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    12/16/2016 Pressers

    • "Tai Webster is a Specimen"



    • Focused on cleanup, offense, etc during the 8 break inbetween 
    • Talked about spacing, learning when and when not to bring things inside
    • Had individual talks with guys
    • Younger guys coming on: Roby's MRI looks great, Jordy played his best game vs Kansas, Horne's shooting can help
    • Like the workouts from the week
    • Still unsure about the starting lineup
    • Thought Gill let the game come to him in the second half of the Kansas game
    • Talked about the challenge of figuring out which guys don't handle winter break well
    • Talked about how Gardner Webb and Southern will have 2 well coached teams
    • Talked about Jack's slump
    • Thinks we're a top 30-40 team in defense, went in detail about it


    Evan Taylor


    • Talked what's been going on during the break
    • Talked about the 2nd half of the Kansas game
    • Mentioned picking up the pace as well as spacing, getting the ball to the post
    • Happy where the team is currently at mentally


    Jordy Tshimanga


    • Worked on being tougher physically and mentally
    • Got his "mojo flowing" in the second half vs Kansas
    • Feels like he might be more focused against higher ranked opponents



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