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And That's a Wrap

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There might be some chatter about the CBI, but let's clear some things up. Here are the lowest two teams (based on record) who made the CBI tournament:


2016: 14-18 (UNC Greensboro), 14-16 (Seattle)

2015: 15-17 (Colorado), 16-15 (Seattle)

2014: 15-17 (Penn State, Siena), 16-17 (Old Dominion)

2013: 15-17 (Purdue), 16-17 (Texas)

2012: 15-16 (Washington State), 15-16 (Evansville)

2011: 15-15 (Evansville), 16-17 (Oregon)
2010: 14-17 (Oregon State), 16-15 (Duquesne, Colorado State)

2009: 13-17 (Oregon State), 16-17 (St. John's)
2008: 13-18 (Cincinnati), 16-16 (Washington)

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Yeah... Tai is toast, Glynn is tired, Roby is still a little hobbled.


If we even thought about it, I would hope we rolled out a lineup like 








Those are the 5 that need the most work heading into next year... and any extra games would be prep for next year.


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lord what a horrible thought. a 12-19 team playing by far its worst ball of the year. I can't imagine the selection landscape being so barren as to warrant an invitation to a program like that right now.


this season should be over and given last rites and never spoken of again. Okay, the last part's a bit harsh, but...let's not speak of it, okay? If someone asks, "so, the 2016-17 team...." your only response should be, "what? 20...what? we had those years? Wow.Missed that."


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