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    put it on other forums please. I am here to read about Nebraska women's basketball
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    Hello? It's too quiet in here

    I'm not sure that's the best option. Yes, Dougan Patience still has 3 years of eligibility, but he only played one year at Sonoma State University in 2011-2012 and finished with 8 points in 8 games. Next.
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    Hello? It's too quiet in here

    we need another transfer to liven things up
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    Hello? It's too quiet in here

    Well...Hans Brase is German-American, so there ya go.
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    hats off to this young lady.....

    good read: http://www.vcstar.com/story/sports/college/2017/03/10/katie-campbell-thrives-motherhood-school-and-basketball/98812978/ best of luck to her and Ava!
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    Red Don

    hats off to this young lady.....

    Come'on; Shouldn't we cut Whoop a little bit of slack here (rather than sending him away feeling so chastised)? It is off-season and news (that we would Want to read) about Husker Hoops is pretty hard to come by about now. There's plenty of posts that are OT on the forums this time of year. (You may want to edit your title so everyone knows it's OT though, Whoop. )
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    2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Went from being possibly could be ranked last week according to D1 Baseball to getting jumped by Old Dominion. Shows ya what they think of the Big 10. RPI still in the 40's! While these sweeps are nice, they are also pretty necessary. 3-1 is a must this week, but 4-0 would be better. However, they still have Michigan strong about midway up in the top 25. That's pretty crazy.
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    Does this have something to do with Nebraska basketball?
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    Dean Smith

    Who is Tim Miles

    I'm sure Miles would say he has made some mistakes, but what I've learned about life is you do everything right and sometimes things still don't go your way. Doing things the right way is no garantee of success but not doing things the right way almost always garentees failure.
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    Has Sip never eaten at Tico's? Tico's is legit, and the only Omaha Mexican restaurant that I'd slot above it is Julio's (and they're not even "authentic"). Just because Omaha has about 20 locations of crappy local chain La Mesa doesn't mean jack. Now if you want to start talking Thai, Indian, and Cuban restaurants, then yeah Omaha is awesome.