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  2. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Again, after watching more $EC games than I can stomach, it was an average conference from top to bottom. If they played those Non-con games now they don't win nearly as many. That said, time to move forward to the 2018-19 season.
  3. Day and Time Contest

    April 9 10am
  4. What to do with Miles contract?

    Moos, undoubtedly, has an agenda and a timing strategy. Unfortunately, we don’t know what either might be . . . or even how to speculate. Can’t wait to see what he has in mind.
  5. Postseason Tourney Talk

    I'm just going to put this here. Fools gold perhaps? Head coaching record[edit] Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason Arkansas–Little Rock Trojans (Sun Belt Conference) (2000–2003) 2000–01 Arkansas–Little Rock 18–11 9–7 7th 2001–02 Arkansas–Little Rock 18–11 8–6 5th 2002–03 Arkansas–Little Rock 18–12 8–6 5th Arkansas–Little Rock: 54–34 (.614) 25–19 (.568) Illinois State Redbirds (Missouri Valley Conference) (2003–2007) 2003–04 Illinois State 10–19 4–14 10th 2004–05 Illinois State 17–13 8–10 6th 2005–05 Illinois State 9–19 4–14 10th 2006–07 Illinois State 15–16 6–12 8th Illinois State: 51–67 (.432) 22–50 (.306) Loyola Ramblers (Horizon League) (2011–2013) 2011–12 Loyola 7–23 1–17 10th 2012–13 Loyola 15–16 5–11 7th Loyola Ramblers (Missouri Valley Conference) (2013–present) 2013–14 Loyola 10–22 4–14 10th 2014–15 Loyola 24–13 8–10 6th CBI Champions 2015–16 Loyola 15–17 7–11 8th 2016–17 Loyola 18–14 8–10 5th 2017–18 Loyola 31–5 15–3 1st NCAA Loyola: 120–110 (.522) 48–76 (.387) Total: 225–211 (.516) National champion Postseason invitational champion Conference regular season champion Conference regular season and conference tournament champion Division regular season champion Division regular season and conference tournament champion Conference tournament champion
  6. What to do with Miles contract?

    I think he will hear something shortly, JMO. If it's an extension which I assume it will be...I hope it means that Moos has a good indication that our core group will be returning for next year.
  7. Postseason Tourney Talk

    No, I don't think the SEC had a bad weekend. I think you saw them for what they are. A deep league that doesn't have any elite teams. That played itself out through the dance. Early success with teams falling off as it progressed. And there is a bit more to the non-conference than just a weekend. That's over 2 months. Not just a Thursday-Saturday combo. I won't disagree that there aren't better measures (I..e KenPom) but it also doesn't invalidate it all together.
  8. Day and Time Contest

    March 24 Noon.
  9. What to do with Miles contract?

    Here’s some support for Tim Miles and Co. from Corey Evans, a Rivals guy:
  10. Postseason Tourney Talk

    I'm fueled by beans, too....apropos of nothing, I just wanted to type that. Dude, everyone knows what "fuels" the rpi, but the tourney has results, too. And those invalidate the assumption of powerful conferences. If you're going to suggest that maybe the really good SEC just had a really bad weekend and was off their game, the inverse could be true about signature games in the non conf. Luck is always a two way street. It's a shitty metric precisely because it repudiates the idea of the season and the idea of growth in team quality. It's a self-reinforcing, collective measurement that can't be justified by final outcomes, even as its internal mechanics are justified by "results" from the non-conference. There are, or there have to be, better measures of *teams*. One interesting thing will be to see the commonality between winning teams through the tournament to see if any conclusions can be drawn there other than one game random chance.
  11. Postseason Tourney Talk

    RPI is fueled by results. Agreed there were a number of NIT teams that could have made NCAA runs. But that's the case nearly every year. Not a huge difference in last 6 in versus the last 6 out.
  12. Postseason Tourney Talk

    i'm not especially aggrieved at the SEC. they took a bunch of teams to the 16. sure, they lost them all, but hey, they made it, so it's not like a total fraud. Like the Pac12. Or, to a lesser extent, the Big East. The ACC's doing well, but without two of their top 3 seeds! I just don't think there's a lot of conclusions that can be drawn about conference strength. But that's what the problem was with the rpi all season right? There are probably about a half dozen teams in the NIt that had a legit shot of getting to the round of 16 in the tourney this season.
  13. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Wasn't basing my statement on the NIT seed. You are correct that we got screwed on our NIT seed.
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  15. Colorado State Opening

    In Des Moines (generally) Drake is an afterthought or the very little brother of both Iowa and Iowa State. Then add Northern Iowa to the mix and the fan base is small and feel very disrespected. I lived in Des Moines for a handful of years and went to a number of Drake games...and this was when they were very good. Iowa was also good at that time (Ronnie Lester, et al) and that is all the city could talk about. So I sort of know where the fans are coming from.
  16. Coach Miles

    Doc did well at Nebraska and was getting things going (heck, he was 50/50 against Altman) . . . until the Roburt Sallee disaster. Things went downhill pretty quickly after that.
  17. Colorado State Opening

    Drake was probably paying him somewhere around 200-400k. He's probably going to make $900k+ at Colorado St in a better conference with more resources and a place he's already been.
  18. South Regional

    I don't want to get too snarky about the guys in West Council Bluffs, but they got snarky about what lousy leftovers the Mo Valley would add to replace them when they left, so all's fair. I think it's funny that the lowly Loyola Chicago team that was BENEATH them in all things basketball related and were mere scraps laying around when the Mo Valley was scrambling to replace WSU and, y'know, those guys, has achieved a level of success in the NCAA tournament that WCBU (West Council Bluffs University) hasn't seen in the modern history of the game. Haha. LOL.
  19. Transfers

    If she is a "Graduate Transfer", and has met other stipulations, it is possible she would be eligible to play immediately. I'm not aware if she has graduated or not. She was listed as a Red Shirt Junior in 2017/2018. This will be her 5th year, so she has had time to get a degree. If the statistics I read were accurate, it looks like she led the team in rebounds this year. She wasn't a scoring leader, but did contribute on the offensive side. Interesting transfer.
  20. Coach Miles

    Making the dance is a big deal...but when you make it on the bubble like we did a few years ago, you are at the whims of the committee and could have just as easily missed it. Doc had Nebraska on the bubble with less talent (and is the bump in "better" talent, due to Miles or to the facilities?) To me, Doc might be the better coach, but to compare them as recruiters is tough, because they are playing with a totally different hand that they were dealt.
  21. Coach Miles

    In Miles first year we averaged just over 10K at the Bob. Doc's last year we averaged around 300 less fans per game compared to Miles first year. I don't think you can contribute Husker fans filling up PBA as a sign of Miles doing a great job. I would say it has more to do with the allure of a new facility in a pretty cool area of town. Barring the program turning in Rutgers like seasons I think fans will continue to show up regardless of who is leading the program.
  22. Coach Miles

    On paper the 6 years before Miles got here and the 6 years after Miles got here are not drastically different. I would say talent and attendance are the two biggest differences, but like you said, how much of that can be attributed to PBA & Hendricks?
  23. Coach Miles

    I would hope Moos doesn't put much stock in the Miles vs Sadler comparison. Miles was the beneficiary of a new practice facility, brand new arena, and is getting paid close to 1.5 million more than Sadler did. Doc was definitely at a disadvantage compared to his peers when it came to resources. Miles, not so much. Sure, we are better off with Miles at the helm but how much of that is due to Tim Miles compared to Nebraska basketball finally coming to age in the arms race?
  24. Postseason Tourney Talk

    I do think there should be some weighting to how a team finishes. Agree that some teams gel quicker than others. Also understand the aspect that it is a year long resume though too. Have no issue with the SEC getting 8 teams in. They won games in the non-con. Lots of them. Against good competition. FAR FAR more than the Big 10. If the Big 10 wanted more teams in, it should have told its teams to not suck in the non-con. As I said back closer to selection sunday....my issues are this: -Seemingly changing goal posts annually for the committee. Every year or so there is a new hot button. -Transparency: If you are focusing solely on metrics....say so. Don't paint a picture that you are truly evaluating.
  25. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I use to work with two former Creighton players. My boss was one. He is a great guy but made me hate Creighton. I got in to a verbal fight with my non boss after the tourney game a few years back when the guy started running his mouth about Miles. I grew up in MN went to school in Lincoln and from day one people from Omaha sort of rubbed me the wrong way... this sense of I am better than you and it only gets worse when they went to Creighton. Once I moved to Omaha for a few years it got better and I loved a lot of the people but some just come off pompous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Coach Miles

    I would hope the AD looks at where the program was when he took over which is a far cry from where it is now. Recruiting has improved, talent is much better, fans are showing up (there were days at the Bob the place was like a Morgue). That in state rival caught us so far down they didn't have to work to hard. We will see what happens going forward. As for the local media's speculation, in a lot of ways is merely click bait.
  27. Postseason Tourney Talk

    I think it's ridiculous to not account for teams playing well during the second half of the season. That's usually an indicator that they are, you know, getting better. The B1G has the best coaches in the country. Every single team in the B1G improved from the start of the year to the end with the exceptions of MSU and Purdue who both played at a high level all season. To not consider year-long improvement for a team working together is criminal. That's why Michigan and, historically, MSU have the tendency to wreck shop in the postseason. Nebraska is legitimately as good as several teams in the sweet 16. Ugh.
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