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Rachel Blackburn update?

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Does anyone know how her rehab has gone? Looked to be moving ok at the game on Saturday. Hopefully we can can see her back full strength next year. She's such a large part of our team in many ways.

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Her dad hasn't been posting here this year...I assume because Rachel can't play. But wish he could let the fans know how she's doing, unless its preferred by themselves, or the team ...to not report on injured players.


Just wishful thinking... it would be great if she had a twin so there could be two Rachel's on the team. ;)


We need her for her excellent play and leadership. Obviously a great teammate and well liked by the the rest of the team..

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hoping for the best--------preparing for the worst. if i remember correctly, the situation was along the lines of chronic knee pain. after doing some reading about it (when the topic of surgery came up), and i don't want to sound negative, but, it will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds. would have to search the forum, but, i think dllrk had some serious questions about the situation last season.

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