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Filling Out the Roster

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At this point. I'm waiting to hear a viable plan B now that Brase has committed. Nothing really seems to be happening with Akoy, and its safe to say that we did not actually reach out to Isaiah Chandler. So I'm very curious as to what we may have up our sleeve

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21 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:


Copeland will be eligible by mid-December at the latest.  Even if he loses his application for a medical thing, he becomes eligible immediately upon the end of the fall academic term at his current institution.  Nebraska's graduation is on Saturday around December 16.  Whatever the day would be.  That Saturday.  As soon as we complete our commencement exercises, he's eligible.  So, if there was a game that night, he could play in it. 


That's how I understand it, anyway.

even at dec 16, he's basically missing the whole non-con. it'd be very wise for miles to schedule an easy non-con.

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