Huskers in 2017-18." That's pretty high praise and I wonder what he bases that on. Is that something Miles told him or is that based on what he sees in video and stats? Or did a Rivals recruiting analyst evaluate him and give Washut that impression? I have no idea. I like the pickup but that's a bolder statement than even I would have been willing to make.
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    If these apparel items you have say "Addidas" on them, then I think you've found the problem.
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    Is this about the site update? Sorry, had some time to kill to get it completed but didn't get a chance to finish. Shouldn't be too much different except I don't know if I will get the black side background back
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    Might be dating myself a bit, but it was all Converse for me.
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    The Isaac Copeland watch

    Whatever happens with Copeland, I will be cheering on the huskers and look forward to seeing what improvements the rest of the team has made from last year. Obviously we would all love to have him eligible form the start of the season, but either way I think we have an improved group of talented young guys and I am excited to see what they can do this year! I think Roby, Jordy and Glynn are the core of our team and the addition of the new guys and some other players that have been here for a few years will make for a great season! I know some on this board think we have to make the big dance or the season is lost. Personally I would love to see that happen, but if we can make a deep run in the NIT I would be very happy with that too. I guess what I am saying is Go Big Red!
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    The Isaac Copeland watch

    That is literally the opposite of official
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    Made Top 100

    Especially the pub where everybody knows your name.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    Cherry is the only way to go when it comes to Pop Tarts. Between that and cheering for Nebrasketball, you have demonstrated excellent taste!