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  2. When a bug has spread through the family but hasn't hit you yet

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  5. Been pretty quiet around the recruiting circles. Hey Row...anything of interest on 2018 recruits....or anything on 2017 transfers, etc ????
  6. The second game between Maryland & Indiana, Maryland won 9 to 2
  7. Yesterday
  8. Good lord...
  9. RT @ZombieDevaney: Dammit. It's dusty in here...

  10. Illinois is beating Minny in the 5th 10 to 1. Update 14 to 1.
  11. OSU fortunate to have the suspended game the way things were going then get to Waldron. Need to keep fighting and finish off game 2 here and go for the series win tomorrow. We seem to be struggling at the plate, and we know a 3 run lead wasn't good enough in game 1.
  12. Indiana beats Maryland 6 to 2 in their first game of the day.
  13. Minny got beat in the ninth giving up 7 runs. they were up 5 to 2. Where has this Burkamper been all season.
  14. good lord, what a terrible loss.
  15. Do you know if Isaiah has off-season goals he is working towards? For example, improved vertical (not that he needs to) or weight/muscle gain?
  16. Bad ass shirt \m/

  17. Dang, Dean - you alright?
  18. Well that was embarrassing. Nut up or shut up time for this group - have to win the next two.
  19. Wow, shat the bed in the 5th. Yikes.
  20. I hope your right on this one Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
  21. Working on it every day with a few other's as well Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
  22. Indiana is up 6-2 vs. Maryland top 5th Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  23. RT @UMichFootball: Michigan's NINE draft picks in the first four rounds is a new program record! #GoBlue #ProBlue #NFLDraft…

  24. Waldron gets the nod in the first game.
  25. @NUOnBTN @NUSBcats REALLY??? How STUPID are you???? You televised the game and you don't know who won??? #FAKENEWS

  26. When RCJ came to Nebraska she essentially had a contract. She could get a chance to play but would not have a scholarship. She chose to come. At the end of the year they would re-evaluate. Coach decided not to offer a scholarship. I'm not sure where you find an ethical dilemma. Did Coach tell her she would get a scholarship her sophomore year? I don't think so. If you are saying it would be "nice" if it had worked out differently, I would agree. But I also think it would be "nice" if liberals and conservatives could get along, if there was no world hunger and pay-per-view was free.
  27. RT @UMichFootball: We 👀 you, @OfficialBraylon!! CONGRATS! #GoBlue #MGoGrad

  28. A bit off topic, but I noticed Maddie Simon was one of 27 Nebraska Scholar Athletes that received the Sam Foltz 27 Hero Leadership Awards. Also, Emily Wood was one of 5 athletes that received an Outstanding Scholar Award. Congratulations Ladies. You represent us well.
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