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Strength of Record

ESPN's Strength of Record takes strength of schedule a step further by accounting for how a team actually did against its schedule. Unlike BPI, which accounts for how the game was won, Strength of Record simply cares about the difficulty of a team’s schedule and the result (win or loss).

For example, last season, Kansas ranked first in Strength of Record entering the NCAA Tournament, and a typical Top 25 team would have had less than a 1 percent chance to go 30-4 against the Jayhawks’ schedule.

Strength of Record answers the question of which teams deserve to make the NCAA Tournament based on their body of work. It correlates more closely with the actual committee rankings and seeding than BPI, but Strength of Record is far less accurate when making predictions.

Over the past five seasons, 94 percent of teams that SOR deemed deserving to make the tournament ended up making the field of 68.


Nebraska's Strength of Record


Service Current rating
Kenpom 54
KPI 64
Massey Composite 53
T-Rank 56
TeamRankings.com 64
Sagarin 59





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To add to my last post the only two Power 6 teams to be left out of the field with 13+ are Washington and Oregon of the 2011-2012 Pac 12 conference. 


Their SOR that year...


Oregon - 56

Washington - 57


^^^That's the difference between the #5 Conference(2017-2018 Big 10) and the #10 Conference(2011-2012 Pac 12)

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Here is a link to the current SOR


SOR Rankings


Use this and you will see the majority of the brackets are the teams on the first two pages when sorting by SOR.  It is almost exact!  I matched up 2011-2012 to the SOR and it is almost spot on, it makes me feel a little better about things right now!

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