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  2. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    RIP to a staple of this board and a man who loved Husker Hoops more than any of us. A huge loss to not only his family, friends and loved ones, but also to the site. Sending family strength and prayers and thinking of him a lot. -dave
  3. No way in heck we should have beaten that team by 30. We played great today. Vegas spread was 10. beating them by 20+ is terrific. -The Ghost Named Dave
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  5. UCF is a must win

    Well, I'll put the cart WAY ahead of the horse. Bring on the Redstorm! I want another crack at those Melon Farmers.
  6. North Dakota is a must win

    That was your "St. John's game" you'll bounce back...
  7. UCF is a must win

    Not sure where the "3-0 is possible" logic is coming from... A team that just smacked us by 20+ points is in the field. Oh and that team is probably only the 4th best team in the tournament.
  8. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    That beautiful post move Isaiah executed to perfection early in the first half? There's no reason at all that Jordy couldn't do that from the other side of the lane. No reason other than needing to practice it. But, see, that's one of the shortcomings of his style of hook shot that we talked about. When you try to shoot a hook from your shoulders parallel to the target rather than rotating into the shot, it's not a counter move and there's no counter move out of it. You have no lateral movement at all to create separation. Your hips are static. Your shoulders are static; you're just using them to create the separation. The reason Isaiah found himself so wide open was his defender bit on the head fake and lunged toward the baseline while Isaiah spun clockwise away from the defender and had a wide open jumper. Jordy could do that if someone would work with him on the footwork. Maybe Isaiah could be that guy. We know Isaiah knows how to do it.
  9. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    It is our bowl game....
  10. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    I am pretty sure this AD has all contingencies covered. Let me re-ask the question -- what will be your reaction if Scott Frost is not the number one candidate?
  11. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    This is weird, not sure I've seen it in a long, long time if ever. And it probably won't last another game. But, if my math is correct, right now we have six (6) guys averaging double figure scoring. After 4 games ... Glynn has scored 54 points James and Isaac have both scored 51 points Evan and Isaiah have both scored 41 points And, in 2 games, Anton has scored 20.
  12. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    I know a guy... he coaches YMCA hoops, but I hear he is amazing in whatever he does. Might give him a try.
  13. UCF is a must win

    I actually feel confident that 3-0 could happen this year as well. We have the horses needed to run the race this year.
  14. RT @NebraskaOnBTN: If you haven't seen this, you'll want to watch it. https://t.co/4cIqn3KeMU

  15. This is for all you guys that want Frost. What do we do if Frost says no? In other words what is the back up plan?
  16. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Nebraska needs to beat Iowa. I don't care what happens to the coaching staff, but I do believe the team & the fans need a dub, badly.
  17. UCF is a must win

    Every game is a must win, tbh.
  18. UCF is a must win

    I think the team and staff believe this is a critical game and tournament. I would love to come away with a 3-0 record and at a minimum we need to be 2-1.
  19. Another Florida sleepover! https://t.co/GCpMTz7sys

  20. UCF is a must win

    Not to put words in your father's mouth, @PimpMario, but if we're going to have a miracle season I'm thinking this falls into the next episode of "must win." What else is at stake? How about.... winner takes a coach from the other team's school?
  21. Agree that we are better when we get out and run. Interesting thing about St John's and those guards they have is they play best in a helter skelter type of game. So possibly, the thought was for us to be deliberate and try to get them out of their game. Regardless, it didn't work as St Johns clearly dictated everything in that game.
  22. Agree here about Jordy. I get why everyone's questioning whether he should start. Roby should start and Roby/Copeland are our best big guys are popular statements. These statements are correct to date and I can also see that Jordy is struggling mightily. Hopefully its just coming back from the knee surgery but we need Jordy badly. At some point we're gonna need Jordy to lean on somebody. On the season have we played a team with a traditional big yet? It certainly makes a difference. A lot of these smaller schools have "bigs" that are in the 6'7"-6'8" range who are athletic. I see all the things Jordy is doing wrong but these are also not ideal matchups for him. Hopefully he gets his act together before we see a traditional big. Like I said, at some point we'll need him.
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