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O.T. The passing of an icon part whatever

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I tried to access the last thread I started on this topic, but I'm technologically challenged.  Doesn't matter.  This deserves it's own thread.


I knew this one was coming for the last few years, but today Glen Campbell passed away.  The guy was kick ass.  Every year, more sixties greats just seem to fade away.....


RIP, Glen.




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One of his albums was the first I bought when I could afford a stereo turntable in 1968 (along with a Simon and Garfunkle one). We also never missed his TV variety show. So long, Glen. Thanks for remembering him, Cip, and be sure to stock up enough hamburgers at Conlees for the 2000+ who are supposed to pack the town on eclipse day. You might also consider whipping up a bunch of your hot "sun salsa" and sell it when the temperature drops.

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