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    He's been riding that bike on my computer for 6 hours now
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    That would be indescribable! Happy Easter, everyone!
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    One of our favorite "If Miles Gets Fired" Candidates appears to have interest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RCJ transferring

    Reasonable guess that she saw the writing on the wall- playing time would dwindle.
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    Tai Webster - RANKINGS (of 64 total players): 3FG %: T1 (2-2, 100%) Field Goal %: T12 (9-16, 56.3%) Assists: T12 (11, 3.7/gm) Assists/Turnover Ratio: T14 (4, 2.8/gm) Minutes Played: T27 (79, 26.3/gm) Free Throw %: T32 (3-4, 75.0%) 3FG Made: T33 (2, 0.7/gm) Def Rebounds: T38 (8, 2.7/gm) Steals: T44 (1, 0.3/gm) Rebounding: T49 (9, 3/gm) Scoring: T50 (23, 7.7/game) Off Rebounds: T50 (1, 0.3/gm) Blocked Shots: T64 (0, 0/gm)
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    Offseason Potpourri

    Tai finished with playing all 3 games, finished with 3 wins, 9 FGs (2 3FG), 3 FT, 23 total points (7.7 average points per game).
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    Coach Williams recruiting

    i think one of the early indicators on the recruiting acumen of the new staff will be how well J. Morton and B. Stallworth do.
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    A scout team backcourt of Young Mr. Behrens and Justin Costello would be a nice luxury to have. Just wish Roman was a couple inches taller, but his dad is a small guy too. Damn you genetics!
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    I second this. High basketball IQ, savvy with the rock, good stroke, and can always find an open man. If he was a couple inches taller he would be a "stud recruit", but I would love to add him to our cache of luxury walk ons
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    According to this guy. Me like Roman.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/webster-to-play-in-portsmouth-invitational-this-week/article_e17e7105-2a15-5027-8b06-f5e9deed4a94.html Webster to play in Portsmouth Invitational this week: The tournament starts Wednesday and runs through Saturday. Approximately 200 NBA representatives attend the camp, which is exclusively for college seniors.
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