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  2. Tell me what the statisticians say our final record will be now!

    Can you please commence work on the NPI (Norm Peterson Index)? And somehow bias the algorithm to favor Nebraska? Not sure how you could feasibly do that unless you include record against the spread...
  3. The Big Ten is Down

    But everybody wants to see the freshman from Oklahoma. You know the next Curry. So they in.
  4. RT @davidfrum: Very stupid of Team Trump/Fox to claim latest Mueller indictments “vindicate” them: that talking point may gain them 24 hour…

  5. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    lol - who cares about 'em
  6. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Sunday's Games of Interest: Ohio State/Michigan - toss up for multiple reasons; going with OSU for the #1 spot DePaul/Seton Hall - knock off Seton Hall Hartford/Vermont - stop the Vermont conversations Nebraska/Illinois - no brainer Houston/Temple - tough one, but going with Temple here Loyola-Chigalo/Evansville - knock off L-C Pittsburgh/Florida State - knock off FSU Penn State/Purdue - going with Purdue since PSU is encroaching on us Monday's Games of Interest: Miami/Notre Dame - not sure how I feel about this one, lets go with Notre Dame Maryland/Northwestern - looking for Maryland to move up a Tier Coppin State/Delaware State - the broken record is playing 'JUST WIN AT LEAST ONE MORE GAME!' Oklahoma/Kansas - not only will OU go 0-5, but KU will help the RPI Tuesday's Games of Interest: Illinois/Michigan State - played Illinois twice and also keeping MSU out of #1 Rutgers/Ohio State - looking to get OSU in the #1 spot West Virginia/Baylor - need to knock off Baylor Mississippi State/Texas A&M - going with A&M here Boston College/NC State - win/win game Creighton/Butler - another win/win game The Citadel/East Tennessee State - need to quiet ETSU Buffalo/Miami (OH) - need to quiet Buffalo as well Indiana/Nebraska - no brainer Ole Miss/Missouri - need Ole Miss here Kentucky/Arkansas - thinking I'll go with Kentucky here Vanderbilt/LSU - going with Vandy New Mexico/Wyoming - need to quiet Wyoming
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    That wraps up the night. So many opportunities and we couldn't catch a break. Only two more huge Saturday slates to take advantage of.
  8. The Big Ten is Down

    Here, here! It’s like everyone thinking that Oklahoma is all-world. Turns out they aren’t. But those early perceptions are almost set in stone. And everyone still believes the Big XII is a great conference, based in part on Oklahoma’s no-longer-accurate stature.
  9. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Not a great day in terms of us having bones thrown our way, just means we have to earn our way ourselves. Gotta make em believe. Keep the faith. We are oh so close. Tomorrow is a fun day for basketball in our conference. Let's embrace it. GBR.
  10. HHCC Game #29 - at Illinois (Feb. 18, 2:30 PM CST)

    Huskers 79 A Bunch of Is and Ls 68
  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    What a nightmare of a day for us. Our chances of making it with 22 wins took a hit today. Fortunately a lot of these teams still play each other so they’re bound to start getting some losses.
  12. RT @gamespot: Kingdom Hearts, Cuphead, and all the new @OriginalFunko Pops of #ToyFair 2018 https://t.co/zlaRZnzjRY https://t.co/hJUtK24uzg

  13. What If? Play-in game

    Look at the Bright side...if Nebraska gets a play in game, it gives us the opportunity to get our tournament record to .500
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Well let’s flush this day down the toilet and start a new fresh day tomorrow... #mustwinout #justkeepwinnng #hadbetterdays
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    e.g. 1. He was giving the other commentator a lecture because he didn't know each Pac-12 team doesn't play each other twice anymore and just couldn''t let it go. 2. He was talking at length about Mark Zuckerberg. 3. Kevin Love showed up on the mic for a bit and then Walton started singing "Love is all you need. Ba-ba-ba-bababaran." (can't make that up) 4. Walton kept telling the other commentator "I know what they called on the court, but what do you believe?" at the very end of the game and kept pushing the envelope to the point where the other commentator said "I don't know what you're talking about" and "I'm not talking for the rest of this game."
  16. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    He’s beyond obnoxious. In other news, Creighton just moved one step closer to the bubble.
  17. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I really wanted this UCLA/Oregon game not to go to overtime. I can't deal with Bill Walton anymore tonight.
  18. What If? Play-in game

    it would count, but it would be more memorable if it wasn't a play in game.
  19. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. HHCC Game #29 - at Illinois (Feb. 18, 2:30 PM CST)

    Nebraska 74 No Fightin Illini 63
  21. The Big Ten is Down

    I for one am quite tired of the "B1G is down" narrative. While it's possible the conference may not be as good in comparison to past years, this story has been pushed out repeatedly by the national media until it became "truth". Nearly everyone now just accepts it as fact. @cipsucks is right...all the Huskers can do is keep winning.
  22. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    We just need to do our part. Win and we’re in.
  23. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'll give you that. But with only three weeks left, those other two categories of games aren't as bad as important as the first (I am sure you would agree).
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