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    As will I! The point I was trying to make was that that'd be a lineup that I would have been ok with in the past, but what's impressive is what we would have on the bench had we been using that lineup.
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    Most Undervalued, Biggest Impact

    I voted for Duby Okeke, but I'm hoping its a tie with Jack McVeigh!! That way we have two underrated performers surprise us!!
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    The question wasn't asking who's the most undervalued. It was asking which of the "undervalued" players will have the biggest impact. And that seems like nearly a no-brainer. Jack would need to either become one of the nation's most productive 3pt specialists or develop some other skill to reach Okeke's expected overall contribution. Gill was one of our least productive players last year even before suffering a debilitating injury. You could make an argument for Taylor, but he's going to have to scratch and claw for minutes while Okeke's will essentially be handed to him based on need alone (again...who else can rebound for us?). Among the choices given, I'm just having a hard time understanding how 2/3 of voters picked McVeigh and Gill. For that to happen, either Okeke would have to be a major bust, or McVeigh would have to show one of the biggest leaps in skill/production I've seen in one year, or Gill would have to be twice as good on a reconstructed knee as he was prior to his injury. Not saying I want to toss the other three guys off the team or anything, but Okeke will almost certainly be the most productive guy in this group.
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    I'm surprised this one's even close. Okeke seems like the obvious choice for a variety of reasons. He's a proven rebounder, and comes in the year after we lose two of our top three rebounders via transfer. He's almost guaranteed to get 15+ MPG based on positional need, whereas the other players all have serious competition just to be in the rotation. And the dude is an absolute eraser of shots in the paint. His floor for expected contribution seems to be right around where I would place the ceiling for Gill and McVeigh (15 MPG, combined points/assists/rebounds/blocks/steals of 10-12 per game).
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    Injecting optimism for Nebrasketball is a worthy endeavor during the lazy days of mid-July.