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9 minutes ago, New huskers fan said:

Did I just see something about a possible two or none rule??
where players commit too At least 2 yrs of college
and the NBA lifts the 1 and done rule??
Or something along those lines

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NEW YORK -- The BIG EAST Conference today released a series of recommendations aimed at reforming the recruiting process in men’s college basketball and restructuring the pathway for elite men’s basketball players in the United States.  The recommendations are in response to the charge issued by the NCAA to the Commission on College Basketball in October 2017 and the request by the NCAA for feedback on the charge from its membership.


“The journey of men’s basketball players as they move from youth basketball, to high school and/or travel teams, to college basketball, and then to the pros is ripe for overhaul,” said BIG EAST Commissioner Val Ackerman.  “Our recommendations are designed to help improve the pathway for these young men as they pursue their dreams and to solidify the future of a great sport that, as March Madness always shows, is embraced passionately by universities and fans around the country.” 


The BIG EAST recommendations were developed under the leadership of an internal working group made up of Conference athletics directors, men’s basketball coaches and Conference Office staff.  Lee Reed, Georgetown University Director of Athletics and working group chair, said:  “All ten BIG EAST institutions have the highest commitment to men’s basketball, and we want to provide the best possible avenue for players to achieve their personal and professional goals.  We believe our recommendations can help minimize undue influences in the college game, restore integrity to the recruiting process and improve the overall management of key oversight and enforcement functions.”


The recommendations include the following:


·       Modification of the NBA draft rule.  The NCAA should urge the NBA and National Basketball Players Association to create a “none or two” draft eligibility rule to afford elite players greater flexibility to explore their professional options directly out of high school.  Players electing to enroll in an NCAA institution would become eligible for the NBA draft following their second NCAA season.


·       New summer recruiting model.  The new model should launch in the summer of 2019 and allow for centralized control and efficient evaluation of pre-collegiate prospects.


·       Modified apparel company relationships with universities.   Apparel company contracts should require that income for coaches and administrators be paid through the university rather by apparel companies directly.  The NCAA should also mandate specific disclosures from apparel companies before they can enter into contracts with NCAA institutions.


·       Regulated role for advisors and agents.   The NCAA should allow basketball student-athletes to retain the services of certified agents and advisors in a regulated framework to provide advice about their futures and guide them in their decisions about whether to enter the NBA draft.


·       Beefed up enforcement resources (or an independent enforcement agency modeled after USADA) and more significant penalties for egregious rule violations.  The NCAA should also promote more aggressively the importance of ethical conduct as a core value.


·       Collaboration with USA Basketball, the sport’s national governing body, to improve the organizational structure and standards for pre-collegiate, non-scholastic basketball 


·       Elite Player Unit within the NCAA to focus on the areas highlighted by the Commission’s charge.  The new management unit should provide oversight of recruiting, agents and advisors, apparel company relationships, ethical conduct and branding strategies.


A full copy of the BIG EAST report can be found here.

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The Roby NBA draft stuff is an interesting lesson in today's "media."


Jordan Delp runs a basketball camp in Moline, Illinois, would know of Roby from high school. He points out Roby being touted by "NBA Draft WIre" as a first-round pick. NBA Draft Wire, as far as I can tell, is a Twitter-only account with no name attached to it. And its owner/writer/analyst/whatever thanks @MikeGrib for pointing out Roby to him. First off, shouldn't he have known who Roby was to begin with? So I checked out Mike Grib's Twitter account, still in search of something resembling credibility, and here it is:



His "also likes" are Russians and Mean Streets Omaha, which follows the Omaha crime scene. 

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1 hour ago, hhcdimes said:


He tagged the wrong Mike Grib



Ahhhh. That one works for something called "The Stepien," an NBA draft site. Grib's resume:

"Mike Gribanov is a Southern California resident who loves his daughter and youth basketball. Mike’s “expertise” seems to be his talent for obsessively scouring hours of footage from various AAU circuits. He tries to apply analytics driven perspectives to scouting high school prospects and hopes to continuously acquire knowledge of creative approaches in team building and on court game planning."


Their lead guy is Cole Zwicker, a Marquette law grad whose background includes "basketball intern" at Dominican University and intern at a local ESPN radio station in Seattle. Also listed experience as a volunteer basketball coach where he "Assisted in the player development and scouting of an 8th grade select basketball team."


Their first-round picks don't include Roby or Khyri Thomas. Maybe they know what they're talking about, who knows? I just found it an interesting trip into the world of internet experts.

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2 minutes ago, Chuck Taylor said:

Their first-round picks don't include Roby or Khyri Thomas. Maybe they know what they're talking about, who knows? I just found it an interesting trip into the world of internet experts.


I'd put some stock into the NBA scouts are telling me which is the point of going to the workouts.

As far as internet experts go, the consensus around here is that IR hasn't realized his potential yet to the point that it's a running joke.  When the convo around here starts to turn into "oh crap isaiah isn't coming back because he's dominating" then we'll know he could go early and in the first round.

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