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12 minutes ago, TimSmiles said:

nana is much more athletic, and i'd be surprised if he wasn't a much better defender than horne.


Horne was always going to have a problem playing defense because of his tweener status, but I talked to Nana's high school coach about him and he's got a ways to go defensively as well. There are a ton of great athletes who aren't good defenders. Nebraska has Palmer, Taylor, Roby, McVeigh and Copeland at the 2, 3 and 4, and that doesn't include Gill or Thorbjarnarson either. I think the Horne comparison is a solid conservative projection for him. If he can steal minutes form the upperclassmen, good for him. But that's what it will take for him to have a consistent, significant role.

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I see Nana as this team's equivalent of Jeriah Horne. He'll be a spot up shooter, and if his shot is going in, he'll stay on the floor. If not, he'll get buried. At least that's how I see it. Just because someone is a great player in high school doesn't make them the same type of player in college. Adjusting to the college game takes time. Some adjust quicker, some take more time to adjust

This seems pretty accurate to me as well.. His job this year is to shoot the ball. If he's hitting shots, he'll play. Simple as that

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