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HHCC Game #02 - vs. North Texas (Nov. 13, 7:00 PM CST)

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    • By HuskerFever
      It's not too late to get in on the action! Jump in and join the challenge!
      Submit predictions below.
    • By HuskerFever
      Only one game in and we've got a perfect score! Dishing out -40 points to @HuskerCager. What's even crazier? The exact same thing happened last year to someone else. Call the Feds! It reeks of a shoe scandal on HHCC.
      Week 01 includes:
      Game #01 vs. Eastern Illinois
      HHCC Standings - End of Week 01
      1    HuskerCager    -40
      2    LNKtrnsplnt    10
      3    dustystehl    12
      4    Ralph Wiggum    12
      5    Jugular    13
      6    TheNovice    14
      7    huskers29    16
      8    cjbowbros    17
      9    jimmykc    18
      10    KenPom    18
      11    Dead Dog Alley    20
      12    HuskerFever    21
      13    JBARGIE    21
      14    Nebrasketball5    21
      15    Wolv77    21
      16    Boots    23
      17    Bugeaters1    23
      18    Blindcheck    24
      19    BugeaterZ    24
      20    HB    24
      21    trickey    24
      22    WestOHusker    24
      23    kdorn3    25
      24    AuroranHusker    26
      25    NebrasketballJake    27
      26    Noah121    27
      27    Nutball    27
      28    REDZONEDAN    27
      29    Skersby90    27
      30    swoof    27
      31    Vinny    27
      32    bigred4    28
      33    jayschool    28
      34    Jurgey    28
      35    4NUfans    29
      36    BjoeHusker    29
      37    hal9000    29
      38    NeeandMe    29
      39    aphilso1    30
      40    BDL415    30
      41    ConkintheCorner    30
      42    huskerbaseball13    30
      43    Section_316    30
      44    TheBowmaster    30
      45    Husker4Life    31
      46    MitchMcGaryMunchies    31
      47    Red Don    32
      48    1sdpad2    33
      49    Erdbeereis    33
      50    hhcdimes    33
      51    TheGolfGang    33
      52    Silverbacked1    35
      53    brfrad    36
      54    Buglem    36
      55    Crush78    36
      56    hskr4life    36
      57    HuskerPower#nato73    36
      58    Neon Budreau    36
      59    pmd9    36
      60    throwback    37
      61    huskercwg    38
      62    basketballjones    39
      63    Chuck Taylor    39
      64    Handy Johnson    39
      65    LK1    39
      66    bkamler    41
      67    UnicamMan    41
      68    demone    42
      69    khoock    42
      70    runsoastowin    42
      71    Minnesota_Husker    45
      72    twinswingohuskers    45
      73    emwilliams    46
      74    colhusker    48
      75    75unlgrad    51
      76    Busch Light    51
      77    MichHusker    51
      78    jdostal    60
      79    nuhusker7    60
      80    big red22    66
      81    uneblinstu    78
    • By HuskerFever
      The regular season is finally here! Are you a seasoned Husker Hoops Central Challenge (HHCC) participant? Have you never played this game before? Good. Because everyone is eligible and highly encouraged to play! HHCC continues through the entire season which keeps things interesting... that is, if you participate! All you have to do is post your prediction (and any applicable bonus opportunities) in these HHCC game threads. And if you miss this game or any future games, you're still in the running so keep on posting your predictions throughout the season. It's that easy!
      1) Your score prediction for Nebraska vs. Eastern Illinois (as usual).
      2) BONUS (-5 points): Predicting the exact number of non-conference season wins (Nov. 11-29, Dec. 9-29) -- (e.g. I am looking for an answer like "13," which indicates the number of wins you predict Nebraska will win in the non-conference.)
      3) *Predicting the exact number of total regular season (non-conference + conference) wins (Nov. 11-Feb. 25) -- (e.g. I am looking for an answer like "31," which indicates the number of wins you predict Nebraska will win in the entire regular season.)
      * This will not count as a bonus (and it will not count against you), but in past years it has been a missing data point of interest that would've been useful in seeing how closely we have predicting the outcome of the season
      Let the season begin!
    • By HuskerFever
      It's officially November and you know what that means! An obnoxious amount of pumpkin spiced everything, clocks that turn backwards, crisp air, and excuses to buy things you don't really need on the day after giving thanks for the things you have. Well... that and IT'S NEBRASKA BASKETBALL SEASON!
      If you need yet another reason to get excited for this time of the year, we've got one more for you. For the regulars on the board, you know that HHCC is a great way to pass time, show that you're smarter than Ken Pomeroy, air your grievances, or just express your optimism by only picking Nebraska to win every single game. It's your game, your strategy, your bragging rights, and just a fun way to stay part of the HHC community throughout the season.
      Everybody is encouraged to play, rookie or veteran. If you miss a game or don't even start playing until the middle of the season, don't be discouraged to join. You'd be surprised by how quickly that leaderboard can change throughout the season.
      The rules are the same as last year with more opportunities to earn some bonus points throughout the season.
      Last year's Top 10 finishers were:
      1    Husker4Life
      *2   KenPom
      2    Crush78
      3    1sdpad2
      4    hhcdimes
      5    NUtball
      6    trickey
      7    colhusker
      8    HuskerFever
      9    huskerbaseball13
      10    Buglem
      Game on.
      If you want to be part of the HHCC, all you need to do is guess the score of each game.  Participants with at least one entry will be included in the overall standings.  There will be a thread available following the completion of the previous game.  Scoring is based on how close you were to each team's actual point total and the margin of victory.
      The object of the game is to have the lowest accumulated points at the end of the year.
      Scoring is taken from three variables (margin of victory, actual score, correct game winner); with possible bonus points.
      Margin of Victory: This is how many points either team wins by. Scoring: Difference between Actual MoV (Husker score & Opponent score)  Predicted MoV (Predicted Husker score & Predicted Opponent score). This is then multiplied by 2. Bonus: There is a -5 bonus for correctly predicting margin of victory. To get the bonus two things must happen. 1. Your margin of victory must match the actual margin of victory. 2. You picked the correct winner.  EXAMPLE Prediction: NU 79 Opponent 72
      Actual: NU 72 Opponent 62
      (Actual (72 62) = 10 - Predicted (79-72) = 7) = 3 * 2 = 6
      MoV = 6
      Actual Score: This is the final point totals of both teams. Scoring: (Predicted Husker score vs. Actual Husker score) + (Predicted Opponent score Actual Opponent score) Bonus: There is a -5 bonus for correctly predicting either the Huskers score or the opponents. EXAMPLE Prediction: NU 79 Opponent 72
      Actual: NU 72 Opponent 62
                   (79 72) + (62 72)
                        7 + 10 = 17
      Game Winner: Picking the correct winner. Scoring: Zero points for correct winner. 20 point penalty for incorrect choice. The final score for this game would be 23.
      Correctly predicting the actual game score nets all -5 bonuses and a -25 bonus, for a best possible score of -40.
      Missed Game:
      Your score for missing a game is (the highest score of picked games + 25 points). 
      End of year:
      Your highest score will be subtracted from your final point total. No Games Missed equals a -25 bonus to your final score.    HHCC RULES:
      All new HHCC game threads will be posted following the previous game. The first game will be up after the last exhibition game. Post your prediction in the HHCC thread. All predictions must be in by the scheduled tipoff time (noted in the thread's title). Any corrections to your prediction should be done in the HHCC game thread.  If you are unable to edit your score, just quote your previous score and post the new score underneath. All score updates will be posted throughout the season.
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