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Expectations for the next 5 games?

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10 minutes ago, 49r said:

I got a laugh at BTN when they showed the graphic with Nebraska's schedule during this stretch and one of the guys said something like Tim "couldn't get the Golden State Warriors on the schedule" or something.


"Apparently the Golden State Warriors were booked." ;)

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21 hours ago, 49r said:

2-2 after 4...like it or not we were expected to be 1-3 at this point and 1-4 to finish so we're already ahead of the game with one more chance to get a win.


It's Kansas Hate Week everybody!  LET'S GOOOO!!!



They only let the conference champ go to the tourney for years. I think we can blame a portion of us not making it there in the 50s or some other decade like that on being in the same conference with the team that invented basketball.

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50 minutes ago, hhcdimes said:

Haven't been to phog net in a while. Wonder what that is like these days.



I visit there practically every day.  Truly an amazing lack of hoops insight for a fanbase of a hoops "blue blood".


Makes me so appreciative of what we have here in HHC!

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