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    You gotta give Miles credit. He got his ass firmly planted on the hot seat a week before Christmas. Way to go!
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    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    My dream is Nebraska in the NCAA and Syracuse in the nit
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    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    So, Syracuse lost at home today to KenPom #54 Georgetown, falling to 6-4. Their best win is a home win against KenPom #76 Monmouth. Syracuse is 6-4 against the 193rd best SOS Nebraska is 5-5 against the 7th best That is all.
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    wow, miles might officially be on the hot seat. how does glynn not start? he's our second best player and probably the most important player for the future of the team. i don't think anyone expected us to be better than a .500 team this year, but losses like this shouldn't be happening.
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    Crowd isn't gonna get much better, I have a hard time believing too many people will be paying to see us (fresh off this loss) play against Southern, during winter break a couple days before the holidays. I'm sure Eichorst will be watching the attendance numbers closely as we get into Big 10 play. Miles seat will get scorching if we can't fill out that beautiful, expensive new arena.
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    Steve Sipple Tweet

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    Sooo, if we beat Southern we have to win 10 Big Ten games to finish over .500. Ouch.
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    But before we played AWIII would then transfer to some NAIA school so they could win the National Title.
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    Limited 100 level holiday seating

    The limit of time has run out for any students wanting seats during the winter break. Limited 100 level tickets available now for Iowa, Northwestern, Garner Webb, and Southern Online Ticket Ordering or else call the ticket office at 800-8-BIGRED