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I'm confused...and scared: The official Update Thread

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Actually, Jimmy, it's far more sinister.  It has to do with the Bilderbergs and the tri-lateral commission, and their attempts at world domination, which all funnels through HHC. 


Seth Rich, who was from Omaha and attended Creighton University on a rowing scholarship, had leaked top secret recruiting information from this site to a bunch of pizza restaurants on the east coast in an effort to undermine the ascendance of Nebraska basketball under Tim Miles.  I'd tell you what PIZZA stands for but I don't wanna get killed.  Anyway, the Bilderbergs' kids fell in love with the inflatable Lil' Red mascot back in the 1990s and so ...


Wait a sec, there's someone knocking at my door ...

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Is this about the site update? Sorry,  had some time to kill to get it completed but didn't get a chance to finish.  Shouldn't be too much different except I don't know if I will get the black side background back

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