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    That's a long shot chance. I wouldn't feel safe unless we won the Ship. That'd put us at 18-16. Im even a sunshine pumper around here, but that'd be a long shot.
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    Two Part Question: Aussie chant

    Oi Oi Oi!!!
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    Handy Johnson

    Our 3rd Place NIT Team

    All sarcasm aside, having our former players come back and remain involved in the Program is a good thing, a very good thing. I've been in many places over the years and asked to have the ball game turned on only to hear the same old tired joke,"Nebraska has a Basketball team?" Yeah they do. It's important that players come back and remind the team AND the fans that Nebraska basketball MEANS something. It has a history, a history that goes way beyond the move to the Haymarket. Being a Husker football fan is easy, anyone can do that. But being a Husker basketball fan is different. It requires a love for the game and an emotional investment that most people aren't willing to make. So, let's beat Illinois on Sunday and Go Big Red!
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    WBB: Game #28 vs Michigan State

    The banked 3 was just pure luck. Never make that shot again.....just threw it up. Had she missed.... the game was over. We have figured out how to win. We decided to want it enough. Make a decent percentage on FT's, and it would have been won in regulation. Nicea's defense gave us a chance...she gets the awesome award today. Jess and Hannah deserve it too...Allie played her guts out. Maddie came in and played much more in control and we benefited from it. Just the greatest effort this year...and for that matter one of the better ones in the last few years. To be the team we started, and with little experience.... to grow up into a tough B1G competitor. AWESOME!!
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    WBB: Game #28 vs Michigan State

    What! A! Game! I'm glad I listened to the second half (I wasn't available during the first).
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    2017-18 Outlook

    Yeah, that generally helps. See Self, Bill, and K, MIke. And Williams, Roy. And Izzo, Tom. All still whiners and complainers, despite getting the good end of the calls every game.
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    WBB: Game #28 vs Michigan State

    The 2 seniors winning the lip sync contest last year.
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    I really doubt finishing the year at 17-15 will get us in the tournament even with the #1 SOS.
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    Rachel Blackburn update?

    Her dad hasn't been posting here this year...I assume because Rachel can't play. But wish he could let the fans know how she's doing, unless its preferred by themselves, or the team ...to not report on injured players. Just wishful thinking... it would be great if she had a twin so there could be two Rachel's on the team. We need her for her excellent play and leadership. Obviously a great teammate and well liked by the the rest of the team..
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    OT: The "Jeans" Are Spreading

    Many of the shouters have plenty of free time & are paid to shout. Not sure they're are willing to pay for a sporting event.