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  2. Scheduling

    Maybe we could get the Johnnies at home this year. I wouldn’t mind a team like Seton Hall or Georgetown. Obviously DePaul wouldn’t suck
  3. Scheduling

    That’s assuming Morrow will be playing and not out for the 7th game in a row with a “foot injury”
  4. Contract Extensions

    Aren't those crappers already golden with TV's nearby? Just sayin' those are there, if needed in a pinch.
  5. RT @HC_LivingBetter: Another great annual meeting with all of our amazing Life Enrichment Directors at Heritage Communities! Giving new me…

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  7. Contract Extensions

    Just if anyone was wondering if any coach in a similar situation has had success. Bruce Weber was signed until after the 2018/19 season going into last august and received a 2 year extension with a reduced buyout, and they lost their best player to the draft. Maybe we can duplicate their success. It also earned Bruce some more money as he and the AD are working on an extension currently.
  8. Contract Extensions

    I would have guessed you would think this way Petaluma. Why we are making things harder on ourselves for no good reason is baffling. Even if it makes things only slightly harder (I believe it is more than that) it seems stupid. It hurts the program as much or more than Miles.
  9. 2018 Husker Baseball

  10. Contract Extensions

    I know that you have talked to far more recruits than I have, but I have talked to a number of football recruits/parents over the years on the eastern slope of Colorado. And I'm pretty sure all of them have said that coaching stability would be a factor in their decision and contract length/extension is a readily observable signpost regarding that factor (my words summarizing theirs). I talked to a RB recruit's mom in the late spring of 2017 whose main concern was whether Riley would be there for the long term, as she really like him. I haven't spoken to any basketball recruits.
  11. Contract Extensions

  12. Scheduling

    I do NOT want Ed Morrow having a career game at our expense. No thank you.
  13. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    More NBA Summer League action for Tai this year, possibly?
  14. Scheduling

    God, please yes Marquette!
  15. Transfers

    Sure am glad dear ole Nebraska U dosen't operate that way..... (ISU)
  16. Scheduling

    We'll get a Gavitt at home. This'll be the 4th year of the event and we have only had 2 games, both on the road. I'd bet we get Providence, or possibly Marquette (Hello Storyline) at PBA next year.
  17. Contract Extensions

    Yeah, I don't know if a name has ever been attached to that theory. The name I've heard volleyed about - which may not be the actual guy - would have been at a time when Miles had 4 years on his contract, back in 2016. I dunno that it was a reason the kid gave or his handlers or the Nebraska coaches. I dunno. It's a little different in hoops, I suppose, yeah. More handlers in basketball. More adults thinking like adults I suppose. That kid from Robert Morris seems OK with things. He can't even play next year.
  18. OT: Biographies

    I will bring up another real good read and it is The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty. It is sort of a bio on Bob Hurley, but it is a compelling story. Bob Hurley is sort of a Bob Knight type, but his heart is with the community and the kids. So his methodology sometimes can be called into question, but his results cannot. Good book.
  19. OT: Biographies

    Dick DeVenio played at Duke and then was an early advocate for compensating college athletes is some way. He wrote a biography of his basketball coaching father, Chuck DeVenzio entitled "There is Only One Way to Win.". There are a lot of good life lessons in that book. And by a lot, I mean a real lot. Today Coach DeVenzio probably couldn't get away with a fifth of what he did at that time. Dick also wrote a book entitled, Stuff Good Players Should Know. Just a wealth of knowledge about the game and little things you can do to make yourself a better player. I would recommend that book to anyone who wants to get better or learn something about the game.
  20. Contract Extensions

    It would seem he found some time to get to know Darin Erstad prior to the end of the season.
  21. @tomshatelOWH @RandyYorkNSider Sirius has been used for quite awhile. With a new coaching staff and renewed optimis… https://t.co/XW7Ot7jSkE

  22. Contract Extensions

    Interesting tweet just in (h/t to @swmckewon)
  23. That is why I don't think he leaves Nebraska next year unless he is officially shown the door from Moos. My opinon, is he knows his status is precarious (which is why he took only a 1 year extension rather than 3 years with probably the same buyout).... If Miles can win next year, he probably will get the 5 years total contract without having to forgo any of the buyout.
  24. Scheduling

    Grant McCasland. Did we line this game up as a favor to Tony Benford? If we did, he was fired on March 5th. TBH I'm not exactly sure how far in advance these pay games are scheduled.
  25. Next Assistant Coach

    Exactly......probably even less than a 0% chance. Well no duh. We have to wait for Altman to accept the HC job before he hired Lue as an assistant!
  26. Contract Extensions

    This is also a technique some ADs may use to say "Look, you didn't get it done. So now we have to move on." Knowing full and well they're likely to fail next season, especially given the extra barriers you enabled.
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