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Norm Peterson

Annual red-white scrimmage, pick-a-winner thread

Annual pre-season scrimmage pick-a-winner thread  

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  1. 1. Who wins? Reds (returning vets) vs. whites (newcomers), games to 15, run it back 10 times.

    • Reds (Watson, Taylor/Gill, McVeigh, Roby, Tshimanga)
    • Whites (Allen, Akenten, Palmer, Copeland, Okeke)

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Gosh man... now that is tough!  Probably one of my favorite things about seeing that is that in years past, looking at those lineups, you would probably have thread titles like "If everyone had stayed..." or, "Team A from this year VS Team B from that year.  Who ya got?"


But no!  These guys are all on one team.  Wowza.  I can't decide.  Would it be a push!?!?  I just don't know.  I flipped a coin and had to go with white.  



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I went whites just to be different. 


Whites have an advantage in shooting ability and the white front line has an experience advantage over the reds.


Watson is probably better than Allen, but I bet Allen can hold his own.  And Akenten is an appreciably better shooter than either SG option for the reds.

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