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  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    IM rooting for Mich. IMO....I dont think it matters where we finish in the standings. We need another quality win and getting MIchigan in that 4/5 game would do that.
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    That's the million dollar question. They've done a really good job at scheduling teams that aren't too good, but also scheduling teams that aren't too bad. We've got a little bit of both. I honestly believe that if we can get a little more stable roster, Miles will more than exploit a schedule for us that gets us a favorable RPI that requires only 17-18 wins in a season to get a "First Four Bye" or better at-large bid for us.
  4. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Dont think it is just the BTN guy who thinks that. I think the committee has intentions on reviewing things like that. My question is not if they do...but how much stock and value do they actually put into it. My gut instinct says not much. I don't think SOS or RPI is going to be a concern for us. THey aren't ideal....but it's pretty obvious we tried to get some good teams on the schedule in the part that we have a control over. Only question for me is if we can show that we have beaten enough quality teams
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    So torn on MICH/PSU. PSU wins and that’s guaranteed fourth place, which is so essential. But they could jump into fifth and that would be hell to play them again. Yikes.
  6. (Belated) Recap: Votes for Husker Win: 58 (Psychologists) Votes for Indiana Win: 2 (Reverse Psychologists) Two Players with Zero Turnovers (Anton Gill w/22 mins; Jordy Tshimanga w/12 mins)
  7. You know what though...

    Umm, I received that mailing on Saturday I believe. It was sort of a postcard indicating tickets would be on line. Seriously.
  8. For a reference point 56% of major conference teams with RPI 50-60 get in. We'd be on the higher side of that but I think its possible
  9. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    How is Buffalo still in the top 40 RPI. 19-8 (12-3). They have 0 "tier one" wins, 1 "tier two" wins, and 3 "tier three" losses. For comparison we are........................21-9 (12-5)....................1 "tier one" wins, 3 "tier two" wins, and 1 "tier three" losses
  10. Actually, I believe that was specifically talked about in the broadcast during the Illinois game (before we wet the bed). But that could have been just the thoughts of the B1G rep only. But I think that's not something publicly if they're just lobbying. I really think they do give us credit. And acknowledge that the schedule was beyond our control. I think we're going to look better in the process than fans think, what with our obsession over rpi and whatever that goatf***ing cretin Lunardi has to snark about (I'm just being bitter).
  11. Isaiah always commits two bad fouls a game. They are not always his fault, but they get him in trouble. I think he got another butt foul tonight.
  12. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    You bring up a good point. The X Factor in this is the Minnesota game. The committee says they take things like injuries into account. How do they view the suspension of Lynch. And how much weight will they put on it. Thats the part that no one knows outside the room and its frustrating
  13. Wouldn't we better on a days prep?

    Wait....I screwed up! I thought tonight was no sit Tuesday. Dang, no wonder those guys were mad at me.
  15. With 4 off days to prepare I really like our chances against Penn St.

    Sounds like the crowd was prepping for the sit Sunday to night at the game.
  17. I'm riffing here, so my recollection might be in huge error--but it seems to me we've only had 3 home court opportunities at 1 Quadrant games all season. And in that group, we went 2-1 with the only loss a last second make by KU. We were that close to going undefeated against Quad 1 teams at home this season (and it's already been said that the committee is likely to grants us that status for the Minny pre-scandal win). You have to believe that's going to mitigate the rpi effect in the selection process. we just didn't get hardly any home games to prove ourselves.
  18. "Second half of the second half" Or even... "Second half of the second half of the second half."
  19. The beauty about Roby is that even when he has an off game...he's still so productive in other ways. Still think his biggest weakness is trusting himself in believing just how good he could be
  20. Penn St. pregame chatter

    My jaundiced perspective says we get a little more than our fair share of those scenarios.
  21. I’d agree he seemed a bit off but still was a rebound away from a double double. He was 1 for 3 in the mid post area which is just fantastic to see him there. That will be the area where the most growth in his game will show for next year IMO. Love that he’s takin 3s w confidence now too so dangerous to have him n cope out there together when we play the bigger teams
  22. Tale of two halves. We settled in the first half and went hard to the hole in the second. Ended up being a fugly game. But, nice win ...Great job shooting free throws, until the last three minutes. ...Evan had an excellent second half. ...bad, bad, bad shooting in first half. ...good team approach in the second half... ...good crowd. ...Roby's rebounding keeps impressing me. ...Jordy rebounded well and hustled...but geez, those hands. ...credit Indiana for playing a tough ass game,
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