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On 4/24/2017 at 0:06 PM, hhcdimes said:

Freshman year numbers


Glynn Watson: 24.6 mpg - 8.6 ppg

Tarin Smith: 17.6 mpg - 4.3 ppg


Smith was a nice enough player and I'm expecting that his numbers represent what we would expect from a somewhat disappointing year with Allen (obviously he could have worse due to injury or whatnot).  Watson's number seem like a good year for Allen and exceeding those numbers, especially the scoring, would be phenomenal.


Anyone expecting Allen to perform better or worse than these two guys and why


Not really disputing these numbers at all, I think they are a good barometer of what to expect. It's just really exciting to think, "okay this guy is a knockdown shooter and he likes to score and knows how to win." We have a number of guys that can come in and create for others, and Thomas could find himself in games where he catches the effect of those players creating good shots, and scores 20, 25 points with 6 three pointers. I mean Glynn, Roby, Copeland, Anton, Evan Taylor even, hopefully Nana. We are going from a backcourt of Benny and Tai just a few years ago, to Glynn and Thomas.. do you see the difference of what we could do??

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