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    Miles Just Punched His Ticket Today

    Here's my thought on this. We have before us no less than 20 games still to be played. Tim Miles will be the coach for this team for all 20 of those games. A lot can and will happen between now the end of the season. By then we will know how this team will have responded going forward from this point, and whether or not Miles was able to get this team going in a positive direction, and building towards a better year next year. If we continue to the have the same problems and continue to have too many players not contributing in any substantial way, then Eichorst may very well decide to let coach go. But that will only happen at the end of the season, and I will support whatever decision is made regarding that. But until then Tim Miles has my support, and what I'm not looking forward to is seeing so many people piling on and calling for Miles to be fired before the season is even over.
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    Miles saying team had to create its own energy due to the crowd. Ohhh boy, give me a break. That's the last direction I would be going if I'm Miles.
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    You gotta give Miles credit. He got his ass firmly planted on the hot seat a week before Christmas. Way to go!
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    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    My dream is Nebraska in the NCAA and Syracuse in the nit
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    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    So, Syracuse lost at home today to KenPom #54 Georgetown, falling to 6-4. Their best win is a home win against KenPom #76 Monmouth. Syracuse is 6-4 against the 193rd best SOS Nebraska is 5-5 against the 7th best That is all.
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    This seems all too familiar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's hard to believe that these guys actually care right now. This looks like a team that's quit on its coach and just doesn't give a shit. I'm disgusted.
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    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    My dream is Syracuse playing Nebraska in Lincoln, in the NIT.
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    I've watched the last six basketball coaches at Nebraska and in the end of their tenures there was always a "last straw" moment when things just weren't working and it became obvious that we were going to need a change. Today was that day for Tim Miles. He has punched his ticket out of here. Lack of teamwork, inconsistent defense and lack of any offensive execution. i can look past many things. There will be those that will say we are young, that we just need another year or two. It is time for the AD to do his job. Smoke and mirrors from Miles are over. This is gonna get ugly in the B1G. Gardber-Webb? Now we're losing to schools with hyphens? We have a $100M athletic department budget and top 20 facilities with great fan support. This needs to end. Coach Miles has either lost this team or he just can't coach them in his system. But these are the players he recruited for his system. No excuses at all for this. The ticket for coach Miles was punched today. We need to move the program forward, and the start of moving forward will be to send coach Miles back to a mid-major program where he belongs.
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    We've seen this game before. UMBC with Doc, Miles had last year with Samford. The real question is where the season goes from here. One game doesn't decide anything.
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    I'm with you, college kids needing energy is a total cop out.
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    Was Joe Cipriano's "last straw" moment his cancer diagnosis? Don't be an idiot....
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    This whole team has regressed. We play poor defense, get beat off the dribble, don't guard the 3, can't shoot, have no movement on offense. Just bad basketball right now.
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    I'm glad I'm at Conlee's watching this. Unlimited booze supply...
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    Can't speak for Coz but I'm guessing he's also including the last few years in his thoughts. And by his own admission Miles thought we would be a game or two ahead of where we are at now. The Clemson game could have very easily swung the other way and had that happened most would say we are sitting in good position despite Creighton running circles around us again and our offense looking well...offensive. The Big Ten is not great this year and we matchup well against quite a few of the opponents on our schedule. I look forward to seeing if this team progresses and can come away with 8-10 wins.
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    Can anyone really think this program (win/loss) is in any better shape now than under the last year of Barry Collier? Miles has the benefit of a new practice facility and new arena and the results are the same. (Should make the NCAA tourney or Nit every year) This program cannot afford to lose players early, when they do not go to the NBA, he has lost Terran,Walt and White. This is the worst shooting team in NU history. Not being able to get any of the top Nebraska kids (No excuses) two at Creighton and one at Omaha.
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    wow, miles might officially be on the hot seat. how does glynn not start? he's our second best player and probably the most important player for the future of the team. i don't think anyone expected us to be better than a .500 team this year, but losses like this shouldn't be happening.
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    Lots of opportunity

    as big a fan of coach williams as i am, the one concern i did have was that she was bringing her staff from USD. i just put my faith in coach williams. this is probably turning out to be a bigger "project" than most of us hoped for.
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    This. Does deciding to fire the coach make it more enjoyable as a fan? Do you really want to give up hope in mid-December?
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    Steve Sipple Tweet

    Valid point.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    I can agree with you on in-game strategy. At some point though, some of those other things are the players' responsibilities as well. I believe we have good talent, but maybe not the best combinations in spots needed to turn the corner as a team.
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    The players were asked to come here by the staff that is getting paid to bring in talent that can compete at this level. I'd look at the coaches' talent evaluation, motivation, player development and in-game strategy before I'd point the finger at players who don't "man up"?
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    Crowd isn't gonna get much better, I have a hard time believing too many people will be paying to see us (fresh off this loss) play against Southern, during winter break a couple days before the holidays. I'm sure Eichorst will be watching the attendance numbers closely as we get into Big 10 play. Miles seat will get scorching if we can't fill out that beautiful, expensive new arena.
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    WBB: Game #11 @ Creighton

    On a good note the huskers have done better on their free throws.
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    Ugly. Disappointing. Difficult to understand.
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    WBB: Game #11 @ Creighton

    Ditto to all of the above. It almost looks like no tape of Creighton was reviewed before the game. Are there no defensive coaches on the staff ? Been saying for weeks...no defense...just put them in a simple zone....right now, we're just not good at man defense. ...still too many turnovers. Creighton is about a .500 team, and they're making us look bad. Have a player or two that will just throw the ball up no matter if it's a good shot or not. Gets the ball in their hands and rarely passes off. Turnover machines....That's got to stop. Exasperating
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    Sooo, if we beat Southern we have to win 10 Big Ten games to finish over .500. Ouch.
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    yep and we need kids that can shoot. Poorly coached team right now
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    Are we sure it's complete BS? I would say his future at Nebraska is very cloudy at this point. In fact, if I'm Miles I'm not feeling good about being Nebraska's coach next year.
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    This program isn't heading in the right direction.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Nevermind. It's not b.s. It should be a very valid discussion at this point.
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    Die and die by the three...
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    WBB: Game #11 @ Creighton

    If you can't defend the 3 against creighton you might as well call it a day. Horrible perimeter defense and ball handling.
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    We can make all the rationalizations we want. Either you care and play with heart and pride or you don't.
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    seems so close yet so far away Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Roby is too passive on offense
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    It's hard to believe we played as close to Creighton and Kansas as we did.
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    This team's confidence = severely lacking
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    Update: The knock on the head that Anton took at KU, most definitely did not unbreak him, or his jump shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It shouldn't surprise everyone that GW is hanging tough. They have a better record than us. Amd you know... that records important.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Hope you're right. Obviously, under this staff his defensive abilities will dictate whether he plays or not. I'll be happy if he's above 35% from deep next year.
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    The team psychology of changing starters for this one is interesting. If you lose your spot after starting against KU, your teammate gets to start against Gardner Webb and Southern, and looks like a hero in big wins (presumably). A coach has to weigh how his players will react to that. Kidney, care to tell us how you handled it?
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    *UCLA 102 Michigan 84 - That UCLA game is as loose as I've seen us play all year. Really wish we could go into games with the nothing to lose attitude. You can see a huge difference between that game and say Creighton (every year) and Va Tech.
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    Scouting Gardner Webb

    Jack has been playing the 3 and has had quick players chasing/defending him. What happens if he starts sharing time at the 4? If this happens (not all the time, but on occasion) will he have an "easier" time getting off his shots? I will sort of respond to this myself. It may help, BUT, he has been getting open looks and he simply is missing these open shots. He has to get the flippin negativity out of his head and perhaps the shot will return.
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    But before we played AWIII would then transfer to some NAIA school so they could win the National Title.
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    Ohio State probably needs to bench McVeigh, they'll never beat Creighton playing this way.