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    I hope he has the same passion as the F*** Andrew White guy
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    Hmm, got mixed feelings on this one. A quick perusal of his twitter feed reveals that he retweeted something of Matt Perrault's the other day. Anyone that *reads* Perrault's twitter feed, much less retweets something of his, clearly has poor judgement...
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    Williams Preseason Presser

    Agree...optimistic for sure. Sure looks like it will be a hard working group of players and a positive coaching staff. That can lead to great things. No easy task ahead for sure.....but I'll jump on that train and will be watching all the developments with a lot of anticipation. Most of all, hope the girls and coaches enjoy what their doing, have some fun doing it.
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    Great News for a Ffriend

    Last time I looked, Kimani was rotting away in a Serbian jail. I googled him again, and it looks like his three year sentence was overturned on appeal and he is playing again (in Serbia it appears). At any rate, there is a 2015-16 highlight film one can google if interested. Just thought it was a nice way to begin the morning.