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    Little side note

    As I was sitting watching the game and listening to the young family behind me trying to keep their youngest entertained. They do a great job by the way 4 under the age of 7 I think the mom said, second year behind me and they are wonderful. Any how that made me look at two of my three that were with me. I started bringing them, one at a time then all three, more than 20 some years, as my oldest is 29 and I pretty sure I started him when he was at least 3 or 4. But then it kind of hit me that this is my 52 year of Nebraska Basketball, but will be the first without my Mom. She passed in April after suffering a stroke last October. She is the one that started taking me to games when I was 4 because my dad worked nights and I think I might have needed to burn off some energy back then. I went to games with her until I was in Jr. High and started going with friends. Mom never went to games with me after that but I know that she and Dad watched them on T.V. I just want to say "Thanks Mom for starting my love of Nebraska Basketball" I know the day when we do win that first NCAA game that I will think back to me making Mom announce my name and I would run into the my bed room and jump into bed. "Starting at forward, a 4'6" Junior from Lincoln Nebraska..."
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    First of all, a continued THANK YOU to HHCDIMES for running this place and making it better than ever over the last three years. It's still the premiere fan site for NCAA basketball on the entire Internet, hands down, and it's for NEBRASKA BASKETBALL, which is the most amazing part about it. I don't chime in very often anymore, and I'm often times guilty of being fired up/upset when I do post. That's why I thought I should chime in tonight for a change. After the St Johns game, I was 99% done with Tim Miles - I'll admit it. I was "up to here" with losing by 20 to mediocre teams on the road - "up to here" with key players transferring or leaving the program early - and "up to here" with coaches leaving and only one post-season appearance. HOWEVER.......... over the last month........ a strange thing has happened. I now believe again. No, seriously, I really do. This team looks the part of a 5th or 6th seed in an admittedly down Big 10, but a Power 5 conference nonetheless. They will enter Big 10 play 10-5 (1-1) and win nine more conference games, for final marks of 19-12 (10-8). Yes, I have them at 19-12 (10-8), meaning two wins in the Big 10 tournament will get you into the dance, and one will get you "on the bubble" Selection Sunday. To this point, we are ONE WIN OFF where we need to be to be on target for the NCAA's. We don't have a key out of conference road or neutral site win, with KU our last chance at an IMPRESSIVE nonconference win. Still, we're only one game off the pace, and could VERY EASILY land in the Tournament this year. The athleticism and depth is the best its been in years. The team has a great chance to be HEALTHY headed into Big 10 play, with a full week off before KU then three patsies. Our team really should be 100% health (or as close as you can be to it) with Michigan State completely out of the way and only one more tough tough Big 10 road game (At Minnesota). I think the league is really down. That is also good because our nonconference schedule will make EVERY GAME (outside of Kansas) feel winable from here on out. In league, every game will seem like playing Boston College or below, since we have MSU out of the way and played such a killer schedule to prepare us for league. In short, the schedule sets up VERY NICELY for a run - the team appears to have a great chance to be HEALTHY - and the players have a LOT OF POSITIVE TRAJECTORY. I see Jordy, Roby, Allen, Copeland and Watson all getting much better as the year goes on. GBR!!! Keep the faith - and to Coach Miles, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about you if you can take this team to the NCAA's. I do think NIT is 90% with this team - floor is 7-11 in league. Dave
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    I'm just mad right now. This game flipped on that bull$#!@ reversal on the charge on Jordy. NU punched for a long time. That was a really good basketball game, NU showed well, but just couldn't quite hang. I'm gonna go punch a wall. I may add some more thoughts later.
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    Burn Creighton Burn

    Grab your business cards folks, and head up to Omaha on Saturday for a day of networking and cheering on the Huskers at the Century Link Center. If you're looking to get the full effect, hop on over to NOSH and grab a nice glass of Pinot. Maybe a charcuterie tray from Corkscrew. Get together with the guys and iron your sweater vests while discussing Hillary and the economic expansion of the Benson restaurant market. If you arrive early enough you can utilize the JayBacker Coat Check, catch some sweet, sweet Jazz and even snag a $19.99 rack of lamb in the Lexus Club Lounge. Unfortunately the guaranteed by end of game dry cleaning service is only open to CU alum. All that being said, the best part of the CLINK, according to many CU fans, is that their pump up song is Glorious by Mackelmore. If that doesn't get your cuff links all rusted, I don't know what will. Let's burn it to the ground!
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    They were credited with a couple steals though.
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    Minnesota Game

    Personally think this is a must win game tonight. Yeah, yeah....there is a lot of time left in the year...blah blah....but I think we need this one if we are going to have a successful season. We need this for a few reasons in my opinion. Number one for confidence. Beating the North Dakotas and Marists is certainly better than losing to the Incarnate Words, but it doesn't really do much for you mentally. A win tonight would be a nice boost of confidence for the team entering the heart of the season. Number two, it curbs the tide of a potential run of negativity. Lose tonight and we likely follow it up with two more losses. Yes, all the goals are still in front of us at 6-6, but the road is that much tougher. 10-5 entering January is a lot nicer than 9-6. Especially when that extra win is over a likely 4 seed or better in the dance. Number three....resume builder. We lose tonight and we will likely enter January with not one win over a Top 100 school/team. Losing at St Johns and UCF, can be overcome, but they took away a couple opportunities for an RPI building win. With the Big 10 looking a little down and with us getting some favorable draws with the Big 10 schedule, we won't have a ton of opportunities for high quality wins. Going 18-13 might not be enough with those considerations. Minnesota is a very good team, but not unbeatable, especially at home. We need to take advantage of the opportunity.
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    I like our trajectory. Let's make next Saturday special.
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    Burn Creighton Burn

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    Norm Peterson

    Burn Creighton Burn

    Oh look, the former head football coach at Doane College.
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    No way in heck we should have beaten that team by 30. We played great today. Vegas spread was 10. beating them by 20+ is terrific. -The Ghost Named Dave
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    Dean Smith

    Is it time to start Roby?

    He is not going to take any. If you noticed he took a 15 footer and immediately Duby was on the way to the scorer's table. Both he and Duby sealed early and never got the ball. Our perimeter players look at them until they are covered and then pass the ball somewhere else.That becomes frustrating and you begin to work less hard at sealing as the game goes on. I watched the one open practice this year and some in previous years and they do work on post moves and when they get the ball in a proper position they (try) execute them. The staff really likes the drop step middle with the jump hook/flip over the rim and you can see that a lot in the two of them. OK not a lot because they don't get the ball a lot. They also like the Sikma move where you face the basket on a reverse pivot and then do a rip move to get all the way to the other side of the basket. I saw Jordy do this in a previous game but he missed the layup. The coaching staff might be good or bad but they are not inept. I've seen Roby work on post moves but he is not willing to try to use them in a game. Up until now, our best post player has been Copeland. He has been very successful in a limited sample size with a middle drop step turnaround jump shot. I would, at this time prefer he get off the three point line and get in the lane where he can actually make some baskets. I think he could be very effective there. So if we were running a high low, I would have him low and Roby high. It was only one game and everybody overreacts to everything in society today but boy was that one painful game to watch.
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    Currently we are rpi 55 which puts us solidly NIT and having a legit shot at the ncaas. Let it play out for Christ's sake.
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    the refs made some bad calls, but that's not why we lost. creighton shot 50% vs nebraska's 38%. i know roby was in foul trouble, but he needs to be playing 30 minutes from now on. if miles doesn't make that adjustment than miles probably won't be here much longer. 38 combined minutes from jordy, duby, jack, and allen and no points. roby played 13 minutes and had 10 points.
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    Norm Peterson

    Burn Creighton Burn

    That acrid odor you smell is the singed remains of my autographed #15 jersey. That man is now dead to me.
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    Rick Pitino?

    Count me out then. I’d rather have a clean program than resort to that crap just to win a basketball game. The kids will be better for it in life. If it’s Pitino or Miles, I’m taking Miles and all the lumps (clean lumps) that come with him. Besides, were only 5 games into the season. I’m in this till the end baby. I’ll battle with my voice as long as those kids are out there battling for the N on their shirts.
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    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Nice work, KM. Wish an ACL injury on a young lady you've never met, who changed her commitment only when the HUSKERS didn't stick with the coach she was recruited by and signed with. Proud to have you as a Nebraska fan. You have the maturity level of an 8 year old, not to mention a mean spirit. Hide behind that keyboard and keep lobbing bombs, big guy. Would love to see a player's parent find out your pitiful identity and see how that ends for you.
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    Lost to an inferior opponent. Refs were truly the difference. The talent gap between NU-CU is gone, and I've been very cynical about this matchup in the past. We'll beat their asses next year--we really will, and they know it. Let's beat KU instead.
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    Minnesota Game

    you called?
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    Any dummy can be a Football fan, they play once a week a whopping 11 times and cling to some notion that 60 - 3 should be your "average" 5 year run. Basketball fans are more practical with a steely resolve and a cockeyed optimism. Our highlight's are #3 Seeds in Tournaments we didn't win, players named Cookie, and an unwavering belief that we're just one "Dave Hoppen" away from turning this into a Basketball School.
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    Holy crap. We shot 3 free throws. Guess I wasn't paying attention to that number during the game. I need more beer after seeing that. Not happy right now, but when you think about how this team looked in game 3 in Queens versus how they looked today in Game 11, we're getting better as these guys gain more time on the floor together. Still a lot more improvement is needed, but after how we competed Tuesday and today, I think we're on the right trajectory heading into full-time conference play. Now back to drinking heavily. 3 free throws for a team that had 26 paint points and attempted almost 2/3 of its shots from inside the arc. Wow.
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    If Bahe is tweeting about this after the fact it shows you how terrible this call was. 2:47 left in a 3 pt game.
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    Minnesota Game

    We have a proper AD now. If we win this year, awesome and we'll roll it again with Miles. If we lose, we can count on Moos to spend money on someone who will win here. Either way this June we should be right as rain and don't get too caught up with the bumps along the way.
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    Norm Peterson

    No More Ball at UCLA

    So, he finishes with one career steal?
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    I think they're busy changing clothes.
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    Dean Smith


    We don’t have a possession offense. I’m not even sure what a protect the ball offense is, running the shot clock down every possession? If that’s what you mean, we don’t do that. We are trying to run. It’s hard to do that after made baskets and the packline defense we run is designed to not give up easy shots so that means it doesn’t create many turnovers. Go ahead and give your opinion but you should stop making technical comments because you don’t seem to really understand the game on a more than surface level.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Husker Hoopers! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with food, family, and 7 foot tall post players. I am thankful for this board. My wife, I love her to death, and I am sooo thankful for her as well! However, when it comes to Husker basketball, sometimes she just doesn’t understand the joy, frustration, ups, and downs that come with it.
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    Creighton - Nebraska

    Gotta love message boards. The last coach got killed on here for not substituting enough and playing people too many minutes (although when she did substitute, she caught hell for being negative and taking players out for making mistakes). Now this coach catches it for too many substitutions and wave substitutions. Kinda funny, actually.
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    Copeland is our best back to the basket post player. He HAS to be successful inside for this team to be successful. His success started at the basket and then he moved out on the floor, first hitting mid-range jump shots and then threes. Confidence make everyone a better shooter.
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    That game looked like one of the games I used to coach with my NAIA JV's against Cloud Community College with D1 transfers on the roster. We got ran, dunked, and blocked out of that gym. Coaches, players, and everyone involved should be embarrassed with that performance and take some serious looks in the mirror. You don't bounce back quickly from that. That's a game that shows you "just don't have it." Don't care if it's early or just one game. We played like scared middle schoolers. Got bumped off of every spot. Can't run any offense with pressure. Let a couple blocked shots shake us. Played with no composure - get an and 1 lay-up as the game is still in contest and get T'ed up. Unacceptable.
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    had 8pts 5 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 2 blocks in a win vs bowling green. good to see him get a chance to play.
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    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Kate Cain didn't stay with Delaware after a coaching change and she ended up here........hope the Delaware fans are not wishing her injury.
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    Handy Johnson


    Do they have to bring the signs in a clear bag?
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    I think what sets this board apart from others is that Nebraskteball is a relatively niche fanbase. You've got a bunch of Husker fans that cheer for DONU hoops to fill the time between football and baseball, a bunch of others that are Jayskers , and a bunch that basically ignore basketball altogether. What's left is a relatively small and passionate fanbase of true Nebrasketball fans. And you know what a small, passionate group of people gets you: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizensHusker fans can change the world actually have a meaningful, competent internet conversation."
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    So, the ref under the basket, 5 feet from the play, calls a basket and a foul on Creighton. He is overruled by the ref sitting on the Creighton bench?
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    The reality is Miles is now 0-6 but he was not the reason for this one. We struggled to score in the second half. The times we got our best look at shots and actually scored was after timeouts. He did a very good job with the whiteboard today. Let's say Jordy can make layups or say there are only two egregious calls that went against us instead of the plethora we experienced. Lot ways that game could have have been different today and I'm frustrated it ended that way. I don't know if you are in the camp, I don't pay enough attention to who posts what, but the "Yea! We won and are going to the dance!/Shit! We lost. Got fire MIles now" crowd is really annoying. That is the group I think is the most childish. Instant gratification is their way of life.
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    OK watched Watson's 5th foul now - obviously ridiculous. That was is bad as the call on Roby vs. Minnesota that went viral. Someone needs to post a clip of that foul call also. Outside of the officiating the game was both encouraging and frustrating. Athletically we really outmatched Creighton much of the time and certainly were competitive and gave good effort. A couple things go our way at the right time and we would have gotten a win over a top 25 team on the road - that doesn't happen often. I did think we had some really strange lineups on the floor at times (Copeland with 4 guards at one point - not sure if Taylor or Gill was the 4?" - also had Roby, Copeland and Duby all on the floor at one point which was unusual in the opposite direction.). Obviously some of that was caused by foul trouble - particularly the fact that we had to give so many minutes to Jack who just got abused on the defensive end. You could really tell Glynn Watson wanted this win - certainly hope we can get it for him next year for his senior season. Copeland and Palmer both had very nice games. Roby as well in very limited minutes - he needs to find a way to avoid getting those cheap fouls. Gill continues to give us more than I expected. I wish Evan Taylor would avoid those times were he tries to do too much offensively - he needs to focus on defense and just take advantage of the offensive opportunities that come to him - not try to create things on his own. We have other guys who are much better at that part of the game. I do think we need of find a way to get Thomas Allen more shots. I realize he is a freshman but he is our best pure shooter and we need to get him confident as a scoring threat and more aggressive on the offensive end. For those who see this as an opportunity to bag on Miles - you must not have been around prior to when he got here. We have not had the success I might have hoped for under Miles to this point - but we are "MILES" ahead of where we were under the prior regime - and the trajectory is at least trending slightly upward rather than pointed sharply down before he arrived. I think back to the end of the Nee era when I was on board with those thinking we needed a change - but wow the 10 years that followed that change were difficult to get through. Makes me appreciate the fact that we have at least taken a step upward from that point - and also makes me want to give the person who has us at least moving us in the right direction a chance to see it through.
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    Just a request: Could we cut the bad language? Doesn't reflect well on all of us. Thank you.
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    If what you say is true, then you have my sincere apology. Unfortunately your timing to start regularly posting mirrors what we see every year-- a "disgruntled Husker fan" that gushes about creighton and bashes Nebraska, who then disappears a couple days after the creighton game is over. Happens every year due to the anonymity of the internet. And I'm in a pretty pissy mood right now for obvious reasons.
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    Burn Creighton Burn

    I didn't realize Lincoln Tent and Awning made Creighton gear.
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    Burn Creighton Burn

    Perhaps Coach Frost should attend the Creighton game and get introduced to all the Husker fans at half time....oh wait
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    Minnesota Game

    I think the people who generally don't think every game is a must win game can probably discern that it's still possible to have a successful season without grabbing this win and I doubt that this particular thread is going to cause anyone on the team to feel more or less pressure. I also think a lot of us see that there is some talent on this team it has shown the ability to execute at high levels for some period of time. Since we've mostly seen us excel vs poorer team and fade vs better teams, it really seems like it's a team that is unsure of itself. Thus, when I'm hyping up this sort of game it's because I see the importance of playing a very good team in a home environment where we can vocally send some level of confidence towards this team. In the grand scheme of things we can all give our Stenson Hat tickets to our neighbors and we win that game; I don't think we sit on our hands in this one and win. Yeah, this team has looked terrible against good competition. It's also never played in front of anything close to a ruckus home crowd. Why can't this be the game where that changes?
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    I hate it when we put in the scrubs to assure that the final score is 10 points worse than it should be. And I’m tired of Nebrasketball being out matched.
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    Yep. Yet another reason to play zone (with a center) a significant amount of time. Also, I think something that Jordy is not getting credit for is how he alters shots/gameplans of opponents. You cannot teach size, and I think he's done a pretty good job of playing in position. He just needs to go straight up and remember how big he is. On the offensive end, do not underestimate what a 6'11" 270lb dude does to the energy of a 6'7" 230lb defender while being leaned on throughout the course of the game. Even if Jordy doesn't impact the game by scoring and getting a bunch of rebounds, he creates a lot of problems on both ends of the court and wears down opposing bigs.
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    And Doc had a farewell press conference! That thing was emotional. Class act.
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    Note the XL shirt and appropriately start to diet or pack on lbs as needed.
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    Norm Peterson

    Creighton - Nebraska

    6,000 minutes in a season is a lot to distribute among 7 women. You'd be talking an average of 29 minutes per player there. You'd probably also be talking walking boots and crutches. That's a lot of minutes across a 30 game season. If your bench is deep and your freshmen are good, get the freshmen in there to develop for down the road and give your starters a blow so that they're strong for the final 5 minutes of the game. If your bench isn't deep, well ... make sure your athletic trainer likes you.
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    Copeland looked like the player we thought he'd be. Gill looked like the player we thought he'd be last year. Roby continuing to show his upside. We dictated the pace of the game today and played to our strengths more. Hence we played better. Still turn it over a bit too much and have some leaky defense at times, but we showed our potential today. Downside was some of our personnel decisions. This isn't meant to be derogatory, but I think it is clear that playing faster and moving makes this team better than trying to play a halfcourt game. Thus...there are a few guys that just dont fit. IMO, again, not meant to be derogatory, the Tanner Borchardt experiment is over. Great story. Good on him for his effort...but he's just limited. Yes...he only played 2-3 minutes in the first half, but those were 2-3 minutes that we could've expanded the lead with and used our main guys. Same with McVeigh. He just doesn't offer anything when he's not making his shots...and it's a total crapshoot when he does. Jordy is my 9th guy. He plays when there is foul trouble and situationally against big big 10 lineups. Focus on the top group of 8 players. Play to their athleticsm. Play your best players together and for extended minutes, which is always something we've seemed to avoid in the past in some fashion. Especially since you have more than just a top 5 now. Stop giving guys token minutes when its not necessary. Get that top group of 8 as cohesive as we can. Now it gets fun. Absolutely brutal 3-4 week stretch here. Need to go 3-1 in the next 4, at the worst, with our early December schedule as nasty as it is.
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    WWW (3) L (1) Look at that. We have more Ws than Ls on the season. I like Ws. Let's keep getting them. Improve along the way. Learning how to play while accruing Ws is more fun than learning from a loss. Let's get Ws.
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    North Dakota is a must win

    It was a must win the minute it was put on the schedule.
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    Scouting St John's

    Was attempting to read that article but 4 million ads popped and now I'm seeing Lorde live