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  2. HB is either thrilled or pissed that he let his seats go.
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  4. Pac-12: 14 (6 first round) ACC: 14 (10 first round) Big 12: 6 (2 first round) Big Ten: 4 (3 first round) SEC: 4 (3 first round) AAC: 3 (0 first round) Big East: 3 (2 first round) WCC: 2 (1 first round) Horizon: 1 (0 first round)
  5. RT @PureIntensityBB: You & your opponents want the same thing next season. The only thing that matters is who is willing to work harder & s…

  6. Duke had as many players drafted as the B1G
  7. @SugdenSteve @dbnfarms In my house built around 1910 there are actual 2x4 in the walls

  8. Down year plus coaching emphasis on team concept. Curious how other "major" conferences fared. Anyone care to research and post? I'm too lazy.
  9. I hope he is the second President with more than just two terms.
  10. Pretty slim pickings given there were what 60 picks
  11. Here was the breakdown for the Big Ten: Milwaukee Bucks: Rd. 1, Pick 17: D.J. Wilson (Michigan) Toronto Raptors: Rd. 1, Pick 23: OG Anunoby (Indiana) Portland Trail Blazers: Rd. 1, Pick 26: Caleb Swanigan (Purdue) Los Angeles Lakers: Rd. 2, Pick 42: Thomas Bryant (Indiana)
  12. Does that mean he has 3 more years to finish out his second term?
  13. @PGATOURLIVE @PGATOUR @JordanSpieth @TravelersChamp The 6" between his ears.

  14. RT @lizeraly: Govt helped both @SenateMajLdr (healthcare) & @SpeakerRyan (social security benefits) but they refuse to help us. #HealthCare…

  15. Check out this awesome 'SHUT UP LIVER YOU'RE FINE' design on @TeePublic!

  16. We were so close to having one when Pitchford declared:)
  17. Well the draft drought continues, Tai didn't make it into the draft tonight. And going to Syracuse didn't help AW-II with his retirement plan.
  18. No thanks. Was a kid that has been discussed here a lot so I posted it.
  19. Here you go, guys.
  20. Great news!
  21. bad fit for him. will be stuck behind towns and dieng.
  22. And then there were four:
  23. @GeoffGrammer The rights to Javale McDumDum

  24. @OPDLtLeavitt bam! 1500 was me!

  25. From today's delawareonline
  26. Sounds like that "iron" is really in the fire....😉
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