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  2. SE GONE

    I agree with Redsteve. I can't imagine, WBB, would be anywhere near the leader board, on a new AD's immediate concern list. I'm sure all sports will be watched closely, but any AD, worth their salt, will give her time. There seems to be quite a bit of optimism surrounding this program. Football, deservedly, will be the overwhelming focus of the new AD.
  3. Eichorst Out

    (Not your point, but) Hopefully the former more so than the latter. I don't know how 'you' could get mad at anyone who is qualified to accept a position somewhere, whether it's at a desk job or on the football field. My opinion, but nobody could blame Riley for taking it. If I was qualified that would be a great opportunity I couldn't pass up. But sure, people can get mad at Eichorst for offering him the job, that's fair. And it just highlights why it's so important to have an athletic director with a vision (and can act on it). That's why I'm also glad that they fired Eichorst before addressing coaches, because I wouldn't want a hot seat AD making any coaching changes for my program.
  4. Eichorst Out

    He might as well be Red Green....
  5. Eichorst Out

    Basically, yeah. I'd say it is relatively drama-free here.
  6. Eichorst Out

    Is Ronnie Green a Nebraska partisan figure yet?
  7. Eichorst Out

    Drama free at this moment. But then again, very drama free in comparison to the many, many others.
  8. Eichorst Out

  9. Today
  10. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Note at 0:30 who Clifford Scales reminds the announcers of. I had always thought so myself.
  11. Eichorst Out

    And what Normy summarized is a big reason why I participate on *this* message board: Free of drama.
  12. RT @FeitsBarstool: No questions asked, best video ever https://t.co/g9C3s3GsEB

  13. RT @simonsinek: The genius at the top doesn't make the team look good. A good team makes the person at the top look like a genius.

  14. Eichorst Out

    Good summary, Norm. There is a diehard group of HP/SP/SE supporters who are Kevin Bacon in the Animal House parade with regard to football. Must be my old man cataracts that cause me to miss the good football being played by all these shiny object from signing day.
  15. Eichorst Out

    I sometimes lurk on other boards and this Eichorst thing has been interesting to me. There is a group of people who seem to think this is a catastrophic move by the university that undercuts a potentially very strong recruiting class that Riley has been putting together. Those people seem to think firing Eichorst essentially cuts the nads off of Riley and dooms him to failure when they thought he was well on his way to success. It's almost like a funeral for some of them. These same people, over the years, typically: Express contempt for tradition (i.e., the "Husker" way) Express contempt for Tom Osborne because he ... Forced Bill Byrne to replace him with Frank Solich Hired Bo Pelini based on his (tenuous) connection with the Husker past Failed to fire Mike Anderson the moment they turned on him Hired his former punter to replace Mike Anderson (more inbreeding from their perspective) Is viewed with reverence by the so-called "Tradition Coalition" who value the "Husker" way Give men's head basketball coaches about 3 seasons to turn things around before bailing on them Mock other fans who continue to support head basketball coaches longer than 3 years into their tenure Mock the current men's basketball coach by, for instance, calling Doc Sadler "Kenneth" or belittling Miles for his tweeting Are conspicuously silent after big Husker hoops wins and conspicuously noisy after big Husker hoops losses Think that having Tom Osborne in charge of hiring coaches or ADs is a very bad idea (see above) Think that hiring any AD or Coach who has a previous Osborne connection is a very bad idea (so no Trev Alberts or Dave Rimington) Given the above, it is mystifying to me why they seem so distraught about Eichorst getting fired. And not so much because they like Eichorst as much as they think the Eichorst firing is really the death knell for Mike Riley's coaching tenure here. It's equally mystifying to me that they're so willing to remain supportive of Mike Riley in the face of a profound lack of progress at the helm of a program that still has some legitimate national cachet even as they turn on basketball coaches in charge of programs that manifestly lack that national cachet. I mean, why are they so supportive of Riley and willing to give him a pass on the abysmal end to last year and the beginning of this one even as they express outrage that the boom wasn't lowered on Miles back in March? It just makes me glad that the average fan has no input on coaching changes.
  16. Anton Gill

    Lumber Jack Splash, it's a gas gas gas
  17. Eichorst Out

    No arguing Riley's qualifications. My point is that some people are not mad at Riley per se. They are mad Riley was offered (and accepted) the position. Think of it as misdirected anger.
  18. Eichorst Out

    Miles had previously received an extension.
  19. Eichorst Out

    Very well could be. Im not really sure how that stuff works. I was under the impression that he was on the last year of his deal and essentially coaching out his contract.
  20. Eichorst Out

    Thought he had a 5-year deal and only the last 2 years haven't been renewed. That'd still give him a few years of buyout.
  21. Eichorst Out

    Miles wouldnt be getting paid though right? If hes fired after this season (hope thats not the case) his contract would have been completed.
  22. Eichorst Out

    Was brought up elsewhere (heck maybe here, HB you're not the only brain dead one) that this may help both Miles and Riley because NU may not want to be paying Bo, Shawn, Tim, and Riley, and a whole new staff in both sports at once.
  23. Eichorst Out

    But then again, i guess the idea of changing AD and possibily football and basketball coach in the same year is a lot.
  24. Eichorst Out

    Gonna say Miles status wont change right? This was already a make or break year for him no matter who the AD is. Got to think that if he has a successful season he is retained and if he has another losing season the new AD gets his own guy.
  25. Eichorst Out

    Would last two posts be classified as "cryptic"?
  26. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    But based upon our first three games, we are not very good either. That said, we should be better than how we have played thus far. So again, we shall see.
  27. Eichorst Out

    Reality check...take those two words for what they are worth.
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