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    If I'm Miles, and you're the AD, and you do what you say and I kick ass next year and win an NCAA tourney game, and you then approach me about a long term deal, I'm going to say, "Long term? Like what? Two years instead of one? So generous. Thanks, but I'm going to find a 7 year deal somewhere else and good luck with the coaching search to replace me." If I'm Moos this year, I come out PROMPTLY after the Final 4 with AT LEAST a 2 year deal if not 3. Maybe structure buyouts in such a way that I can cut ties a little more easily next year if things go south. But I bring Tim forward at a press conference and praise him effusively for the great season we had this year and how we got screwed out of an NCAA tourney appearance the team had clearly earned. What do we have instead? The good feelings that should have carried us forward into next year following one of the best regular season runs in program history have COMPLETELY dissipated. Gone away. Gone. No good will; no good feelings; no positive momentum carrying us forward into next year. None. Completely screwed the positive momentum that would have given us a foot in the door in recruiting. The way this has been handled has been a complete cluster fuck.
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    Norm Peterson

    Let me get this straight...

    1) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? Industry standard is a rollover, adding a year onto the end of the contract every year, keeping coaches with a set number of years on their contract. Always. For a coach to burn 2 years off the end of a contract, then produce a very strong record and only get a one-year extension, says the same thing to recruits as it does to everyone else: his time here is done after next season. If he does well enough not to get fired, it'll be good enough to attract other offers that he'll consider before choosing one. The chances that he's back after next year seem almost miniscule. No question in my mind this situation hamstrings us on the recruiting trail. Convince me I'm wrong. 2) OK. Maybe. Next year, we'll still have, hopefully, a team full of studs. But the year after that? Guess we'll see. I have my doubts. You think 14,500 fans would show up every night to watch our 2000-2001 team? 3) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? We're spinning our wheels for a year. We're screwing recruiting in the right here and now. We lose, at a minimum, the seniors, plus probably Roby at the end of next season. Those are spots Miles would be recruiting to fill right now. Those potential recruits are guys who won't be signing with us in November because they have no idea where Miles will be when their college careers start or who the coach here would be. Fire Miles this year, and you get moving with a roster to work with. Extend Miles and you signal to everyone this is our man (unless you have to buy him out early, which, OK, fine, so what?). This one-year extension, IMO, is the absolute worst of all possible scenarios. With all the players we for sure lose off next year's team, we're going to go into 2019-2020 giving serious minutes to walk-ons like Ross Buckendahl and Craig Wortmann. For the record, I believe Miles earned a reasonable extension with this season. I respect that there might be those who would disagree with that opinion, in which case, fine, fire him now. But, for the love of all things Holy, make a decision one way or the other -- extend for real or fire him. But don't leave us in this state of suspended animation with a coach on life support and a program teetering in the balance.
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    Kenya Hunter

    You're just not looking at this from a realistic perspective. Tim Miles' job security is poor. Hanging by a thread is probably the best way to describe it right now. Tim knows it, his assistants know it and his players know it. What you're seeing are people trying to secure a stable future for themselves and their families, which they have every right to do, and which no reasonable person could challenge or dispute. If you know your boss isn't likely to survive for very much longer in his current role, would you not secure something more stable for you and your family? Making Nebraska great again doesn't pay college tuition or a mortgage.
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    Ed Chang

    I thought it stood for "All About Under-the-table-deals-being-made-by-apparel-companies-and-universities-to-make-big-contract-deals-with-future-players-then-look-the-other-way-when-asked-if-there's-corruption-in-college-basketball-until-the-FBI-steps-in-then-you-let-them-enforce-the-rules-of-your-own-organization-that-you-pathetically-don't-enforce"? But maybe that's just me
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    Kenya Hunter

    I really don't believe some folks here appreciate what's been going on behind the scenes with our basketball program. Let's start with the aggressive pursuit of Dana Altman, which our AD has denied, and many here believed him. Sorry, but that's nonsense. As I posted when this was going on a couple of weeks ago, Nebraska fans are not entitled to full disclosure from the AD about what's going on behind the scenes with the basketball program. He was asked about Altman, flat denied it (lying in the process), and I have no problem with that. It's not the type of information that needs to be admitted publicly. Altman turned us down, so it ended there. The AD is not going to admit that publicly. If you took his denial at face value, you may not understand how the game is played. If you believe Nebraska didn't make a very lucrative offer to Dana Altman, you've bought into a lie. Tim Miles and his staff were very aware of the offer to Altman. They're very well aware that the relationship between Nebraska and Miles is not a long-term partnership, but rather a temporary alliance out of convenience and, in reality, only set to continue for a while longer because the AD hasn't found "his guy" yet. Tim knows this because the AD has been more than honest with him in this regard. Tim knows the score and his assistants know the score. He understands that this entails the possibility that some will seek greener pastures. How could they not be expected to do so? He likely has encouraged them to take care of their business and do what they have to do. If you like Tim Miles and believe he's the future of this basketball program, you're entitled, but just know that the AD doesn't share your perspective. Tim's on borrowed time and is only still here because the home run hire the AD seeks has not been secured. Nebraska under Bill Moos is not prepared to accept a future in which the program continues to be a doormat in college basketball. I understand we just came off a very successful year by Nebraska standards, but the old standards that many here seem to accept as the appropriate reference are not considered to be acceptable by the people currently in charge of this athletic department. They've set their sights much higher and are no longer prepared to accept sustained mediocrity. Tim is a .500 coach at Nebraska who has not built anything sustainable from year to year. Some people believe that Miles and his staff are somehow "in limbo" as a result of the slow pace of Moos' progress in extending a new contract to Miles. While this may be true to an extent, there is very little uncertainty among the parties involved about the fact that the AD is not a Tim Miles fan and does not consider him to be the future of this program. So, there's no "in limbo" situation here. Kenya Hunter knew he was on a path that will soon hit a dead end, so he chose a different path. That's called being smart and taking care of your family. Anyone who has resentment toward Kenya has not correctly assessed the situation in my opinion.
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    As a high school teacher for the past 19 years, I've come to the conclusion high school kids don't really know much at all.
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    Anyone else catch Nick Bahe's conversation with Jake Muhleisen on this topic last week (and subsequent discussion after the interview, including with Kevin Kugler)? I think they were spot-on. Here's the audio from that segment -- honestly, it's worth a listen. Both guys are in the boat that this ongoing NCAA-or-bust mentality isn't healthy for the program, and Jake brought up a great point that it can really screw with how someone coaches when he's constantly in an ultimatum position, especially when it comes to teaching accountability and discipline. With that kind of pressure, the coach gets forced into playing his guys a certain way, where it could be better for the locker room and team in the long run to have the freedom to make tough decisions. In fact, he used a hypothetical with James Palmer, but I'd submit that we've seen it play out already -- recall 2014, with the Deverell Biggs situation. If you put that game in 2018 instead, does Miles feel like he's able to show Biggs the door? I don't think anyone would argue that it wound up being better for the team in the long run, but at the time, it was a gamble with the talent we had available, and it very well could have gone the other way, despite being pretty clearly the right thing to do. Does he have the standing and equity to be able to make the same kind of decision now? Under the current circumstances, I'd say no, and that's to Nebraska's detriment. If you want to cut ties and try another coach, do it. But if you're going to keep him, you have to go all in, because the waffling and ultimatum-style environment isn't good for anyone.
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    The problem is that it doesn’t have to be a “support one over the other”. I can be a fan of Moos and still believe that he’s handled this poorly. Part of the job as an AD is to do what it takes to support your team, help them win games and achieve success. On the surface, I don’t know how anyone can say that what’s going on right now is doing those things.
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    Norm Peterson

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Personally, I oppose down arrows for people like Shower Cap who are just posting a genuine opinion that appears to be free of deliberate trolling or personal invective. If a poster says something you disagree with but he's not being an asshole about it, why not click the "Submit Reply" button rather than the red down arrow? I don't agree with him that it's time to cut ties with Miles but I'm giving a green arrow to balance out reds that I personally don't believe are warranted.
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    Hank Bounds interview

    For anyone that missed it, there was an article in the Journal Star yesterday where they interviewed Hank Bounds. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-bounds-might-rankle-some-but-his-lofty/article_471a8b4f-9085-5350-b25d-3a9000ed5ce4.html The basic premise was a quote by Bounds something like “you have to convince me why we shouldn’t compete for national championships in every sport”. Well Hank, after the debacle on the basketball front yesterday, I give you exhibit A for why we won’t be more competitive in basketball and despite your talk, we are clearly just a football school. Whether you’re a Miles supporter or not, the tepid actions by the administration show one thing; they don’t have the same commitment to basketball as football. IMO, the one year extension was a joke. It did nothing to help anyone other than possibly showing Miles just enough love that you hope he sticks around if you can’t find someone better next year. It clearly sends the message he’s on the hot seat, doesn’t help in recruiting players or hiring a new assistant coach. It provides a litany of possible excuses for next year and the following years. It also damages future recruiting classes and all but assures that we have some bad years coming up. They should have either extended him to have a total of 4 or 5 years on his deal or done nothing. Either would have done more for the program than what they did. The fact Bounds had an interview on the same day saying he expects championships is a joke. You don’t build championship programs this way. There is no way they would ever do this to the football program. Can you imagine a football coach had under 4 years on his deal here? I can’t. The actions of our AD on basketball make me realize what they think of basketball and as a die hard, long time fan, it makes he both angry and sad.
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    Let me get this straight...

    Im new to this board. My first love is Nebraska Basketball. My opinion is: This was a big decision for Moos, and has a huge impact on the program. All this (extension) says to me, Moos has been and will always be a football AD. I am not an AD, nor am I tasked with with the responsibilities of an AD; however, this was not a thoughtful move. He had two options: Fire Miles/Extend him two years. I understand what Miles did this last year but i could justify a fire. I personally think he deserved a 2 year extension. But this is the worst option I could imagine for the program. How can hire a quality assistant? How can you recruit? How can you assure stability with the current staff (Lewis is an asset)? More importantly, how can you assure stability with the student athletes in the program? Im upset with Moos. He took an easy way out and as a Nebraska Basketball fan I find it to be a coward/thoughtless decision. Fire him if you dont have confidence. Find someone else .. If youre on the fence, extend him two years and fire him after next year if he doesnt meet expectations, we can afford it; we are paying two FB coaches a kings ransom. You can at least fool candidates (Hunter vacancy), recruits, current staff and players, we have program security, ... put the student athletes first... put the program first... Nevertheless, well done with Frost.
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    This isn't twitter or Rivals; don't bully people.
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    Kenya Hunter

    I hate the Hurley family
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    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    We sure as hell didn't fold down the stretch. We got beat on a neutral court by a red hot team that made the finals. Then we got jobbed and sent on the road and played a tough close game with a team that won at Bay,or and made it to New York. We soundly beat a very good Penn Stste team right before that. We can always find reasons to be bummed but this season isn't the poster child for that
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    Norm Peterson

    Hank Bounds interview

    Twenty-two regular season wins and a 4th place finish in the Big Ten should have been a launching pad into recruiting for the class of 2019, the guys we'd be signing this November. The success this year should have been something we could leverage in recruiting and, frankly, in replacing any assistants who might move on. It was a ready-made sales pitch: "Hey, look at what we just did! We climbed out of the cellar and into the penthouse of one of the top basketball leagues in the nation. But we want to stay there and we need studs like you to do it. Come join us, Nebraska is on the rise!" But, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Before I get to that, though, let's get something straight: Don't talk to me about money. A million or two per year seems like a lot of money to some average-Joe fan making $50,000/year with overtime. The university can afford it. Extending Miles doesn't have the effect of preventing us from moving on at the end of next year if that's what needs to happen. So, don't even go there. The question is what makes sense RIGHT NOW. And the answer, in my humble opinion, is that you do whatever you can to build off this season and leverage the success we had this year in order to build more success over the longer term. We could have done that if Moos had quickly cemented an extension of 2 years or even 3. The money doesn't matter as much as the appearance. We have plenty of money. They have a war chest they can go to if and when they feel they need to axe a coach, so, again, money isn't an obstacle. It's about establishing a veneer of confidence and optimism following one of the best seasons in Husker hoops history. Take that success, act like it's a BIG FRICKIN DEAL that we're very happy about and confident about and think we're the new studs on the block about to turn the corner for real. That's how you build buzz. That's how you get recruits excited. That's how you get your foot in the door with guys who might not have given you a second look in years past. And you do that by confidently and loudly extending your coach at the end of such a season (and if it doesn't work out, hey, you just fire him at the end of the next season and it's just money, which you have plenty of.) But, instead of allowing the program to build off this year's success, Moos -- pick your metaphor -- he crapped the bed, he screwed the pooch, whatever. We're now virtually assured of having to go through a coaching change in March or April of next year and we're going to have shit for a roster when we do it. Thanks a lot, Bill.
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    I thought the choices were either: fire Miles or extend him right away to stabilize the program for the next year. I had no idea there was a third option: hem and haw and let the program blow in the wind. It has been hard not to feel like the fans care more than the administration the last 2 decades.
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    Dean Smith

    My perception

    I start a thread bemoaning the negativity, immediately followed by numerous negative posts on said thread. Might as well take the thread down.
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    Miles extension poll

    You know, the thing I don't quite understand is the incongruity between what Moos said during the season and what he's now doing afterward. If he was out there stumping for Nebraska to make the dance, it would only make sense to behave as though he believed it was an NCAA-caliber team. If it was an NCAA-caliber team, that means Miles has had two dance-level teams in six years, and in Nebraska that isn't something to sneeze at. If you have a coach who delivers that, you extend him substantially. The fact that he hasn't, is dragging this on, and apparently has kept his coach in the dark on what he's planning, all points to him just paying lip service during the season. If he was campaigning for something he didn't actually even believe himself, why would any committee member (in basketball or any other sport with a subjective committee) take him seriously on anything else down the road? It seems to me like not only is this prolonged decision hurting the basketball program, it hurts Moos' credibility and potentially any other Nebraska sport as well. I know part of it is just how corporate-level sports work, and maybe it's just naive on my part, but I liked to think we were different than that at Nebraska (which was part of why Steve Pedersen and Shawn Eichorst were such poor fits for our culture) and this makes me think Bill Moos, at the core, is no different. Maybe I'm being overdramatic or just melancholy (it's snowing in April, give me a break) but I had hoped for better than this. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    And still let me keep my seats? Asking for about 15,000 friends.
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    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I don't think we have a brand...that's part of the problem
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    Let me get this straight...

    First post and he drops a perfectly executed semicolon. I like this dude.
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    First post here and this is a general post for all these Tim Miles extension threads. When did 22-11 overall and 13-5 in the conference become not good enough for Husker fans? Sure our schedule was a little on the easier side this year, and it would have been nice to see a better finish in the conference tournament and NIT. I get the impression from reading these boards that some people forget this was a historic season for the team. Yeah it's crazy that making the NIT and bowing out game 1 is historic but that's the sad state of affairs of Husker hoops. A one year extension is a massive setback to any progress that's been made in this program over Miles' tenure. Two postseason appearances and a program that is finally able to attract talent, regardless of whether through transfer or recruiting. It just feels as if all that has now been thrown out the door just to leave us in limbo for a year with a lame duck coach. I just feel this year was a crossroads year for his contract. Either he's your guy and you extend him AT LEAST 2 years to let him keep the ball rolling, or you decide he's not your guy and move on. This just feels like a situation where Bill Moos got this completely wrong and we're the ones to suffer.
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    Yet Another Contest Thread

    The attitude on this board has rapidly digressed in the past week. I would like to do something to lift everyone's spirits. Music always seems to do it, so does steak. Combine the two, and we're talking nirvana. Here's what's up: Post the music video you feel best describes Husker Men's Basketball. It's that simple. The winner will be determined by how many "like" votes he or she receives. "Down" arrows won't be counted. In case of a tie, I will make the final decision. Prize package is 2 Nebraska Star ribeyes. Or if you like a little less fat, 2 NY Strips. If the winner is out of state, I'll ship them to you. Good Luck and good eating!
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    It just depends how big of a ditch you want the next coach to dig out of when the current coach leaves.
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    Ron Mexico

    Let me get this straight...

    What a 1 year extension accomplishes: 1.Kills recruiting. 2. Kills attendance. 3. Sets the program back years. This is a kick in the pants to season ticket holders.
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    If Moos wants Miles gone, he should have fired him.
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    O.T. Early Morning April 4

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    Red Don

    Shout-Out to Matt Coatney & Jeff Greisch

    Kent gets his Kudos for announcing the MBB games; Here is a Shout-Out to Matt & Jeff for doing the same for the WBB; enhancing our Fan Experience! "You Betcha!" Edit: HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!
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    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    No. Actually, we got screwed. The "Big 10 sucks this year" snowball got rolling down the hill way too much, took on a life of its own, and was over the top. Michigan is a final 4 team we beat by 20. Penn State is a very talented team playing in the NIT final, and we beat them handily. The Big 10 wasn't as bad as the conventional wisdom said it was. Based on any semblance of selection history, we got jobbed.
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    I want absolutely no part of anything that even remotely has anything to do with Eric Musselman. Leave his happy ass in the dessert.
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    Dean Smith

    What to do with Miles contract?

    IMO if MJ stays he is sitting next to Jack all season so my opinion is he left to not be a bench warmer. Morrow could have been helpful but he either starts on the bench behind Cope which would not set well with him or he keeps Roby out of the starting line up. Then there is the talk of being a locker room cancer. Call it sour grapes or hindsight, we were better off without both of them.
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    2017-2018 HHCC Final Standings

    Considering how lively this season was, it's hard to believe how quickly it passed. I sincerely hope each one of us is able to appreciate it for the joy we got out of it and continue to support the team to build some continuity for next season. Thank you to everyone who participated in HHCC this season. It's been a fun one! I personally started to drop quite a few spots in the final couple of weeks, but at least I still have bragging rights over Ken Pomeroy! Just because the season is over it doesn't mean you can't stop by to say 'hi' from time to time. Until next season! Week 19 includes: Game #33 neut. Mississippi State 2017-2018 HCC Final Standings 1 jimmykc 778 NC * 2 Husker4Life 835 NC * 3 hhcdimes 860 U2 * 4 AuroranHusker 896 D1 * 5 HB 924 U1 6 ConkintheCorner 934 U3 * 7 aphilso1 947 U5 8 HuskerFever 962 NC * ^9 KenPom 964 U2 * 9 trickey 976 D6 10 Buglem 986 D1 * 11 TheNovice 999 U2 * 12 swoof 1005 D6 13 brfrad 1006 U2 * 14 runsoastowin 1008 D2 * 15 Dead Dog Alley 1027 U1 * 16 cjbowbros 1033 U2 * 17 NeeandMe 1050 U2 * 18 khoock 1059 U2 19 HolyBobpilgrimage 1067 U3 * 20 huskercwg 1071 D6 21 NUtball 1073 U4 22 hal9000 1080 U5 * 23 Crush78 1092 D2 24 REDZONEDAN 1095 D1 * 25 Bugeaters1 1103 D8 26 twinswingohuskers 1127 U2 * 27 demone 1141 U10 28 4NUfans 1142 U2 29 jayschool 1143 U6 * 30 Noah121 1149 U1 * 31 UnicamMan 1155 U11 32 pmd9 1157 U5 * 33 1sdpad2 1158 D8 34 bigred4 1167 D7 35 emwilliams 1168 NC * 36 LNKtrnsplnt 1180 U5 * 37 BjoeHusker 1181 D4 38 huskerbaseball13 1199 D8 39 Blindcheck 1214 U3 40 nuhusker7 1216 D7 41 Busch Light 1233 D3 42 HuskerPower #nato73 1238 D3 43 Silverbacked1 1238 U1 44 jdostal 1244 D1 45 hskr4life 1247 NC 46 Chuck Taylor 1266 NC * 47 big red22 1284 U7 48 mrjam 1295 U1 49 throwback 1301 U1 * 50 colhusker 1305 U1 51 basketballjones 1338 U2 52 MitchMcGaryMunchies 1342 D5 53 Vinny 1356 D5 54 75unlgrad 1361 U2 55 BDL415 1374 D3 56 Nebrasketball5 1399 D1 57 WestOHusker 1421 NC 58 NebrasketballJake 1428 U2 59 Red Don 1451 D1 60 Ralph Wiggum 1490 D1 61 MichHusker 1593 NC 62 Handy Johnson 1616 U1 63 HuskerCager 1645 D1 64 Neon Budreau 1676 NC 65 boomer1 2014 NC 66 Jurgey 2146 NC 67 TheBowmaster 2183 NC 68 Nebrasketball1979 2195 NC 69 dustystehl 2228 NC 70 oly_10 2351 NC 71 Jugular 2391 NC 72 cornfed24-7 2456 NC 73 kdorn3 2491 NC 74 Cazzie22 2518 NC 75 Erdbeereis 2540 NC 76 BigTate 2568 NC 77 huskers29 2617 NC 78 LK1 2626 NC 79 nubest79 2658 NC 80 BugeaterZ 2660 NC 81 TheGolfGang 2675 NC 82 JBARGIE 2678 NC 83 ZAYWHAT! 2687 NC 84 Skersby90 2728 NC 85 hguy44 2739 NC 86 Section_316 2743 D1 87 uneblinstu 2750 NC 88 jason2486 2751 NC 89 Lnolley11 2754 D3 90 Atupe 2773 D1 91 36red 2796 NA 92 Boots 2808 D2 93 rwmctrofholz 2810 D2 94 noahjb24 2811 D1 95 bkamler 2821 D1 96 Huskerpapa 2823 NA 97 Minnesota_Husker 2825 D2 98 busticket 2827 D2 99 Papa Gordon 2827 D2 100 Swan88 2827 D2 101 Lifetimesker 2834 D2 102 RexxRacerX 2835 NA 103 SittinOnThatDallasMaverick 2836 D3 104 TomEadesSucks 2841 D3 105 Faux Mike Peltz 2842 D3 106 soxnskers 2850 D3 107 Rome4Lyfe 2863 D3 Biggest Rise demone U10 Biggest Fall 1sdpad2 D9 (U# = Up, D# = Down, NC = No Change) ^ = Celebrity member: KenPom (Ken Pomeroy) * = Did not miss a game prediction
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    Thanks for the contest. I was fortunate to win it last year and come in second this year. It was a lot of fun and am looking forward to next year if the Lord gives me another year. i will be turning 80 in June so obviously my days are numbered. Thanks again, I love to compete since I coached at Lefler Middle School. Since i now live in Wichita I am unable to get to Husker games but I do keep up with all the responses on the Forum.
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    Norm Peterson

    Let me get this straight...

    See, this is precisely the problem I have with the AD decisions on Miles the last 3 years. How's a guy supposed to build something when you basically send him the signal that he's coaching for his job every year? You think the decisions he would make as a coach would be different if he thought his position would be secure than if he thought, hey, this could be it? Let me ask you this: If Deverell Biggs was on this year's team, would he get booted off in January? Turns out that was best for the long-term health of the team. But if you're coaching for your job and have to win right now, does the coach make a different call there?
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    Let me get this straight...

    Got a nice slap in the face extension today. Next season now a dead man walking situation. Not a good feeling.
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    Yep, the old "how dumb does he think we are?" I wouldn't even bother filling the assistant position. Unless Norm wants it for a year. I assume Jamel White's uncle has moved on to other things.
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    Got to have a plan. Period. As an AD, you need to have a plan and go with it. Either fire Miles or extend him. He is not doing the basketball program any favors with waiting and waiting and waiting.
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    Xavier Johnson is N

    If we're being honest, this isn't completely on Miles. So for those saying that it's same ole, same ole, this one right now isn't completely on Miles. Moos needs to crap or get off the pot with his decision. That decision has probably played an affect in losing an assistant and recruit so far.
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    Kenya Hunter

    I was gonna name my next child Kenya "Chin" Burno. Now what?
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    Bye bye UConn

    What I can't root for is the senseless and mindless decision of the NCAA to grant immediate eligibility and ignore transfer rules. No point in having rules if you apply them this indiscriminately. Nothing personal from my standpoint about it, just a sad day in the history of the NCAA.
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    I'm still waiting for Herm from Deshler to verify. Or maybe Roy from Rising City. Or Don from Diller. One of the experts, at least.
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    It's not an issue of your opinion. I've deliberately stayed away from the annual piling on by people saying we need to fire the coach. I've left plenty of room for those who want to bash the staff, the players, the bench, the effort, the scheduling, the recruiting, the conference, whatever, to do that without interruption from me. Let them have their go. And, for those who want to rub everyone's noses in their "realism," there are plenty of threads out there, I'm sure, to point out the downside. I just wanted to carve out one tiny little slice of positivity and point out that, in three games against Final 4 foes, we played 'em even. And less than 5 posts and 2 hours later, someone has to come along and remind us that, well, yeah, but we lost to St. John's and UCF, so ... I'm pretty sure everyone on the board already knew we lost those games; I figured people might not have put together the fact that the aggregate scores of those three games against teams that made the Final 4 was a draw. So, thanks for pissing in my Wheaties. Yeah, whatever.
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    Coach Miles

    I heard this exact same thing last season.
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    Ron Mexico

    What to do with Miles contract?

    NEITHER ALTMAN NOR LUE ARE GOING TO COME TO NEBRASKA. IT.IS.NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN. Funny people say Moos isn't sold on TM, when I have heard the exact opposite. If Miles is not at Nebraska next year it is because he doesn't want to be here...period. What it is with this fan base blood-lust for firing coaches after winning seasons. Those same idiots are the ones that wanted to retain loser coaches like BC and MR. As matter of course I'm going to down vote anybody who brings up the idea that either Altman or Lue are coming to coach basketball ant Nebraska. These sorts of rumors are the kind that are spread on the RSS, Max, and 247 as if they are fact. Idiocy has over run all of those boards. They are nothing but cesspools.
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    We wouldn't have won anywhere near 21 gms if she stayed. Best thing that could have possibly happened for NU and her was what occurred. She had to look in the mirror and make some life changes, and NU got to flush the toxicity and create a really good work ethic and base for culture going forward.