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  2. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    And we get to play basketball tomorrow!!
  3. Anton Gill

    PLEASE! Don't ever make me hear that again!
  4. Truth https://t.co/KG1Y0x6s8d

  5. Go on record now.

    From an offensive standpoint I'll be surprised (and disappointed) if Palmer, Copeland, and Okeke don't end up being a a big net gain on the faux trade. The four players that transferred averaged a combined 20 ppg. I think Copeland and Palmer alone will be well over that. Gads, I hope so anyway...
  6. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I will be able to sleep tonight...the Huskers did not lose today
  7. Go on record now.

    We were a pretty good rebounding team last year, and it really didn't put us over the top. There are many keys for us to be successful this upcoming season, rebounding is just one item on that list.
  8. When You Bastards Coming To Houston? https://t.co/w2zp1mtHvn via @YouTube

  9. RT @JoyAnnReid: Here you go, @realdonaldtrump. All ready for you to retweet. https://t.co/pkP2rLSAqU

  10. Go on record now.

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The ability to rebound the basketball will be key to this team's success. That was the one thing we were actually good at last year, based on three guys that were solid rebounders (Ed, Jacobson, Jordy) and another who was great relative to his position (Tai). Three of those four guys are gone. The game film I've seen of Copeland leaves me seriously questioning his willingness to rebound. Okeke is proven. Palmer is somewhere in between. I can easily see this team improving significantly in offensive efficiency and scoring, but ending up with only a slightly better record. If that happens, I think an unwillingness to put in work on the glass is a likely reason. For that reason I consider this hypothetical trade only a marginal win.
  11. Go on record now.

    Morrow was the best off-the-ball offensive player we had by a HUGE margin. No one else positioned themselves for easy buckets in an even remotely comparable way. That skillet will be sorely missed this year, unless someone on the current roster drastically changes their approach on the offensive end.
  12. Anton Gill

  13. Go on record now.

    Never mind...Dimes' post answered my question.
  14. Here is a video of Tim talking about the game tomorrow. A couple highlights: 1. He said they really wanted to have a true road game so the team can have an opportunity to practice the whole travel aspect of a road game. 2. When asked what he wanted to get out of this game the most he answered "I want the team to learn how to win." He seemed like he is coaching to win the game as opposed to getting everyone experience and trying out new combinations. Edited to mention that these comments were in the full video in the link and not the short video on the tweet.
  15. Go on record now.

    My memory is poor... wouldn't we have had Palmer regardless of those guys leaving? And wouldn't we have had a scholarship available for Copeland either way?
  16. RT @mattyglesias: How is it that there’s been nary a peep from the usual suspects about Republicans having a “Bill O’Reilly problem”? https…

  17. Yesterday
  18. At CVS and @mochabear42 gets asked “how many hours a day do you workout?” By a male cashier 😂😂😂

  19. @ASAPVOSH 😂😂 I watched that part live and reminded it like 4 times

  20. @JustinTMichael @rockiesVSconnor Middle initial of T for Talisman

  21. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    But Iowa will play outta their ass when they meet the Huskers.
  22. Anton Gill

    And yet nobody's posted "Lumberjack" by Jackyl with the chainsaw solo, how can that be?
  23. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    He said last week on the radio he had NU 9th on his ballot, but he wouldn't be surprised if they actually finished in the top half of the conference--6th or 7th.
  24. Go on record now.

    I'd say Copeland and Palmer are the best of the whole lot without even considering Okeke. Let's not forget, for all of the hand wringing over the departure of Jacobson and Morrow, neither one of them could shoot a lick.
  25. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    I can't believe how excited I am about an exhibition game. Thank you God for basketball in October!
  26. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    Okay, here are my predictions and yes, I am kind of a homer, but hey, I could make a case we should even be higher: 1. Michigan St. 2. Purdue 3. Minnesota 4. Michigan 5. Northwestern 6. HUSKERS 7. Iowa 8. Maryland 9. Wisconsin 10. Penn State 11. Indiana 12. Ohio State 13. Illinois 14. Rutgers
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