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    Dean Smith

    Bad news...Ed Morrow Jr. Sidelined

    Yes he has no explosiveness but boy I hope he's raw and we are not looking at the finished product. Some play by play? said he predicted Jordy would be really good before he was done because he has the size and most importantly, he wants to be good and is willing to work to be good. Great compliment. Before he is done he will be more explosive, wil not always have to turn right shoulder, will consistently catch the ball and start finishing at a much higher rate. I can see guys looking at him open in the post (one thing he does do fairly well now is seal), and you can see them thinking, "What are the odds something good will happen if I throw him the ball? And then they pass it somewhere else. On the the other hand I've seen Glynn throw him lobs and Tai threw him a full court pass. As it's happening I'm thinking, "He's not going to catch that." Now he didn't catch either but it's a good sign that his teammates have some trust in him and as he developes, that trust will grow.
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    Not sure your point, and I don't say that to be mean. I think your point seems to be that our success or lack of it seems to be more related to how Glynn Watson plays; therefore, Ed's not as important as Watson, and that might be true in a sense. But what you do when you take Ed out of the lineup is that you take 10 and 8 out of the lineup on almost a nightly basis. We were competitive in the loss to Clemson, for example, in part because Ed Morrow was a beast on the inside and got a double-double. We probably don't beat Indiana without another Ed Morrow DD. There are a few parts on this team that have backups who could step in and function pretty well. There are basically three non-replaceable parts where we're a totally different team without them, and Ed is one of those 3.
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    BOOM (Copeland has decided)

    His backiotomy was scheduled for yesterday
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    Might disagree a little bit that it's not a "must win". I just base that on the stretch we have coming up where we play @Northwestern, Purdue, Michigan State, @Iowa, & Wisconsin. It's possible we could go 0-5 during that stretch so when you get games that are more winnable than others like Michigan, you have to capitalize on those. It we can win our next 3 games @Michigan, Ohio State, and @Rutgers, that would put us at 6-1 before we head into that tough stretch. So that is why I think Michigan as well as Ohio State and Rutgers are "must win" games.
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    Bad news...Ed Morrow Jr. Sidelined

    I think the foul trouble has a little to do with anticipating not having many minutes on the floor. The "I have to make plays or I won't play" mentality that young bigs often get. It's understandable that his minutes have gone down of late because Jacobson has been playing so well (relieved to see this, actually). I don't really think Jordy is that raw as much as he just needs to get more explosion. I've been pretty amazed at some of the low post position he can get with that big frame, but finishing is another story. It's gonna be scary how easy those buckets will be with some more S&C.
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    DC Banker

    Bob Diaco is the hot name right now
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    The crowd (Kent and Matt)

    Only if they can play post while Ed is out.
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    WBB: Game #17 vs Rutgers

    You want to see our football coach at point guard. Not enough hair and I think he has used all of his eligibility.
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    2017 Husker volleyball

    Coach Banworth meets the press.
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    Pretty cool move from coach Belein, too: