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  2. and to *truly* add to the potpourri flavor of the thread: College Hockey Expansion, Again
  3. They did one of these for each B1G team that didn't have a player drafted: When Will Nebraska Basketball Get Back in The NBA Draft? Nebraska hasn’t seen a player go in the NBA Draft since 1999. When will they see a player go again?
  5. RT @TeaPainUSA: Amen, brothers and sisters. The press is finally startin' to stand up to this fascist regime!

  6. Yeah, I think Duby is muy importanto. He has to be healthy; he has to be in shape; and he has to be developed to where he's not foul prone. Don't necessarily need him to be able to do much scoring, but he does need to hold down the paint, box out, get rebounds, and get putbacks on the offensive side. We probably need 15-18 min/game out of Duby. Any scoring from Duby would be a bonus. Jordy needs to be healthy, in shape, and developed as well. We might want a little scoring out of Jordy. So what do you do with those guys in the summer so that they're ready to go in the fall? I've been thinking about this and I'd be curious about @Dean Smith and @basketballjones's thoughts on the matter. So, the real Dean Smith back at North Carolina used to have his guys go one-on-one against each other in practice. I think that's a great way of developing certain skills. I think that's especially true in Miles' offense, which depends a lot on one guy beating his defensive counterpart. So, what would you do with the bigs to develop them using one-on-one situations? And I've been thinking about this and would be interested in thoughts. I think you have to have some kind of shot clock. Whether that's an actual clock or just a coach moving his hand to count like a ref, either way, but I think there needs to be a time limit on the offensive player to get a shot off. Like maybe 5 seconds at the most. I think the offensive player should be rewarded for scoring a basket, but the defensive player should get rewarded for making a stop. So, what values? Maybe 2 points for a bucket and 1 point for a stop? Or 1 point for forcing a bad shot or getting a block or a turnover? Have a coach or a manager enter the ball to the post, and the post guy has to initiate his move with his back to the basket. In other words, I wouldn't want to see them go out 15 feet, catch the ball and then turn and face the basket and basically try a dribble drive like they're guards. I'd want to see them post up and score against defense. I suppose you could have the offensive player start out on the block and slap the ball to simulate catching the entry pass and then have 4-5 seconds to get his shot off. If he scores, award him the value of the basket. If he runs out of time, forces a bad shot, gets blocked or turns it over, award a point to the defender. If he draws a foul, award 1 point to the offensive player and he goes again. If he grabs an offensive rebound, he simply retains possession. Defensive rebound changes the possession and the players switch. If the offensive player has no shot, he can kick it out to avoid awarding a point to the defender (because you don't want to develop a habit of forcing bad shots) but inbounding rules would apply, right? So, if he doesn't get it kicked out with at least a second left on his "shot clock" it's a turnover and you award the point to the defender. Dean? Jones? Is that anything you might do to develop your posts in the off-season?
  7. People will be a bitching about the 10 man rotation. I guess if you have 10 players that can play, play em. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show

  9. RT @LJSSportsWagner: Top-100 recruit Kate Cain quickly found a new program, gave a graduation speech, and will soon be headed to Nebraska h…

  10. RT @FeedmanJustin:

  11. RT @warriors: About last night 😏 #KiaDPOY #NBAAwards

  12. RT @Spicerlies: @jaredkushner @realDonaldTrump Another awesome attorney on Trump's team. Trust me you'll want to watch this video https://t…

  13. Hard to tell who our starters will be for the upcoming season at this time. A lot will depend on who comes ready to play and every ones health. Opportunities for playing time for all 12 presently on the roster. Coach Williams said she is looking for a rotation of 10 players. Will be interesting to see who steps up. A year under the belt in a new system will help and a big jump in team chemistry should have a big impact as well.
  14. Having a new "Big" for the next 4 years is exciting. Welcome Kate.
  15. He's a tree trimmer from Stockton-On-Tees, UK. Calls himself a "tree surgeon." So, clearly, he has a little bit of a complex.
  16. My new list: Bria Janay Rachel (assuming healthy and ready to go, fingers crossed) Kate 'Raising' Cain Nicea Solid minutes from Hannah, Maddie, Jasmine, Grace, Taylor and hopefully see some of Emily Wood. Hopefully Washington will step it up, we may really need her. Maybe that other girl that transferred was having an ill effect on Darrien and holding her back. Let the beast be unleashed!
  17. Did anyone see Raoul's tweet that the B1G teams only got 12 of the top 100 recruits for 2017. Nebraska and Northwestern was at the top with 2 each... I am not sure if I should be proud or if I should be sad that the Big Ten only got 12 of them!!! I find that crazy and even more crazy Nebraska would end up with 2 over OSU MSU Maryland Purdue.
  18. It has been a long drought indeed!
  19. I think we need 4/6 "breaks". -Copeland to be eligible all yr -Palmer to, minimally, be a competent SG -Either Nana or Allen to be ready to play and contribute at the D1 lvl -Duby has to be ready to play with the big boys bc we need a backup C badly If BOTH Nana and Allen are solid contributors great and if Anton bounces back from his injury even better! Not really worried about the returning players bc Miles and Co. have proven they can develop players.
  20. I'll gladly accept 50% hit rate on this.
  21. Wish it was basketball season already! All the new pieces are intriguing to me bc we dont know what we really have. Thomas Allen, Nana Akenten, James Palmer, Isaac Copeland, Duby Okeke and Anton Gill. Hopefully we finally catch a break and all of them turn out to be what we're expecting them to be.
  22. I was a kid--family season tickets since 91. The drought was long enough that it felt like new heights, and it was in a different conference. I hear you though.
  23. Good article in the Lincoln Journal Star this morning by Brent Wagner on an interview he had with Kate. Sorry but I couldn't copy it for this post.
  24. he likes to pass a lot...he likes to score!
  25. Say Hello to Thomas Allen!
  26. While I agree he put the team on his back and carried it. As for taking us to new heights, not so much. You must not have been around when Nee took us to the tournament a few times, ended the same way unfortunately and took us to an NIT title.
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