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Tyronn Lue is the new Head Coach of the Cavs

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97 coaches have won 8 exactly?  That number seems high.



I think it's supposed to mean that 97 coaches have at least 8 playoff wins.


And I'm afraid the ambiguity can't be fixed with a semicolon.


The semicolon works wonders, but it is certainly no panacea.

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I had part of my panacea removed after an unfortunate incident with a toboggan.


Still better than having your semicolon removed...


I wish I could upvote this six times.  It's that good!

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Whenever I hear Tyronn Lue's name I think of that old Creech and Chong song "Basketball Jones".  Tyrone Shoelaces everybody!



BTW, the list of performers on this song is pretty incredible:


Cheech Marin - Tyrone Shoelaces (voice)

George Harrison - Guitar

Klaus Voorman - Bass

Jim Karsten - Drums

Jim Keltner - Percussion

Carole King - Electric Piano

Nicky Hopkins - Piano

Tom Scott - Saxophone

Billy Preston - Organ



Darlene Love

Fanita James

Jean King

Michelle Phillips

Ronnie Spector

Horny Guys

George Bohanon

Dick "Slyde" Hyde

Paul Hubison

Sister Mary Elephant

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