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    Think we hit rock bottom fellas

    Watson, Roby, Horne, Copeland, Gill, Palmer, Nana, Taylor...we'll be okay as long as no one in the main rotation transfers. But every year (Petteway, Pitchford, White, etc) someone leaves who we don't expect. We HAVE TO avoid that this coming offseason.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    The frustration is that we are in every game. The frustration is that we seem to be right on the cusp of something big. The frustration is with the loss of these close games when everyone can recognize that we are only a few plays each game from being really, really good. The frustration IS NOT with the talent, effort, coaching or lack of a future. So as frustrated as I am, for as disappointed I am; I know, I really know that our future is bright. I am not trying to show a direct correlation, but in 1989-90 our record sucked(10-18), but you could see the talent. We then won a school-record 26 games, with only eight losses, in 1990-91. We are soooo very close this year, can next year be the turn around year???
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    Think we hit rock bottom fellas

    Hey where did that picture of my butt come from? Damn sons must have taken it and put it on the web.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    As I understand blinders, they keep one from seeing to either side whereas the light at the end of the tunnel should be straight ahead. So all the crazy ones should still be able to see it. Maybe they just don't want to though.
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    Yep. I 'member debating this topic with you on numerous occasions and you said he would never amount to anything and that Miles should cut bait after his freshman year and then again after his sophomore year. 'member? I do.
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    True or false Bary counseled Perlman on who to hire as AD? True or false SE has a relationship with BA? True or false SE sought advise from BA on who to hire?
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    On the plus side, Notre Dame is beating Syracuse by 15
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    Sanity Check: 1/3 thru Big Ten Play

    I am beginning to think about becoming a Jaysker. I am going insane.
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    I don't know what else you want me to say, I was wrong in saying Tai should transfer. I'm not the first or the last person to be wrong about a player. Hell, our HC didn't even recruit a lottery pick 50 miles down the road. But since you are dodging your original post...Miles fate is determined by...Barry Alvarez? Again. Coo coo
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    So...Barry Alvarez and Eichorst are friends? That's what I got out the above. He also recommended him for the Miami job...is Miami a threat to Wiscy? But, I'm not wearing a tin foil hat. I guess we will see what Barry Alvarez does at the end of the year in regards to Miles! Apparently if Barry keeps Miles...we can assume he thinks that's what's worst for Nebraska. *rolling eyes*.....FYI I really don't have an opinion on Eichorst one way or the other. But it's seriously out there that you believe Alvarez planted Eichorst at NU to sabotage us. Thanks for the Diaco hire Barry!