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I Like seeing guys get to a spot and hold their ground...if you are in a spot that the offense wants, they either need to go around you or they risk a charge.


Standing in and taking a charge is better defense in my opinion than a guy being out of position and going for a blocked shot.


The defensive player is already at a such a disadvantage, what would happen if you did not allow them to take a charge by establshing position....Offensive players would put a knee in their chest and go right through them.....In my younger days, i would do that even if it meant getting called for a charge, but I knew next time down the lane, they would probably get out of the way.


I don't mind flopping either....who cares if they fall down, they are taking a risk by falling down as they give up position for a foul that may not be called...risk/reward....also, there are many times a guy does not get the call without going to the ground, so if you don't have your heels on hinges, you will probably get called for a blocking foul....(that goes back to the officiating, they have trained players to fall to get the call, and are not always calling the contact based on the contact but on the result of what happens to the defender)



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