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    Dean Smith

    Jacobson Gone?

    I don't know any of the circumstance and maybe he had a real reason, but I'm a Nebraska fan so my take he refused to stick around and work for a spot. He would definitely have been a help next year but all signs pointed to less time on the floor for him.
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    The Husker baseball team took in their share of Big 10 awards this year: Coach of the Year: Darin Erstad 1st team: Jake Meyers and Scott Schreiber 3rd team: Angelo Altavilla and Jake Hohensee Freshman team: Luke Roskam Sportsmanship Award: Ben Miller Hope they stay hot the rest of the year. Really happy for Erstad who seemed to be taking some heat recently.
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    My argument for Meyers as the Most Valuable Player is the role he was asked to play. Arguably he played one of the most critical defensive positions well; he was an effective Sunday starter (perhaps the best or at least one of the best) and he played a critical role in our hitting line-up. He took a role few are asked to perform and he excelled. Heck, that said, Luis Alvarado could have/should have garnered some votes as well.
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    As long as he doesn't follow it up with winning less than 33% of his conference games moving forward - Erstad should be safe.
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    Jacobson Gone?

    Agreed. Never understood why ppl knock these kids for transferring. Nobody seemed to be too mad when Petteway and Walt decided not to tough it out and earn playing time on their respective teams. And i doubt any Husker fans will be complaining about it this winter when Palmer and Copeland suit up for us. Hopefully MJ does well there and whatever problem caused him to leave us is settled at Iowa State.
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    Jacobson Gone?

    Yes, a candid admission on your part. I was that way once also. I have come back to earth. Perhaps the shooting percentage did it. Perhaps bringing the ball down low after a board did it, and perhaps loving the dribble in the paint did it. And perhaps you are right, an off season will improve those things. The effort will be there.
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    Norm Peterson

    The Isaac Copeland watch

    Is it a baby whale?
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    Yeah that was kind of bush league for PSU to kick the field goal as time ran out. But I thought we looked good on our three touchdowns.
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    Nebraska VS Penn State Championship Game

    Also can we take a minute to appreciate Erstad. If im correct this was the mans first HC job so obviously theres gonna be some growing pains and time for him to make adjustments, critiques, etc to his coaching style/plan. Plus lets not forget the last 2-3 yrs of the Anderson era we were a pretty bad baseball club, so its not like he took over the baseball juggernaut of the early 2000s. Heres to regional appearances in 3/4 yrs and a Big Ten Conference Championship. Lets add to it next week.
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    Sam Haiby is N

    Agree. I guess I understand Sharp not asking Coach Williams anything of substance in his radio interview of her last week, because they pretty much have to be complete homers on Sports Nightly. But you'd think the newspaper guys might ask something substantive. We all get that patience is in order, but that doesn't mean all inquiries are off limits. Having said that, I'm not sure we'd get a completely straight answer, like "Well, we tried, but we came up empty".