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  2. Summer workouts ?

    Thanks. Bria has told me so many good things about Nicea as well. It's going to be an exciting year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Bud

    If Bud Light welterweight throws knock out punches like that in PBA, I can't even imagine what Bud Heavy does to you!
  4. D1 minutes

    Basically you can't dead pan drunk.
  5. Bud

    This Bud's for you! GBR
  6. Summer workouts ?

    I haven't checked messages in awhile, but welcome "Proudparent"! Nicea has told me so many good things about Bria! She's excited to play with her this year!! And hello everybody else in here!! [emoji4] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  7. RT @ZevShalev: Exclusive: The Mercer family who helped install Donald Trump is deeply connected to Russia. @traciemac_Bmore https://t.co/t…

  8. Bud

    If anyone's looking for a media source, the Journal Star had an article about it: http://journalstar.com/sports/local/first-pba-then-memorial-stadium-crawford-eyes-next-bout-in/article_47ab8fc3-6f75-576b-bf07-a082d1b23178.html
  9. OnePlus 5 International Giveaway @androidauth #giveaway https://t.co/EKrqfTcJn8

  10. Yesterday
  11. Bud

    Now that.. That would be a spectacle. Him coming out of the football tunnel while "Sirius" blares. I can see it now.
  12. RT @GolfCoachBidne: Make sure to follow our team this season on our newly created Instagram account at @hawaiiwgolf #GoBows ⛳️🌴

  13. https://t.co/3ycG9CETIN

  14. Summer workouts ?

    It's ok. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I followed all of last season and I enjoyed all of the constructive criticism. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. RT @PrepHoopsIL: Update with Rock Island 2018 PG Randy Tucker! https://t.co/n3jtL7w7js @rantuck11 @QuadCityElite @HoopsCoachSaey

  16. Bud

    I was working event security, one of buds main promoters told me crawfords dream is to fight in memorial stadium...I'd like to see that become a reality
  17. I got bored today so me and Sully built these. @Gr8WhiteBuff https://t.co/kdRznRYxeR

  18. Summer workouts ?

    and of yes, don't believe a word that Kearney types
  19. Summer workouts ?

    welcome proudparent. just take us with a grain of salt. I asked one of the current team members father if he knew about this site. He said he did and observed for a day or two and then quit monitoring mainly because some of these 'experts' we have that think they know the game and workings of the team, definitely don't.
  20. RT @Super70sSports: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've looked into the future and you will not believe this shit." https://t.co/MRhKWgXAYI

  21. RT @UMichFootball: THIRTEEN DAYS!! #GoBlue https://t.co/TH6u4eUdek

  22. This weekend: coached football, hung out with friends from high school, college, and adulthood. Yeah, life is 👌

  23. Bud

    They're going to start selling Beer @ PBA?
  24. Summer workouts ?

    That's what a lot of folks (parents too) say; once they've experienced Lincoln! It's going to be a Good Year!
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