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    Husker Hoops 2015-16 Pre-Season Event at PBA - Oct. 29th at 5:30pm


      5:30 p.m.
      Doors Open


      Arena Floor Schedule
      5:30-6:30 p.m. MBB Practice
      6:40 p.m. Women’s team introductions
      6:50 p.m. Men’s team Introductions
      7-7:30 p.m. MBB/WBB/Fan Skills Contest


      Concourse Schedule
      5:30-6:30 p.m. WBB Autographs (North Concourse)
      5:30-6:30 p.m. Trick or Treat with Husker Student-Athletes (Main Concourse)
      7:30-8 p.m. MBB Autographs (North Concourse)

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    Ed isn't a great shooter, but he doesn't need to be.  What he does need to do is develop a little back-to-the-basket skill.  He kept trying to turn and face up with Hammond guarding him and then couldn't do anything with it.  By the time he would start to drive, the defense would collapse and strip the ball or Ed would travel.  If he had a couple of post-up spin moves to create some space, he could be really a handful for opposing bigs.


    Now, what Ed does reeeeeeaaaally well is rebound.  He's a very quick leaper and has fast (and big) hands. He's able to snag balls out of the air that you don't expect him to get. And in the blink of an eye, he's back up with the ball and scoring it.  You can really see a difference between a 4-star, top 100 Rivals kid and the marginal 3-stars we've seen in the past.  This dude can play.  Remember when we used to complain about a kid being "overhyped" and not living up to expectations?    I don't think that's going to be an issue, here.

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    Miles: "The best thing I like about Connie's team is that her players shoot the ball through the net.""

    If you're looking for a quick way to motivate your team and build confidence in them - here's what not to do... My god let it go. Joke is getting old, move on - different year, different team. Act like you've never missed a shot before.

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    Holy Bakari Evelyn. Me likey. Also...Anton Gill, wish we had him on the court this year!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    I wish I would have been able to actually watch instead of trick-or-treating with the kids. At least I know my two year old can throw rings into target from point blank range :)

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    Benny appears to be fairly confident, same with Tai. The star, though, is Anton Gill; Gill looks smooth, especially offensively; and it felt like Bakari Evelyn could score at will at the end of the 1st session.


    Jake Hammond seems to have a decent 12'-15' shot for a big man.  Morrow will be a glass warrior. Didn't see much from AW-III or Watson, but there were a couple of glimpses of potential from both. McVeigh is all arms & legs, big wing. It felt like even the walk-ons will be decent practice players..


    Evelyn and Gill stood out the most. Promising guard talent for the coming years.



    [HuskerHoops periscope was touch-and-go, I think the team was playing aboard a ship or something...  :wacko: ]

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    My earlier short take is still my belief, that said, I wanted to give just a short take on my views of the players last night:

    - Tai...looks more confident, perhaps even more of a leader.  His shot looked a bit better, he was more "in form" with his shot.  He still appears to be a risk taker, and that can be good (diving on the floor to steal a ball) or bad (driving to the hole with no outlet).  But I am hopeful he continues an upward track.

    - Gill...looks very talented.  Nice shot, should help quite a bit NEXT YEAR.

    - White III...when practicing his shot (WOW) when he gets hot (WOW) rebounding (WOW).  His defense was okay.  I am interested to see if he can take it hard to the rack when they (and they will) come out hard to defend his shot.  I also worry about something I read and then relate it to the three point contest last night...will he be able to hit his shot in the heat of battle.  Hope so.

    - Trueblood...dare I say it, he sort of reminds me of a young Velander

    - Watson...he is worth being excited about.  He has a nice tear drop shot and his exterior shot looks pretty decent.  Great handles and quickness.  He is not going to be a superstar out of the gate, but he will be good and continues to develop.

    - McVeigh...another one that is worth being excited about.  He looks much more mature than a freshman.  Has a pretty well rounded game and will provide quality minutes this year.  Bigger than I imagined, and that is very positive.

    - Bakari...seems to be athletic.  He looks good enough to play, but nothing really jumped out last night.

    - Jacobson...big boy and looks the part of a DI power forward.  I look forward to seeing him on the floor.

    - Laws...saw him run onto the floor, that is about it :)

    - Fuller...hustles, scraps, missed open looks.  I expected more.

    - Hammond...about what I expected actually, that is, he has improved, he will provide minutes, he may foul out every game and he likely will provide some points and decent defense (or foul trying)

    - Morrow...new nickname nomination - Dyson - as in vacuum cleaner.  He is going to get any loose ball that he is close to.  Didn't see much offensively, but the kid will play...perhaps a lot. 

    - Shavon...out of action, but...he sure looks bigger.

    - Benny...new number, same Benny.  A sparkplug.  But his shot sort or looked the same to me.  I can hope it has improved though.

    - Borchardt...he is a big boy.  Not sure how much he can help, but at the very least he can go in and push some bigs around.


    So that is my short take on the team.  I hope I got everyone one.  Very early in the season, so a lot of room to grow and improve.

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    - Morrow...new nickname nomination - Dyson - as in vacuum cleaner.  He is going to get any loose ball that he is close to.  Didn't see much offensively, but the kid will play...perhaps a lot. 



    I'd like to nominate Windex for his unofficial nickname, since he cleans up the glass. 

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    I pretty much agree with your take, cwg.  I was impressed with Gill and think he'll be a real difference maker when he's eligible next year.


    In the meantime, I'm looking forward to watching the growth of the freshmen this season.


    I want to emphasize that my being blown away was in part to do with a guy who can't play for us this season and in part to do with freshmen that are still making the transition to college hoops.


    I am by no means saying these guys are ready for the big time right at this moment.


    But, if you look at them as the freshmen they are and base your evaluation on them accordingly, there's a hell of a lot of reason for optimism.


    For those who were able to watch, how would you compare Ed Morrow's game right now to David Rivers as a senior?


    Granted, Ed's a little raw offensively, but man does he go after rebounds.  And with as quick of a leaper as he is, if he's near the basket when he gets the board, he'll be back up there in the blink of an eye getting a shot off.  I wish he didn't feel like he had to face up to the basket every time he does get the ball.  If he could develop a couple of post-up moves it would be nice.  But here's a kid who's set to make an impact off the bat.


    The other notable freshman was McVeigh.  He surprised me a bit.  He's a better shooter than I expected.  He's comfortable and capable of taking those shots and did you see him catch the back door pass from Tai Webster?  He knows how to get the ball out of his hands quickly inside and get off a shot in traffic.  He knows what he's doing on the floor.


    Watson was a facilitator, which we expected him to be.  He made a couple of floaters, which shows he can be a threat to score when we need that.  But mostly, right now, we need him to distribute.  And he did that. 


    Jacobson didn't play but he did shoot the ball in warm-ups.  He has a good stroke, even from deep.  He was spotting up beyond the arc and had a nice looking shot.   A legit threat from that distance, I would think.  Plus, he's continuing to grow and, if he's right about where he's headed, he'll be 6'10" before long.  With good muscle weight.  Like a Brandon Ubel in stature but with a better perimeter jumper.  Can he put it on the floor like Brandon?  We'll see.


    Evelyn had a nice second half of the scrimmage.  Took some shots; made some shots.  He has a quick release even though he doesn't get much elevation on his jumper, so he may be able to get it off even though he doesn't elevate very high.  Intriguing player and a kid to keep an eye on.


    If you look at these freshmen as FRESHMEN and not as veterans, I see a whole lot of promise there.  This is a very good class of recruits, as I've exhaustively described in that thread from yesterday.

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    Sorry for any typos, I'm on my phone.

    The glaring thing I saw yesterday, and I hope we get it his with Shavon or maybe Gill next year is we don't have that DOG out there that can go and get his shot. A dog doesn't have to be a hear checker or a volume scorer, but a guy who gets the ball and can just go and get it in a needed spot during the game.

    Talent, yes an overall roster upgrade. I've said this for a while now, but Tai can be and should be a very important part of this team. Hopefully he plays to his ability.

    I was very impressed by Gill, and surprised by Evelyn's game. When I look at Glynn, he oozes potential. He is a true PG, in the sense of putting passes where they need to be when they need to be there. He hit this beautiful pick and roll back door bounce pass that was breathtaking. Morrow. He is going to be a really good player for us. I think he is a 6-8 point a night 6-8 rebound a night guy this year. He will still struggle when he goes against a house like Hammond at Purdue.

    Andrew White, he is going to be a steady player for us, needs to give us 12 a night. He hustles, he rebounds, he is an all around good player.

    Hammond, is developing, I think next year is the year it starts to come together. He looks stronger and quicker but still needs some growth.

    Gill is the real deal.

    Next year this team will be very very deep. While the freshman look good,they are freshman, I was pleasantly surprised with all of them.

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    Rivers I think had a little better face up gsme in regards to hitting that 10-12 footer. If Morrow develops that he will be really hard to stop. I'd probably say they are even. This team could really use a guy like LESLEE.

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    Agree about Leslee; disagree about Morrow and Rivers being even.  Rivers was a bit too passive in his approach to the game.  Yeah, he could occasionally hit a face-up J, but he only had 129 points in 709 minutes last year.  That's about 6 points every 40 minutes.  Or 4 points per game, based on the minutes he played.  If you take away the points scored on free throws, he only accounted for about a bucket per game. So, what real impact did his face-up game provide for us? 


    On the other hand, did you see where Morrow was Johnny-on-the-spot being in the right place to snare rebounds and get the put-backs?  That's based on a knack for making plays.  That's something Rivers never showed in 4 years.  Let alone his freshman year.

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    Rivers was a good glue player...at times you didn't even know he was on the floor.  When Morrow (Dyson :)) is on the floor, you will know it.  He will be out there attempting to suck up any ball that is loose.  I love his energy.  I loved David, but he was no where close to Morrow when comparing intensity. 

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