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2017 Gavitt Games Schedule

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19 hours ago, Jacob Padilla said:


Early diagnosis (as in, from Coach McDermott after the game) is that it was probably a high ankle sprain. Those things are tough to get over. Nebraska goes to Omaha in about 3 weeks so I'd anticipate he'll probably still be out by then, or at the very least be limited. Creighton is going to have to decide whether or not they can get by without burning the redshirt of their freshman center Jacob Epperson who is a lot like both Justin Patton and Brady Heiman in that he's really talented but very thin. Hegner would have been good for them to have against a guy like Tshimanga as he is their second-biggest body with the ability to stretch the floor.


Unless Jordy learns how to protect the basketball from getting knocked out of his hands by guards that are a foot shorter than he is, Creighton will have nothing to worry about.

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Third straight year it ends in a 4-4 tie - I'm sure there's joke about kissing your sister who's a Big East fan in here somewhere, but not for me - my sister is far too smart to be a fan of the Big East or any of its teams


B1G (4)

Minnesota 86, at Providence 74

Purdue 86, at Marquette 71

at Maryland 79, Butler 65

at Illinois 82, DePaul 73


BE (4)

at Seton Hall 84, Indiana 68

Birds 92, at Northwestern 88

at St John's 79, NU 56

Xavier 80, Wisconsin 70


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