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  2. Well, @jimmykc might have some reading material for you to catch up. If he suggests reading through the scripts of the NBA playoffs over the years, just skip to the fourth quarter of those stories. Nothing really happens until that time.
  3. This kind of sums up the day for Maryland so far. We're half an inning away from 1/3 through this game. 6-1 Iowa, starting the bottom of the third:
  4. The last NBA game I've watched was Game 5 of the Lakers/Sixers finals in 2001. My, how time flies.....
  5. Maryland finally stops the bleeding, giving up 4 runs to Iowa in the top of the 2nd.
  6. Borchardt and Costello for sure. Malcolm Laws still has another year of eligibility. I know Trueblood expressed interest in coming back during the season like Borchardt did, but Johnny isn't 6'8" 275 so they weren't willing to take him back at that point.
  7. Iowa is the first one on the board in the top of the 2nd:
  8. RT @OriginalFunko: We're giving away 40 Star Wars Funko figures to celebrate 40 years of Star Wars! #StarWars40th h…

  9. Is it case-sensitive? Just asking for a friend.
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  11. Complete speculation, but I've got a feeling that the 7:30 CDT Minnesota/Northwestern game will get postponed until Friday. If that were the case, you'd likely see a four game schedule for Friday: 1. Minn vs. NW 2. Minn/NW vs. Indiana 3. Neb vs. Mary/Iowa 4. Neb/Mary/Iowa vs. Purdue
  12. Another way to learn how to spell his name is use it as a log in password. I don't think I could forget it now if I tried.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if the remaining 9+ games will all be played on Sunday...
  14. and yet they are rated 15th. sigh...
  15. Southern Miss was a 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Clemson another 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Texas Tech dropped game 1, but came back to beat Baylor in game 2. Wake Forest is losing to Georgia Tech right now. Another 1 seed could go down. TCU lost game 1, but currently leads game 2 VS. OU. Arkansas is about to lose to Mississippi State. Another 1 seed to fall.
  16. Potentially the best walk-ons in the conference!
  17. Baylor is 2 and BBQ in the Big 12 tourney. They were a recent 2 seed projection.
  18. My Goodness... Michigan is 2 and BBQ.
  19. Indiana pulls it out in extra innings:
  20. Geez this tournament is never going to end is it.
  21. That is extremely conservative. His performance in the finals last year was unbelievable.
  22. to the 13th
  23. Is it sad that I took 20 minutes of my life to watch this. My breakdown of the match. Roman strategy to begin with was poor. Why not spread out a little more!?!? It was all individual play and that played right into the hands of the Americans. From the beginning, the Romans had an "uphill battle"... LITERALLY! But it was almost impossible for them to take this with the strategy that they pulled. Playing me me me war games isn't going to win you very many battles. They should have worked much better as a team. Something to learn for next time I guess. The Americans however never faltered. They came out throwing punches and never let up. Even when the line was breaking, they never faltered or let up. They "stuck to their guns" and played their match. Very good performance here by the Americans. I am sure it would have been much more close had the Romans worked together in this one and not went so one on one. Big props to the Americans for defending the home field. They came out ready to play. The Romans... not so much.
  24. I think this is a somewhat flawed argument, though I get your good point. Human beings evolve. We have grown taller, stronger, and smarter across the board. We build upon the knowledge that comes before us. I don't make those comparisons to demean the players of the past because they were the best we could possibly have at the time. Human being evolution is a byproduct of technology. Also, popularity of the game has increased the pool of players to choose from. When I look at today's computers, I know they are better than the computers of the past, but they wouldn't exist without prior models. Regardless, they are still better overall. Magic's Lakers would've destroyed Cousy's Celtics for the same reason. Lebron James at age 32 is 6'8" and 250-260lbs. That's who he is. We've never seen a player that can do what he can do carrying that kind of weight. Having said this, that isn't entirely because it's 2017. We've had heavier players in the league since the early to mid-90s. Weight is leveling off, so there has literally been a critical mass, so to speak. In other words, your argument has proven it's flawed nature because current weights are about as heavy as NBA players are likely to get. We aren't going to see a specimen like Lebron again at that position. We aren't going to see a 2001 Shaq again who had freakshow athleticism at 330lbs. We aren't going to be able to make this argument 20 years from now because weights are going to be the same, just like height basically leveled off in the late 80s. I am absolutely making the claim that few players prior to, say, 1980 could play in today's NBA, but that doesn't discount the fact that there were GREAT players back then who would dominate today. I still have Jordan #1. I have Shaq, Duncan, Bird, Magic, Pippen, Kareem, etc. in my top 10. I think the top tier talent was at least as good, if not better, in the mid-80s and 90s. It's mainly ballhandling, speed, explosiveness, and shooting (at every position) that is so much better now overall.
  25. Indiana and Michigan in extra innings right now.
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