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    There are a couple of outliers in that sample. Try dropping the high and the low and then take a look at it.
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    Sarcasm doesn't print well
  4. Anyone have anything new about summer team works outs...new players workouts, etc etc etc ?? Pretty quiet on the news front.
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  6. @trinijay3 If he was any good he woulda got $500 handshakes

  7. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Yeah he goes to a catholic school. He did the CYO/PAL last year, and he is doing the fall OSA Conqueror league with the high school team this year I believe. I'm looking for a team that has a "Basketball Coach" and not a dad that volunteers without having to fork over a mortgage payment.
  8. @ShaunKing @mcmullenforus I do too. Thinking the same thing yesterday.

  9. @ReportUK My condolences to his family

  10. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Does your son go to a catholic school or go to CCD at one? CYO/PAL is a cheaper option than a select team. Some high schools have youth programs as well (I helped coach in the Jr. Mustangs program for Millard North last year).
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    He said it's out of their hands at this point, though he didn't specify whose hands it is actually in.
  12. @adamb_15 https://t.co/FZZhEUuzhs

  13. RT @Holtzman_2017: Congrats, Resisters! Keep calling! 5 more charities drop Mar-a-Lago https://t.co/Z2abBAo1Tf

  14. RT @StephenKing: Little by little, Trump is isolating himself. Soon he'll be Oz the Great and Terrible: little man, big voice, hiding behin…

  15. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

  16. Not just any amateur. Dillon is just starting 11th grade. He's beating some very good pro's. https://t.co/YMMu73tjP4

  17. In bed before 930 two Fridays in a row. It must be school year and football season or something 😴

  18. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I also would've expected the premium materials, but this is probably a good play by Adidas. High-end basketball sneakers aren't exactly popping-off like they were 5 years ago. There are plenty of high-performance signature shoes that can be had for ~$100-120 like Nike's PG1 or Kyrie 3. If Adidas really wants to saturate the market with them, price point might matter.
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  20. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    Who's it going to be this year? Hmm, looking at the schedule, I'd say....Stetson.
  21. @mikejschaefer Hudler with physioc is as bad as it gets. Lefebvre is pretty good

  22. RT @kylegriffin1: Whoa. The new cover of @DerSPIEGEL. https://t.co/bSwybrJPRi

  23. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Thanks for some advice. I play with my son at least 3 times a week, but I want him to learn the game of basketball. I have a hard time teaching that in my driveway! He has the fundamentals down, meaning he can pass, shoot and dribble. Not saying he couldn't get better at that stuff, but I'm not as worried about that aspect at the moment. What I am looking for is someplace that will teach him about spacing, and court vision. He is 9, so his shot is not perfect but looks decent when he is set. He is the tallest kid on his team, and he plays point guard and post. He is the best ball handler on the team, but being 4'11 at 9 years old I know that is not going to be his position in the future. I just want him around other good players to start knowing the sport itself, and know it is a team sport. I try to drill it in him that Blocks, Rebounds, Assists and Steals are just as important as scoring points. I brought him to an open gym at Burke and they split the kids up in groups of 3. They paired him up with a boy who had a cast on one arm and a 1st grade girl. So it was basically him verse 3, and I was just extremely upset about it because it does not help him with the game of basketball when stuff like that happens. He would pass it to them and they would lose it, or they would just chuck it up. So for the most part he dribbled around by himself a shot it. He scored every one of their baskets, and it taught him how to be a ball hog. So the big thing here is I want him to learn the game of basketball and where to be at on the court. He used to play for OSA inhouse, now he just plays for his school team. He is not getting the game of basketball taught to him, he just continues to go over stuff I can do with him in my driveway. Sorry guys I'm just stuck right now on what would be best for him. I may look into TNE/Express, but I really want no politics involved. Meaning I know this kids parents, so he gets to play on "this team" kind of stuff.
  24. RT @BracketBattles1: Most LOYAL College Fans • s w e e t 1 6 • RT ~ Nebraska Like ~ Clemson https://t.co/6q25vHe28o

  25. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    We're going to the Elite Eight, huh? Cool.
  26. RT @GeorgeTakei: We literally watched you say it, Donald. Live TV is funny that way. https://t.co/DmBqjolxXx

  27. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

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