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    We actually did not play all that bad that half. Unfortunate last minute or so. Let their shooter get loose and did not block out Hammonds. Refs have not been too friendly for us. We just don't have an answer for their size. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With Purdue's height advantage, we need a pill that makes you larger. RIP Paul Kantner.
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    I think we're gonna need some divine intervention to get outta there with a win, so I'm going gospel today:
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    Rutgers pregame talk

    rutgers coaches probably looking at what wisconsin did to limit jess-------although, offensively, jess was probably her own worst enemy. jess will have to get back to scoring, at least more than she did against wisconsin. plus, imo, the best chance for the huskers to come out with a 'w', scoring will have to come from more than nat and jess. if rachel can go, she is going to have to score. same with allie. gonna have to "spread the wealth" to keep the defense from just concentrating on a couple of huskers. keep the defense moving should help wear them down towards end of game.
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    Purdue pregame talk

    If you have BTN2go (don't need +), check out the Purdue vs. Butler game. That is what we will need to do gameplan and execution wise to beat Purdue's size.
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    any thoughts? surprises? disappointments? i think we are seeing what most predicted, the huskers would be playing better the deeper they reached into the season---but, the stinkin' injury bug still rears its ugly head. minny (6-3) is a little better than i thought they would be---even tho most are seeing what they expected from banham and wagner. believe they are the second highest scoring duo nationally. they do have some tough ones coming up. especially the last 3-4 games. pretty surprised where northwestern sits now (2-7?). watched a good share of the osu-nw game thurs night. looked more like the team that pummeled the huskers. gave osu all they could handle. even with the record, i still think this is a team that can make a very deep run in the BTT. not sure why they haven't been able to keep it together. they have some really good talent. no surprise---osu and maryland are still the teams to beat. still a pretty good gap between those two and the rest of the big ten. i would say osu has the ability to stumble a little more than maryland, but, they have the talent to play with just about anybody. i haven't seen much of msu at all. i thought they may be a bit overrated, but, they seem to be hanging tough. same with indiana, as far as being able to watch them. they do seem to be a tough out at home. didn't expect purdue to make this big of a jump this quick from last year. i thought they could be right back to being a pretty good team next year. iowa surprised me at first, but, seems like they have come back to earth. anyway, just a few thoughts.
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    We need to work on our free throw defense.
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    That is a horrible call. That was a change this year.
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    They only have one second to get it across half court
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    I haven't been much of a fan in the past, but I really like Webster right now.
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    Try as I have to uncode, I have no idea what this means. I think he meant "White took it out (up top) when it was 3 on 1."
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    I have a feeling, we have a run in us left.
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    This shows how much we need a BIG that is healthy and can play. Period...end of story.
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    2nd half adjustments: Need to have 5 guys on defense with a foot in the lane. If they make 3's, so be it. Also, if Hammonds or Haas dribble the ball, we need players ripping at the ball. Judging by these refs, we will have no players left.
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    The nightcrawlers come out when things start going poorly. We won't be seeing much of this cat if we get back in this game.
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    No, we really don't.I take it back, we are really good Playin' the extremes today, huh?
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    HB, Jamel White
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    Tai has made some crucial mistakes and we've had some defensive breakdowns like on that 3 by #14 with less than two minutes left in the half. That being said, we are not being outclassed by Purdue. And, do Big Ten refs call 3 seconds anymore? Hammonds and Haas have both camped in there on numerous occasions.
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    Dude's got lottery talent, just doesn't always play like it. Today he is. Doesn't help when there's not anyone within four inches of him in red.
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    we are lucky to be in this game given how many wide open layups haas and hammons have had.
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    Can Hammons turn pro at halftime?
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    I wonder if we might see Borchardt at some point today.
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    Hammonds lowers his shoulder and the call is on us???
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    Who is it?No TV or radio right now. Tai He tripped and ran into a guys elbow after he made a driving lay up. Not on purpose.
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    They have a lot of bigs but their guard play s very weak. That is why they won't do well in the tournament. Also Hasse is very weak for his size and doesn't like contact. News flash White is really good.
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    Ref's have decided to take this game over.
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    How was that an offensive foul....
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    Greatest Hustle Play in Husker History

    I was gonna go the Jose Ramos route....
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    Carl McPipe and Andre Smith hustling into the Antler section at Mizzou has to rank right up there.
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    Illinois beat these guys. Why can't we?
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    I just copied the URL and pasted it. I hate technical stuff. well, i am an old goober with my first computer!!!
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    wth?!? that's what i thought i had, but, it took me to matt's instagram homepage with all his postings!
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    ...and speaking of divine intervention, here's a bonus video. I think Matthew Sweet might be a Husker hoops fan: I don't know where I'm gonna live Don't know if I'll find a place I'd have to think about it some And that I do not wish to face I guess that I'm counting on his Divine intervention I cannot understand my god I don't know why it gets to me One day my life Is filled with joy And then we find we disagree All depending on his Divine intervention Alright We're all counting on his... Does he love us? Does he love us? Does he love us? Does he love us? Hmm now he love us? I look around And all I see is destruction We're all counting on his Divine intervention When he comes the sun shine When he comes the sun shine Sunshine, the sunshine Here it comes..
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    Greatest Hustle Play in Husker History

    Well... There was that one time that Jorge Diaz dunked the ball. That was pretty sweet!
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    halfway through conference schedule...

    We have the potential to equal or improve on our first half 6-3 record. We want a 4 or higher seed in the tournament. Count the O.St. road game as a loss and 50/50 on the Rutgers game at best. We will probably lose another unexpected one as well. The huge game is the home game against Mich. St who is playing well. Two years ago they came to Nebraska in a similar situation and it was predicted to be a toss up. We annihilated them and they kind of went into a funk after that. Barring any more bad news I expect us to finish 3rd in the conference and make the Big Dance with an 8 or better seed.
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    Agree that our injuries are the biggest bummer. When the freshman started, it was fun to watch them learn on the fly. Then illness and injuries hit Burns, Maddie, and Washington. Now RT's injury has returned. With them healthy we're even better..... considerably. Other than OSU, Maryland, it will probably be a dog fight for everyone else for NCAA bracket seeding. But that's the trend for years. .....Expected. At least we're back in the mix now. After the 0-3 B1G start, it was uncertain just where we were going. But wow, we have turned it around. That has been pleasantly surprising. Knew Jess was going to be good, but after her ACL injury, wasn't sure she would even play to start the season, or maybe not at all. But she has made a huge difference with her scoring capabilities. She is more advanced in her mental phase of the game that most freshman. Nothing seems to bother her, and she has blended with the team real well. Maybe not surprising, but many good freshmen, don't make her impact so quickly. Nat's three shooting improvement. Outstanding ! Allies escalated development is a little surprising, and great for the team....and herself. Great team player. Both Nat and Allie are the most improved this year. (next year with Allie as a Sr, and Jess and Burns as sophomores, they'll be an awesome group.) Our early youth was problematic...love to re-play some of the teams we lost to. Uncertainty....Washington....still have no idea how she can fit into the line up. But she's just a freshmen. Concern? If the injury situation continues...it may hurt our chances for the "grind" ahead. Need RT obviously, and lack of healthy subs hurts. Plus it will wear out our starters....most thought our bench would be a big asset last fall. Maddies was doing so well, then she missed crucial floor time. There's a long way to go from here. We're still a very young team, so we're still not all the way to where we can to be. Our injuries will be a big part of how we can do from here on out. I guess the turnovers are somewhat expected with so many new players, but still make me flinch at times. That and lack of defense which is also due to lot's of newbies. (both improved though) Half way through...the second half will be very tough to survive....but we've taken many positive steps to improve...and we have definitely improved.
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    No, we really don't.
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    No, we really don't.I take it back, we are really good