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21 minutes ago, LK1 said:

I'm shifting to a more optimistic view of Palmer now that I've seen more film.  He's quicker than I gave him credit for, and long.  




We're going to field a way better team next year.  I have zero doubt.  If we land Brase or Agau, watch tf out.  


There are some on other Husker message boards who do NOT share your optimism...


Palmer is bad. Very bad. From what I've seen and from what I've heard. He will not be playing.


Then again, most Husker fans on those boards seem to be pretty much totally ignorant about hoops, so take it for what it's worth.


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Those other message boards probably are the ones where multiple fans refer to players by their number instead of knowing their name, or they can't pronounce names right, or they get the first name right, last name wrong, etc. :D

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I am telling you, if we get one of the two big men that we are recruiting AND if we land a sniper, we will be vastly better than last year.  Then again, even if we do not land another player, are results should be better than last year.:unsure:









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