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2017-18 Husker opponents

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If they win, they'll start that game during roughly the middle of the 2nd quarter of the football game vs. Iowa. Might set up for one of the most anonymous games in a while. When was the last time NU football and basketball played at the same time?

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4 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:

We're playing UCF, in Orlando, and if UCF wins it sets up a game for them with West Virginia.  I am not expecting unbiased officiating.


Like last year's game against UCLA in the Wooden Classic, this year's game against UCF will count as an NU road game.

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On 7/21/2017 at 0:18 PM, hhcdimes said:


If i'm crunching the numbers correctly we're looking at


Away - Purdue, Michigan, NW, Ohio St

Home - Maryland, Mich St, Iowa, Indiana


Turns out we are at Michigan St, Michigan is at home

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From the OWH:


>> Miles had little to say about the Big Ten schedule of Nebraska’s single-play opponents and double-plays. He is more interested in the dates, which haven’t been announced. Last season, the Huskers had zero Saturday home conference games and four 8 p.m. midweek tipoffs.


>> Something new this year in Big Ten scheduling is every day of the week is available for games. In the past, Monday and Friday have been off days.



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Interesting write-up over on Phog.net regarding their trip to Italy (I found the paragraph on Lightfoot particularly interesting):





As part of my contractual obligation to Scout to facilitate the transition, I am providing initial impressions of the Italian Jhawks. 


First, the most important and obvious, Preston and Lightfoot. Preston is sturdier and more attentive to rebounding and defense than I expected, clearly the staff is all over him on those issues, and importantly, he's got the athleticism to be very good at both. Looks like a strong rebounder around the rim, and has been aggressive on defense, although one post player spun on him and left him in the dust early one of the games. So the potential is there. However, he's had two possessions where he has tried to handle the ball in transition and without pressure lost the dribble. Also late he's fired up early 3's a couple times. But athletically and size/quickness wise, he looks like the sky is the limit, and hopefully they'll explain to him 1000 times that the NBA will be more impressed with him if he does the blue collar/dirty work to help the team win, rather than worry too much about showing his perimeter skeeellllzzz. That can come later. Scouts want to see that you get it.


Lightfoot has been a tremendous disappoint, even to the detail of his dad/family talking to reporters about his headwear bothering his vision. THEN WHY ARE YOU LAUNCHING 3 POINTERS. Even more concerning, he has thus far year seemed to have a knack for NOT being able to grab a rebound. He sure better never worry about showing what he can do other than set screens, rebound, play defense, keep the ball moving, maybe every once in a while taking a mid-range open shot or busting a post move, but he should concentrate on being the ultimate role player. Thus far, his ego is WAY too involved for my taste. He has fumbled at least a couple good passes, although in his defense one from Garrett on a baseline move was close and NOT a bounce pass, thus harder to catch, and a pet peeve of mine. Default in the paint should almost always be a bounce, and if a longer pass with a little back spin to soften the catch, always easier to handle by the receiver. Did have one nice post move but has been fumble fingers with the ball in general most of the rest of the time.


Garrett gets it (although that one pass needed to be a bounce) and looks like he'll be in the rotation, knows his place for the most part although has shot more than I would have expected, but hit a good percentage. Knows how to rebound. He's one of those guys that didn't play for a big-time AAU team and was under the radar in the summer circuit, but is better than his ranking, obviously. Just one of those guys that knows how to play and will be a fan favorite.

I think this team will be the best 3 point shooting team we've ever had. Svi and Vick are uber confident, Newman is better than Selden TODAY, an all league talent, and DG is better than ever. Those 4 need to be shooting 99% of our 3's.


Newman is a strong guy and that really helps with creating his shot. He is just a scorer. Same with DG, better at creating his shot now off the dribble. Those 2 will be dynamite.


And if/when they forget about feeding the beast, Garrett will take care of that, as well as Svi. Vick has looked fantastic both shooting and getting to the rim and finishing. Svi has looked very good, but still has those moments where you wonder why he isn't more sure of himself making a move. I suspect he'll always leave us with that feeling. I'd love to see him get past that this year but have my doubts. Even though he led the Ukraine team this summer and led the tourney in scoring and filled the stat sheet, the one game in full I did watch he still had too many t/o's for my taste, some of them inexplicable at this point, but he will knock down shots and do a great job, just not go out as a mid-first round draft choice as I always figured he would.


I agree with the JW writer that Dok should try underhand fts. That is going to be an issue. Watching the games on FLO (highly recommended by the way) during the 2nd game 2nd quarter there was a few minutes with no announcing and you could clearly hear Self yelling at Dok during play to rebound, block a shot, etc. He is going to bring the house down every game with his power. Looks to be in better shape but also was getting winded. Sky is the limit, still not much offensive game to speak of other than dunking through people, but for him, as opposed to Alexander, it looks like it will be effective for him.

Cunliffe has been disappointing, looks to be the opposite of Garrett in that much of his training has come one on one, and he doesn't really look like he is as comfortable actually playing well with teammates. Seems to have all the tools, is athletic, but has had a couple of horrific looking shots, I mean several feet off course both short and wide. It's in his head but he is as of now not someone Self will rely on at all, as opposed to Garrett.


Very unimpressed with the athleticism of DJ, is not quick enough that he'll ever play much for us, I don't think. There must be a bigger difference than we think between Memphis league and ours if he was freshman of the year or whatever. I don't see it.


Moore has shown flashes but also not looked good a lot of the time, but hopefully will develop in practice and be ready next year. Has not been good enough with the ball for a PG, has shot it ok and had some nice finishes with tear drops in the paint, shows a knack for passing.


Oh and Newman will be a great rebounder for a guard, so that will help. But this team will do well if Dok can stay on the floor, hit fts, and Preston/Lightfoot play the roles their needed in, well, in the paint. 


Overall I do think this team will be better than last years despite losing JJ and Frank, as long as we stay healthy and Dok can play 25 minutes per game and hit a reasonable ft %. Get Rick Barry in here as a consultant, he'd love it.


The Flo deal was reasonable for 30 and good quality, also has games on tape delay.

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