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    Breakout player

    gibbs was granted his 6th year of eligibility on july 2nd... if gibbs can play 6 seasons, i hope copeland can be allowed to play 4.25.
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    2017 Nebraska Baseball

    2/3 is better than 1/3 or 0/3. Honestly, I think that this ended up pretty good for us. Obviously it would have been nice to have all three back, but it'd also be nice to win a million bucks and I'm just happy coming home even from a casino.
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    2017 Nebraska Baseball

    The one who most thought was most likely to stay, was the one who left.
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    Norm Peterson

    Breakout player

    Duby's at a disadvantage because everyone thinks he was recruited to play backup center. But his contributions this season might just show how important a backup center can be.
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    Jacob Padilla

    Ed Chang

    I've known Ed for four years. I've seen him at his best, but unfortunately "his best" isn't what he normally is. He shot 31% from 3 last year (and that was an improvement from his sophomore year). In terms of how this went down, I will say that neither Creighton nor Nebraska "missed out" on him; they let him go. I think it's for the best for everyone that Ed gets out of this state and goes somewhere fresh to start his college career. He has a lot of work to do.
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    Breakout player

    That looks like a good starting 5, better than some we've had over the last 20 years! 4 Rivals top 150s, one being a 5-star!