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  2. Big 10 Talent

    I'm pulling the W-L records for the last 10 seasons to break something down. I tell everyone we went 13-19 last year instead of 12-19 because I missed that the Chadron St game was an exhibition when pulling the numbers from Huskers.com. I didn't didn't come to 13-19 because I wanted us to appear to be better but because the script I used pulled the wrong info. It doesn't change our finish in the conference, whether we made the tournament, what sort of year, we had, etc. Someone points it out. I should stick with 13-19 because of my intent? Given the feedback I would personally wonder if I got the other 9 season right, not the motivation of whomever pointed out the flaw in my methodology.
  3. Statistical predictions

    Like Tai at the end of last year... Think he ran out of gas!!
  4. Big 10 Talent

    not sure y you would want to take the time to do it again if everyone is going to nit pick at it..... calm down people its 1 damn point..
  5. Big 10 Talent

    I agree with you it's irrelevant in the sense you were talking about rather than what other people have tried to spin it to. Make him a 150 guy rather than top 100 and it only lowers our total points by 1 and still leaves us in the top 3 teams in conference. It doesn't change the original point whatsoever and therefore it IS irrelevant to the original point the support for which remains unchanged.
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  7. Big 10 Talent

    That's fine and all - but when you do it every school, I doubt it changes much. We're not the only one who has benefited from/been hurt by transfers. And after you do that I imagine that the rankings wouldn't change much more than a couple spots.
  8. http://www.omaha.com/sports/local-sports/competitive-drive-at-kalynn-meyer-has-the-talent-to-be/article_8cc5928c-9e48-11e7-b7d2-fb6f95f91216.html Sounds like she may settle on VB.
  9. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    And I hope Glynn plays well enough the next couple years that in 10 years we are saying hey you know who player X reminds me of, Glynn Watson!
  10. Big 10 Talent

    I didn't look up any of the Nebraska players, because I already knew their rankings before I made this list. I looked up every other team, because I did not know what they had. So making Allen Top 100 was not intentional and was not done to give us an edge. If I do something like this again I will make sure to see if our recruits ranking dropped after they signed.
  11. Big 10 Talent

    If your main objective is to lay out data in a consistent way for the purpose of comparison I was pointing out that it should be consistent. It's not like I'm pointing this out because I want the results to be different. I'm pointing it out because I believe in methodology.
  12. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Not Logical to reference the past Norm... Don't want any positive references to give out false hopes on this board... Sarcasm I know you are comparing with old Nebraska players, but I am really hoping that Thomas Allen's game is similar to Sherron Collins at Kansas
  13. Big 10 Talent

    Fair enough... just don't want to take the time to read articles on every school when it does so little to the main objective of the post. I will make him Top 150 if it makes you feel better about it.
  14. Big 10 Talent

    It's relevant if you don't want to make it seem like you're holding different schools to different standards.
  15. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Clifford Scales. See if you can find video of Clifford. He and Glynn carry themselves in much the same way. Their strengths are similar. Both were quiet yet intense and lead more by example than by getting in people's faces. Oh, and they went to the same high school. And, interestingly, Clifford played on a Nebraska Husker team that went 10-18 one year and 26-8 the next. Carl Hayes was also on that team. Another kid from Illinois (I think also from Westchester St. Joseph), Carl was a 6'8" forward who excelled in the open floor with the ball in his hands. More slasher than shooter. Really long and athletic player with excellent ball skills for a guy that tall. And the year they went 10-18, they had a power forward transfer who sat out, 6'9" kid from California who played a huge role on the team that went 26-8 the next year.
  16. Anton Gill

  17. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Hmm. Isaiah seems to be a taller version of Larry Florence, and Glynn is sort of like Andre Woolridge with a bit of Ty Lue melded in.
  18. Big 10 Talent

    I know you're just trying to make an argument for argument's sake here. The fact is is you can say that for each and every one of these teams except for maybe a few. Look at Illinois three of their top 100 recruits are three freshmen. The way I see it is is we have talent here, that matches up to everybody in the league. This post wasn't meant to State logic or how people played on the Court. This post was made to Simply show we have as much talent or more than everybody in the freaking League Also in reference to Allen being top 100 I am going off of he was number 99 in ESPN top 100 when we got him, and also and Rivals. Make him top 150 and we're still right there, so it's irrelevant Not our fault he dropped <<< Link
  19. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    And there's a little bit of Carl Hayes in Isaiah Roby.
  20. @toulondesign Beautiful! Hope you post a photo of my Columbus when its built.

  21. Big 10 Talent

    Allen's final Rivals ranking ended up at 103.
  22. Big 10 Talent

    Careful, we're not looking for logic here.
  23. Anton Gill

    Our players have chips on their shoulders? Seems like that would affect their shooting ability,
  24. Good citrus notes, nice mouth feel, subtle malt, nice quaff - Drinking an 3 Flowers IPA @ Hughson, CA - https://t.co/ORWD70WyO9 #photo

  25. Anton Gill

    The Legend of Lumberjack McBeard.
  26. Big 10 Talent

    The stars are nice, but how many of these players have actually lived up to their star ranking? Take out freshmen who haven't played a second yet. Also, where exactly was Allen a top 100 recruit? He's not in there for Rivals, ESPN, Scout or 247. It's a little early to rank Jordy and Isaiah; Isaiah certainly didn't because of injury but Jody showed some signs while being pretty raw coming in. I guess you can count him since he was just a 150 kid and not any higher than that. Watson has certainly lived up to top-100 status I'd say, so that's two. None of Palmer, Gill and Copeland have lived up to their rankings. That is the risk of taking chances on former highly-rated recruits who haven't panned out compared to under-recruited studs from lower levels who are looking to move up. Are they truly what they showed themselves to be in high school, or were they just misevaluated? Will a new home help them to thrive like it did for Andrew White? We could certainly do this same exercise for the rest of the teams as well but I don't have that kind of time or patience.
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