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    uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: ed 7, vol 17 - Wisconsin

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      - At times, this looked like an NCAA team. I thought they played pretty well in the first half and they still were down by 10. Wisconsin is just good.

      - The difference in this one was that Wisconsin can put 5 guys you have to guard on the floor that can score at a time.

      - The "let Petteway get his, shut down Shavon" strategy worked beautifully for Wisconsin.

    - That said, Petteway was unconscious in the first half. Didn't roll over to the second, unfortunately.

    - It's really unfortunate Moses can't hit from anywhere. He had some nice moments on the boards.

    - Rivers had a really tough assignment. He had a rough night.

    - I might be on the start Tarin Smith bandwagon.

    - Another game with no appearances from Tai and Fuller until the final moments.

    - I wonder which magic word Miles said.

    - Part of me thinks NU actually played pretty well for a lot of the game, Wisconsin is just too deep, especially at home.

    - Silverlining: Petteway will get his 1000th point at home. Hope people are on top of it enough to recognize.

    - Wisconsin shot almost 60% from 3. Yikes.

    - Why can't NU get to the line this year? That was a huge part of their run last year. Not they're shooting them that great, but still...

    That's all for now. Let's get the next two at home.

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    *-Both of the Huskers’ first half turnovers were on offensive fouls, while Nebraska finished with a season-low five turnovers.

    Rough math, I think we're only averaging 9 turnovers per game in B1G play & I think we've only had one B1G game where we had more than 10 turnovers (vs Illinois).


    Pretty amazing turnaround considering some of the fumble fests we had in the non-con. And a turnaround that's going to have to continue if we want to put together a big run the next few weeks.



    Kind of....that stat is a combination of us taking care of the ball and the type of defense Wisconsin plays.

    I'd be a lot more impressed with 10 or fewer turnovers against a team like Minnesota that pressures the crap out of you. 


    True, turnovers per possession would be a better number to look at in B1G play, since the games slow down quite a bit generally in league play. I'm not doing that rough math though.  ;)

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