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    Im hoping for the same as well idk if I actually posted this or not but he should have red shirted. He was not physically ready which I believe caused him to struggle and have confidence issues. But I've seen this story before It was pretty much the exact same with his freshman yr of highschool as far as his play and development and kinda team as a whole. Idk how this translates to college but sophomore yr they won a regional title Im expecting big things next yr
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    UNL freshman basketball player’s talent stems from father’s support
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    NCAA Tournament

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    O.T. The passing of an icon

    Great way to start my Monday, Cip. Now I'm ready to be up in the morning and off to school.By the way Jean Peck was actually at that performance. She was the one who gave three polite claps at the end.
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    The biggest change will be all of the cardboard fan cutouts which will fill most of the seats.
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    NCAA Tournament

    That's prolly why they ended the season the way they did. Gas tank was in empty, and no gas station insight. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    NCAA Tournament

    Nebraska went 1-5 against Sweet 16 field. What's more crazy is that Nebraska played 6 games (Michigan twice) and 5 teams in the Sweet 16.... man our schedule was brutal.
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    Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Awesome lol cheers and I hope your green beer goes down as good as mine
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    If I'm Indiana, I'm not leaving the state for this next hire. My first phone call is to Indianapolis to see if the Butler A.D. wants to get back into coaching.
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    Just think if Indiana shocked everyone and asked Tim Miles!!!!