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  2. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Well, it’s a top 4 Nebraska, so probably not.
  3. Nice! If you have a chance to post some pictures of the arena at game time, I would be interested to see if they can fill the place for a "Top 4" Big Ten team, or if it will be empty.
  4. That was the trend until the last game. That one was scary--4 fouls and 3 turnovers in 7 minutes. Don't need a ton out of that spot, but we need better than that.
  5. Roby was 0-4 on dunks against Illinois

    At worst, he absorbs some fouls to get someone a 20 second breather.
  6. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    Over time, it is not a good sign at all line moving against us. We need to defy it one more time.
  7. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Bought tix two hours ago. Can’t wait!
  8. Roby was 0-4 on dunks against Illinois

    We didn't have Jordy the first time we played. He has played much better the last few games. I don't have his exact numbers, but I think he seems to get a couple buckets and around 5 rebounds a game.
  9. Roby was 0-4 on dunks against Illinois

    Looking at the Illinois game thread on their board, he didn't practice yesterday and looks to probably miss the game today. No decision has been made yet however I don't think.
  10. Roby was 0-4 on dunks against Illinois

    We didn't have an Illinois thread last time so I'm going to evergreen this one. Is Finke playing today?
  11. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    If anything, this team should come out and play mad as hell against everyone left on our schedule. Because they are not getting the respect they deserve and the respect they have earned!
  12. Considering three of the last four were at home and all four were against teams below us in the conference (and all but Maryland below us in rpi at the time) I think we were at least twice as likely to win out as lose out.
  13. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    I honestly don’t get it. Illinois is on a 4 game skid and their closest lost in those 4 games is 9 points. Is this just betters going off of name recognition?
  14. Today
  15. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    Or... there are so many bad gamblers out there betting against us and affecting the line.
  16. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    I personally think that Vegas and bettors are playing the "at some point they have to crash right?" card on us. It's like going to a casino and sitting at a slot and you see 7, 7, blank like 30 times. You then say to yourself.... "At some point I have to hit 7, 7, 7 right?" #BetTheSkers
  17. It's more than likely my fault because I know computers hate me. I go to Wal-Mart, computer scanner acts up. So I use self checkout next time...computer scanner acts up. Try to haul corn...scale computer acts up. There are more examples but I will quit there. Probably has something to do with the verbal abuse I lay on my computer when it acts up. So my apologies for turning the computers against us.
  18. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    That’s a good sign, this season, for a Husker win!
  19. That's right. Challenge the assumptions, not the computers! (that is, until they take over the world...)
  20. The Big Ten is Down

    We're at that time of year when some teams go hot and other teams cool down. Just out of curiosity, I took a look at the teams with at least a W5 streak or a L5 streak. Here's the results: Team Conference Winning Streak Vermont Am East W15 Grambling SWAC W11 Michigan State Big Ten W10 Charleston Colonial W10 Weber State Big Sky W9 Middle Tennessee C-USA W9 Rider MAAC W9 Murray State Ohio Valley W9 Gonzaga WCC W9 St. Bonaventure A10 W8 Idaho Big Sky W6 Nebraska Big Ten W6 Canisius MAAC W6 Lehigh Patriot W6 South Dakota Summit W6 South Dakota State Summit W6 North Carolina ACC W5 Baylor Big 12 W5 Northeastern Colonial W5 Marshall C-USA W5 Old Dominion C-USA W5 Harvard Ivy W5 Hampton MEAC W5 Mercer Southern W5 Nicholls Southland W5 SE Louisiana Southland W5 Team Conference Losing Streak Chicago State WAC L22 Delaware State MEAC L21 Northwestern State Southland L17 Incarnate Word Southland L16 Pittsburgh ACC L14 San Jose State MWC L14 Charlotte C-USA L12 Longwood Big South L9 Alabama A&M SWAC L9 Minnesota Big Ten L8 Morehead State Ohio Valley L8 Ole Miss SEC L7 Pepperdine WCC L7 South Florida AAC L6 Northern Arizona Big Sky L6 Sacramento State Big Sky L6 Rice C-USA L6 Princeton Ivy L6 Texas State Sun Belt L6 SMU AAC L5 Tulane AAC L5 Georgia Tech ACC L5 Oklahoma Big 12 L5 Iowa Big Ten L5 Boston University Patriot L5
  21. LOL. Computers, aka machines, do what they are told (by humans). Different humans will make computer ranking systems differently based on what criteria they feel is best. So certainly some computers will be "dumber" than others if they are based on criteria that aren't as predictive as other, better criteria.
  22. Sorry, I meant to say a very "special" e-bay.
  23. This is an honest question so some of the tech experts will be able to answer this for me. It may apply to some of the projections discussed above. Are some computers dumber than others? I know some dogs are dumber than others, and certainly this applies to homo sapiens. Do all the computers analyze things the same and is it just the data fed to them by dumb humans? I'm pretty sure I have a dumb e-bay.
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