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    Moses Ayegba is N

    Hopefully he got his left leg fixed...
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    The Official Media Thread

    Shavon and Benny are throwing out the first pitch at Husker Night at the K. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=76795&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=209605647
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    Michael Jacobson

    When I finish hitching a ride through the galaxy...I'll give this a shot.
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    Norm Peterson

    Tarin Smith

    Norm, I love you, but... your comment shows exactly what they prefer... Wearing Adidas is like sled riding in the summer. Wearing Adidas is like sleeping with Khole Kardashian when you can sleep with any other woman. Wearing Adidas is like using a saw to pound a hammer. Wearing Adidas is like fisting a couch with gloves. Wearing Adidas is like banking at a local chain with 2 atm when you could bank with a national chain. Wearing Adidas is like joining myspace is 2014. Wearing Adidas is like admitting you would rather watch NASCAR than the NFL. Wearing Adidas is like listening to NOW 45023 rather than NOW 4. Wearing Adidas is like accepting you're okay with making minimum wage to do a $20 an hour job. Wearing Adidas is like thinking Ray Rice only deserves a 2 game suspension. Wearing Adidas is like ______ I question how much you love me when I don't even get a +1 on my Cookie Miller joke. And if I have to explain it, it really ruins the effect. Besides, wearing Nike is like ... Wearing Nike is like cheering for Russia to beat the U.S. Hockey team in Lake Placid in 1980. Wearing Nike is like being a virtual booster for the University of Oregon. Wearing Nike is like wanting Drago to beat Rocky. Wearing Nike is like listening to nothing but AT's Top 40. Wearing Nike is like only going to movies starring famous people. Wearing Nike is like following the pack of lemmings off the cliff. Wearing Nike is like switching to Hanes underwear just because Michael Jordan pitches them. Wearing Nike is like eating at the hot place to eat in town for no other reason than it's the hot place to eat. Wearing Nike is like going to Creighton games just because everyone else in your bridge club started going. Wearing Nike is like becoming a fan of whichever team just won the national championship. Wearing Nike is like collecting Beanie Babies. Wearing Nike is like learning to drive your brand-new Harley Davidson while on the way to Sturgis. Wearing Nike is like preferring to buy an "American" car built in Mexico rather than a Honda made in America. Wearing Nike is like always cheering for the frontrunner. Wearing Nike is like pretending you always were a Red Sox fan after they finally won a World Series. Wearing Nike is like believing Kim Kardashian is hot just because she's famous.
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    Jess would have started for the Huskers as a HS junior. When she arrives here next year, she should have some decent talent surrounding her. Very much looking forward to seeing the kind of team Connie will be fielding when the 2015 freshman class takes the floor.
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    Jessica Shepard's Team USA U-18 journey

    Here is the YouTube link to the game replay:
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    Tarin Smith

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    Tarin Smith

    Yeah, sports is what we said in high school
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    Michael Jacobson

    Thank you for your interest in discussing this topic over here, we could use some thoughts from fans of your feather from time to time and welcome civil discourse. Hopefully you can keep that in mind when sharing thoughts. I, for one, will give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt before running off shouting troll. Having that said, the thread you are referencing is a really poor example considered thought and fair debate...it's mostly geared towards creating any logical fallacies necessary to convey some kind of irrational and blind hatred towards anything Huskers. Which is kind of sad really. The occasional joke or humorous jab is to be expected, goodness knows we do our share of it over here, but really...a 100+ page thread that has been running for almost two years now (and which, by the way, is as far as I can tell by far the longest thread there) is pathetic. But here's to a quick return to hoops season. I hope you guys lose all your games in embarrassing fashion! 100+ pages of calling another fanbase delusional? Oh, the irony... I swear I could hear the fans chanting "Four-More-Years" at McDermott's final home game.
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    Michael Jacobson

    I just made myself dumber by clicking that link.