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  2. Rock Chalk Tock

    Have you heard his cover of The Cars because the NCAA would like to know
  3. Rock Chalk Tock

    I beg to differ. He will play forever.
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  5. Rock Chalk Tock

    They're only allowed to put 5 guys on the court at once?
  6. Late to the thread here. Was there a reason given as to why Palmer was on the bench for an extended time during crunch time in the second half? Also, I continue to have nightmares about the sequence where we fought back to a one-point deficit and Copeland missed a point blank shot at the rim. Creighton goes down and Foster gets an "and-one". That was a 5 point swing. Gotta move on....Good news is this team is way better than in previous years, and we have lots of room to grow. We haven't played anywhere near our best basketball. I think we need to get over some mental barriers and learn how to win games against good teams on the road.
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  8. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Hopefully she can play some at guard since after graduating Jasmine, Woody and Janay this year we only have 5 returning guards for next year. But we still have a couple of open scholarships as well for 2018.
  9. Rock Chalk Tock

    Just think of the Standhardinger magic before the league figured out he wasn't an ambi-turner
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  11. Rock Chalk Tock

    Feel free to transfer here dude. We're pretty good with Kansas reclamation projects.
  12. Rock Chalk Tock

    Cunliffe will provide them some depth, but will he be game-ready out of the gate? Phoggers are really down on Lightfoot right now. Remember when we were drooling over the possibility that we could get him to come to Lincoln?
  13. Rock Chalk Tock

    If i'm reading things correctly Sam Cunliffe will be eligible on Saturday. He's a transfer from ASU. Billy Preston is probably still not going to play. Silvio De Sousa is probably going to play in the 2nd semester but I'm not sure even Kansas can bend enough rules to put a jersey on him for this game Also, what happened to Jack Whitman?
  14. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Sounds like he handled it well. But yeah we been there and it ain't fun at all.
  15. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    It's possible that we did in fact break them. I even heard the boos as the teams went in at halftime...figured it must have been for the refs, but: Man, that hype train appears to be coming off it's rails!
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  17. You have to understand that many of those fans are at the game; yet they would rather stand in the spot above the north basket that sells beer. I think it was cheap beer night! Many jayshers have to get f***ed up to be a jays bball fan.
  18. The Italian stallion! Congrats Coach Mo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Congratulations to Coach Molinari on his induction into the Illinois BB Coaches Hall of Fame! An Honor Well-Deserved!
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