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    Offensive Stats Points per possession: 0.819 (Last in the Big 10) #1: Michigan (1.036) FG%: 40.4% (Last in the Big 10) #1: Purdue (50%) Adjusted FG%: 44.7% (Last in the Big 10) #1: Purdue (59%) % of poss where we scored at least 1 point: 38.9% (Last in the Big 10) #1: Purdue (45.9%) Turnover %: 15.9% (7th in the Big 10) #1: Michigan (13.2%) For reference: Michigan: SOS=159th, 2 RPI top 100 wins Purdue: SOS=69th, 2 RPI top 100 wins Nebraska: SOS=10th, 1 RPI top 100 win Offensive Possessions (PPP) Breakdown (compared to NCAA) Spot ups: 153 points on 200 poss= .765 7th percentile=POOR rating P&R, ballhandler shoots: 127 points on 160 poss= .794 61st percentile= GOOD rating Transition: 114 points on 107 poss= 1.065 57th percentile= GOOD rating Off rebounds (putbacks): 76 points on 87 poss= .874 9th percentile= POOR rating Post ups: 52 points on 68 poss= .765 35th percentile=AVERAGE rating Cuts: 57 points on 66 poss= .864 4th percentile= POOR rating Hand offs: 43 points on 53 poss= .811 51st percentile= GOOD rating Isolation: 35 points on 43 poss= .814 57th percentile= GOOD rating P&R, roll man shoots: 34 points on 42 poss= .81 27th percentile= BELOW AVERAGE rating Thoughts We need to run more. Our transition game is our best friend right now and we need to utilize it as much as possible. If we cannot get a good look with the initial break then our secondary break needs to involve several ball screens where we can attack the defense without being competely set up. Defensive Stats Points per possession: 0.841 (10th in the Big 10) #1: Minnesota (0.753) FG%: 42.7% (13th in the Big 10) #1: Minnesota (36.1%) Adjusted FG%: 48.4% (12th in the Big 10) #1: Minnesota (41%) % of poss where we allow at least 1 point: 39.9% (13th in the Big 10) #1. Rutgers (34.4%) Turnover %: 17.3% (2nd in the Big 10) #1: Michigan (17.9%) For reference: Minnesota: SOS=51st, 3 RPI top 100 wins Rutgers: SOS=314th, 0 RPI top 100 wins Defensive Possessions (PPP) Breakdown (Compared to NCAA) Spot ups: 175 points on 184 poss= .951 34th percentile=AVERAGE rating Transition: 152 points on 153 poss= .993 54th percentile= GOOD rating P&R, ballhandler shoots: 65 points on 109 poss= .596 89th percentile= EXCELLENT rating Post ups: 55 points on 70 poss= .786 49th percentile=AVERAGE rating P&R, roll man shoots: 60 points on 67 poss= .896 59th percentile= GOOD rating Off Screen: 48 points on 53 poss= .906 41st percentile= AVERAGE rating Isolation: 34 points on 49 poss= .694 69th percentile= VERY GOOD rating Cuts: 47 points on 45 poss= 1.04 65th percentile= VERY GOOD rating Off rebounds (putbacks): 40 points 0n 37 poss= 1.08 44th percentile= AVERAGE rating Thoughts Defense up to this point hasn't been to bad, although I would like to see be better against post ups. This team really just needs more life on offense, and hopefully the emergene of Horne along with a seemingly improving Anton Gill will help that. We will need all the help we can get and I am hopefull we can find a way to win at least 7 or 8 Big 10 games.
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    WBB: Game #12 vs Connecticut

    @Redsteve, yes those the UConn players are very skilled; but honestly I'd say good defense is about 10% skill and 90% effort. The effort part can be coached! I guarantee from the very first day of practice at UConn it's drilled into them how hard they're going to have work (on both ends) to be successful. The old saying, "offense wins games, defense wins championships" holds true to this day. I really do like Coach Amy and all the staff, but if I had to have 1 criticism of the team is that they just don't play hard enough imo. They don't get down in a stance, get in passing lanes, make the ball handler work, box out, etc. They make lazy passes. I feel like alot of this could be remedied if the intensity was raised. This "lazy" play is where a hard-nosed Coach would've nipped it in the bud a long time ago. I'm gonna show Nicea some tape of herself so she can see where she needs to improve. But most of it is all about effort and intensity!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    "The donors of significance have spoken."
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    Franny being Franny

    I would be upset with my players too. They shouldn't be giving up turnovers like that!
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    Big Ten Predictions

    Believe it or not, we're tied for first in the Big Ten right now!
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    Big Ten Predictions

    I can see 3 wins. I can see 10 wins. You don't know what to expect from this squad and there is enough parity in the league this year that a team like ours can make a run if guys like Gill and Horne can find a rythm
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    Who will transfer

    I have enjoyed this board that last several years, but honestly have become very troubled by a lot of the discussions on here. The women's team is in a tough spot right now, and its not going to get any easier anytime soon. But for so many uniformed adults to come out of the wood work and take pot shots at coaches, and kids, who most have never met is troubling. Some kids might transfer, and if the do hopefully it is based on a well thought out decision between the kid, their parents, and the coaches. Not because some old guy who has never met them is convinced they can't play. The reality is a "perfect (crap) storm" caused by a whole bunch of people - coaches, administrators, support staff, media, parents, etc.-- got the situation to where it is today. Maybe some of the current and former players have some culpability in that, maybe they don't, but in my opinion to take pot shots at kids who people have never met is unfortunate. For adults to hope kids are asked to uproot their lives and educations and not return is equally unfortunate. Might it improve the team quicker, sure. One need look no farther than Colorado State for the burn and start over approach. They were awful Ryan Williams first year and he asked most of the team including starters to not come back. They replaced them with about 8 foreigners the next year and improved dramatically. The guy can flat coach, and can obviously win, but i will never root for them because of how that situation was handled. The ncaa changed the rules two years ago i think and scholarships are no longer one year renewables so that approach is harder to pull off than it was before. However, a coach can still tell a kid listen you aren't going to get in and some might leave when told that. I understand healthy debate, and loving a person's favorite team, and wanting to win. I also understand monday morning quarterbacking games, plays, etc. But i will never understanding taking pot shots at 18-22 year old ladies who most making the comments know nothing about. Turning this board into the Lord of the Flies won't help us win even one more game. GBR
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    Red Rum

    Big Ten Predictions

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    We seem to have a lot less to say when we win
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    You forgot the "Our offensive philosophy was terrible yesterday. How can we not develop girls that can hit?"